Sacrificed Dream Symbol


Sacrificed РThe meaning of this dream symbol will vary depending on your religious views. For many of Abrahamic faiths, sacrifice is deeply religiously significant and sacred. In general, self-sacrifice is noble and heroic, though dreams of being sacrificed or of having to self-sacrifice may also indicate feelings of being taken advantage of or not appreciated. 

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  1. I’ve been trying to find a meaning to public sacrifice. It wasn’t me who was sacrificed. It was performed by a priest who was dressed as a pope and he sliced three mans heads off with machete. In each kill he used a new machetr, clean of blood. I remember he cut into the second man twice and the machete sliced through the head as if slicing through melting butter. When he came to the third guy, he started to slowly cut him, like how you would cut some slice of cheese. The guys wasn’t moving, it was as if he was already dead. I know the transmission of the sacrifices was live and I was watching it with my father and mother in our living room, but I remember I had I feeling that they already died and that maybe I failed to save them? I’m unsure about that part… I woke up after the priest started cutting slowly through the man’s nose…. I remember hearing people either chant or cheer buy it stopped when the priest got to the last guy…
    Is there any meaning to this dream that I should know?

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