Grief and Sadness Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Sadness Dream Meaning – Sadness is a straightforward dream symbol that simply represents the emotion that it is. It is important to remember that the thing you feel sad about in your dream is probably symbolic, and may not be the same thing that you are sad about in real life. Depending on the other elements in this dream, this symbol may be a warning that something bad is going to happen or a sign that you feel insecure about something important in your life.

If you dream that you are sad to the point of sobbing in your dream, especially if you dream that you cannot breathe well through your sobs, this may be a sign of sleep apnea. Often physiological symptoms such as difficulty breathing are translated by the brain into dream events.

Grief Dream Meaning

Dreaming of grieving is disturbing, especially when you wake up continuously and then fall back to sleep. Try to remember something from the dream that will give you a clue in your waking life. Something like a bird tapping at the window or sunlight streaming in. This can act as a warning about what is soon to come. This is an opportunity to avoid the trouble of some kind.

Grieving strangers in a dream is a warning of many mistakes that cause failures throughout your waking life. It can also represent your own feelings of grief for the loss of someone or something material. When you dream of grieving the loss of someone you loved, this is a sign you will soon celebrate their good health and successful achievements. Waking up crying, caused by a dream of grief, is a positive sign that soon there will be much happiness, peace, and prosperity in your life.


When you are homesick in a dream it is likely you will overlook interesting possibilities to travel the world. It is a sign you need to pay more attention to the opportunities that cross your path. It can also represent a sense of loss. Maybe you are growing apart from those you care about. This can be a time to reconnect with those you have not spent much time with lately.

Incongruous Emotions

Usually, the feelings and emotions experienced in a dream reflect your true feelings in your waking life. These may come out in your dreams because they are not allowed to be expressed during the day in your waking life. Incongruous emotions in your dreams mean you are expressing your true feelings. You may not even be consciously aware of what they are. This dream can be your subconscious trying to let you know what your true feelings really are.

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