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“I had the strangest dream about my boyfriend!” We can learn a lot about our relationships from our dreams. The joys and frustrations of our everyday lives are reflected in our dreams, which is the time when our subconscious mind works through the events we have experienced during the day. If you find yourself dreaming about a relationship, this indicates that that relationship is occupying a large amount of your waking conscious activity and that you are dwelling on it in your thoughts.

The things you dream about the relationship are, of course, significant as well. If you dream of fights and conflicts, this indicates problems you are having in the relationship and the need to find positive ways of resolving your conflicts. If you dream of happiness, on the other hand, this is an auspicious sign about the beneficial direction this relationship is taking.

There are also some common relationship themes that many people dream about. These dreams can involve a number of emotional elements from your present and past relationships that can cause a lot of anxiety when you wake up. Relationship dreams can be quite vivid because both parties usually have a deep emotional connection.

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Dreams about an Ex

dreams about relationshipsA common relationship dream that many dreamers have are dreams about an ex-partner or lover. Dreams about an ex usually signify that there are qualities in that person that missing in your current partner or love life. You might miss the way they treated you or they might have been extremely loving with your kids. These dreams don’t necessarily mean that you are still in love with your ex so don’t be alarmed just yet.

You might also have a dream about your current boyfriend or girlfriend

Dreaming of Insecurities in a Relationship

Sometimes our dreams can tell us a lot more than we care to admit. Here is a description of Jennifer’s last relationship dream:

Jennifer’s Dream: “I had a dream that I was drowning in a pool as my boyfriend stood there and watch. Even as I screamed for help he stood there and didn’t even attempt to try and save me. I thought my relationship with him was great, but this dream makes me nervous about the future.”

If you are to analyze this particular dream it is apparent that Jennifer’s current boyfriend makes her feel insecure. The dream shows there is a lot of trust issues in the relationship and maybe her subconscious mind can detect signals that her waking mind refuses to see. Dreams like this show a number of underlying problems that might be present in a relationship that isn’t obvious at the surface. These are often warning signs you will have before a relationship completely falls apart.

Violation of Personal Space

Another common relationship dream that many dreamers have is a violation of personal space. It could be that your boyfriend is standing too close to you in a dream and you feel uncomfortable. You could also have a dream that you are sitting in a room and someone you don’t know walks into the room. This can represent having your personal space being violated. If you dreamed that your boyfriend was staring at you closely with a magnifying glass it could mean that he isn’t giving you any space or privacy in your relationship. These are often warning signs of trouble ahead.

Betrayal of Trust

The betrayal of trust is one of the most common dreams that occur when people are in a relationship. You might have a dream that your partner is cheating on you with his secretary at work or he is flirting with other women in front of your face. These dreams show underlying insecurity in the relationship and a lack of trust between the two parties. If you are having these dreams you have to ask yourself why is there a lack of trust and what can you do to improve your trust.

Cheating dreams are quite common among people in relationships

Dreaming about a relationship is something that everyone has experienced in their life. Because relationships can have such a lasting impact on us, it is not surprising that our current and past relationships will come back to visit us in a dream. So don’t be alarmed the next time you see an ex-boyfriend shows up in your dream, try and understand what your unconscious mind is trying to communicate to your conscious.

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    • I had a dream my my girlfriend gave me a weird look, scooted away, and didn’t wanna cuddle me when I asked twice. Can someone tell me what this means

  1. I keep having this dream over the last couple years that I walk into my bedroom and my gf is on the bed showered and clothed and some random guy walks out the bathroom grabbing his clothes and they are both laughing at me dream always wakes me up

  2. I had this dream where I was at school and my boyfriend was holding hands with his ex (who In really life I really dislike) in front of me and the next day we has a show and I was excited to see him but he wasn’t there he had ditched me. I woke up feeling incredible anger againt him. In real life he’s not in touch with his ex .what does it mean ?

  3. I had a dream my boyfriend left me for an older lady and I was around them to see them start talking and watching a connection grow it felt so real and it’s not the first time my dreams are starting to affect my feeling towards him and question our relationship

  4. I had a dream that my partner hit our daughter so I kicked him out (he would never do this in real life) but what does it mean

  5. I’ve had 2 dreams that seemed completely real in the last week. The first was my boyfriend waking me up to tell me he got his baby mama pregnant agin.. I woke up in tears. The second one was him waking me up telling me he didn’t love me anymore.. I woke up agin in tears and breathing heavenly. He is the love of my life. What do they mean?

    • Casyopia Valadez on

      I keep having dreams abt my boyfriend getting hurt and I’m saving him every time. What’s that suppose to mean?

  6. My boyfriend told me he dreamt about waking up in his ex’s house. And that his ex arrived saying “I am home!”
    🙁 What does this mean?!! Does he still miss her? Does he wish to sleep with her? Am I making him feel uncomfortable? Because if it had been mean I would have thought it’s his wish or hope of us living together, but it wasn’t me.

  7. i had a dream my boyfriend was staring at this girls butt for very long where he was in touching distance of her and he contorted his head like upside down basically to look at her good i slapped him and said he can be with her then and he said fine and that i (me) can call myself single now and then i went to restroom to cry and water was leaking from the ceiling on me a stranger old lady came out of restroom and needed me to hold down the faucet because her hands are soapy and she wasnt strong enough to do it she said. she kinda forced me to be strong after she left I went back outside walked passed him and wondered amously on the baseball field where it was our date looking at big screen many people were there and i knew i was trying to find a guy to talk to cuz he has her….

    • I had a dream my husband was dating my mom, and that before that i had never met him before . Essentially he was my stepdad….
      Anyways thought the dream he was still in live with me and wanted to be with me.

  8. My fiance had a dream that I was looking at 2 women, they were sitting down and I was standing, MARIA said I was smiling when I was looking at them, maria went to use the bathroom, she said I went to the bathroom to see if she was done using the bathroom and I was checking to see if she was looking so I could talk to the 2 women without her knowing, then she followed me back to where the 2 women were and I didn’t know she was following me, then I was talking to the 2 women and Maria slapped my forehead and she said “enjoy”, and then she walked away .

  9. I had a dream my ex lovers sister called me to tell me that my current boyfriends sister (who I haven’t met yet) thinks I hate her and the sister advised we meet up, then she went to get her father to talk to me (who has recently passed away) and he came out to warn me off my current boyfriend, I have no idea if this dream means anything but I’m very curious about it.

  10. I’ve had two dreams where I was dating this one boy that I have a crush on. Both times, we kissed. Idek why, he doesn’t even live in the same state as me. He probably doesn’t know my name either. The only way i know him is because he lives by my grandma. Why is this??

  11. I had a dream that my girlfriend was hiding a good friend of mine in a room in our house lol it felt so real when i woke you!!i could see his face perfect and all the way it happend running threw my mind it was like real life!!

  12. Three nights in a row I’ve dreamt of my deceased boyfriend from 26 years ago and my recently ex boyfriend that had a horrible motorcycle accident but lived, in a ‘combo’ form. First one was blonde and blue eyed. Second was brown and brown. Not definitely one or the other but a weird mix of both. Any explanations or thoughts?

  13. I had this horrible dream about my current boyfriend. I had been missing days of school, thanks to strep throat, and he had been worried and a little mad that I had been cheating on him. This had actually been happening. The strep throat and missing school, not the cheating. He was just worried that I was cheating, but, for some reason, I would never answer why I missed a day of school. At one point, we kind of ignored each other in this dream. When I woke up, the dream left a bad emotion inside of me. Mostly fear and sadness, because I love him very much. I want him to trust me in every way and I don’t want him to feel worried like that. What does this dream mean?

  14. I keep having dreams about my boyfriend and it is him mentally but physically it isn’t and when I look at him I can’t make out what his face looks like.

    • this happens to me every time i dream about a person i have a deep connection with. it is their soul you’re dreaming about. their presence. just consider it a good thing. you have a strong connection.

  15. Catherine Davis-Sparks on

    I had a dream that I woke up terrified of enough that I don’t want to go back to sleep. I am with my man, we are in our state’s capitol, and he suddenly goes off on his own. I follow but can’t keep up, and end up at a strange Adobe house that I know it’s his mother’s house, even though I also know it isn’t, and have to climb out of the front garden filled with spider webs and dead or struggling hornets. I then find him at a bus stop and I accuse him of seeing another woman. He casually denies it, then I throw in that I saw them kissing and then he admits he had a lipstick fetish and only she fulfills it. He had a couple of others he sees, and he makes it a point to degrade and humiliate me. We have been doing fine lately, but he has cheated on me in the past, and we have some violent history, but we are getting help to fix these problems. I have no big grudges against him, and I trust that he wants to be a functioning family unit enough not to cheat physically or emotionally again. But he wouldn’t comfort me when I woke him up nearly screaming and crying in fear and terror (not anger or frustration). He just asked why I thought he was and went back to sleep.

  16. I keep having dreams about my boyfriend and the same girl keeps appearing in my dreams. It’s the same situation but the responses and actions/reactions from my boyfriend are different in every dream. Some dreams, he seems to act in a way of purposely trying to make me jealous or make me hurt (with me present/in front of me and in my face). And in other dreams, he acts and says things (with me not present), in a manner of true care, love and devotion. What does this mean/symbolize?

  17. Jennifer gorey on

    I know my boyfriend won’t introduce me to his family and lately I’ve been having dreams of actually meeting them, the first one I met them all on a cruise ship and everytime I tried to get my boyfriend to be near me as I was nervous he kept walking away looking at me. I could never get close to him. I kept feeling abandoned in a room full of hid family I don’t know but wanted to know. The next dream I was with my boyfriend and his family outside but I kept seeing snakes everywhere, I was cautious of them and everytime I wanted to enjoy myself with him and his family snakes kept me at a distance but were not threatening me.

  18. A boy proposed me.and then the other day he is escaping from the relationship.but i started liking him.but we are not talking as he is avoiding.but still he is coming in my dream many times as he loves me but not showing…why this dream iz coming??its really iretating ,i dont want to remembee abt that guy.

  19. I had a dream about me and my boyfriend, we kept arguing in it and he kept telling me to leave and kept getting angry,, while he was with this girl ( someone I knew who is really good friends with my boyfriend)

  20. Dina Hernandez on

    I had a dream where I was dropping off my boyfriend at his soccer game and told him that when I was done running errands with my mom that I will come back.. when I was driving I totally forgot where I left him and took me forever to find his location.. I have no idea how I found him .. and when I did he was talking to another girl and that girl had younger siblings with her and my boyfriend told them to ride with us .. I remember being really upset and asking him what the hell is going on and he told me that she needed help.. but I remember feeling 100% sure that there was cheating going on … what does this dream mean?

  21. I had a dream of my boyfriend is having another woman and I know about it. In that dream , 3 of us were at home. I’m not sure of what we were doing at the point of time. The only thing that I remember is me scolding the woman and my boyfriend scolded me back just because I scolded her. I was so jealous and angry at that point of time . I was shocked that he’s with someone else when he loves me so much and never really talks to different woman in reality. I had this dream like about 3 times and the dream was almost the same. I woke up crying , kindly advise what does this dream actually means .

    • Mrs.BUNNY123 on

      Hey I also had the same dream, I have all the passwords to my boyfriend’s facebook, phones and others stuff. He also rarely talks to girls, his work place has a low percent of women. I think since he’s so loyal and there’s nothing to be proven we just have doubts about them.

  22. I had a dream that my boyfriend ex wife together with us having a drink. They talked to each other, he touches her hand. He silently talk to her when im not around. I see them hugging together, sweet together. So, i decided to leave without texting him. What does it mean?

  23. I dream i saw my bf with other woman . One ask me.about mu annulment papers, i ask him whos that woman he told me .we cannot fit together because im too you. And shes sweet and romantic . I accept even hurt.and they walk happy happy on his face.and my friend tell me his asshole.and i saw never mind let him happy.

  24. I had a dream about my boyfriends ex girlfriend. So mee and my boyfriend were at this hotel he tells me that she’s going to come over and I was cool with it. So she got there and just said hey and I was like I’m going to take a shower and my boyfriend was like me to and she was like me to as well. So we all took a shower together then after that we all were just laying on the bed naked talking. What does this mean I don’t have a problem with his ex she’s never done anything to me she’s a really nice person. I’ve also never met her in person I’ve talked with her on the phone and seen pictures of her but when I told my boyfriend he thought it was crazy how accurate I was describing her.

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