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Radio Dream Symbol – Dreaming of listening to a radio can indicate you engage in one-sided communication with someone in some way. It may be that when you speak you feel they do not listen. Or, if they do they do not truly hear. It can also mean you often have no choice but to follow orders without any input. This will be something out of your control such as a job or you may be in hospital or prison. It can also represent listening to that ‘voice in your head’. What messages does it send you?

On the other hand, it can mean you purposely listen in to others’ conversations. You may eavesdrop to learn important information. Or you may be in a situation where you feel you are never listened to at all.

radio-dreamsTurning off a radio can mean you have tuned out someone who is unwilling to listen to you. Or your input into your relationship may be ignored. It can indicate giving up trying to make yourself heard. Changing radio stations can mean you would rather deal with something in a different way. Hearing a radio playing in the distance indicates subtle connections with the things in your world. It can also symbolize your awareness of your intuition. Music playing can represent messages sent from your subconscious. You may be tuned into the subtleties around you. You may instinctively know what is going to happen next.

Dreaming of using a CB radio is a message about using your common sense. There is no point trying to get through to others if what you say does not make sense. if they cannot relate to what you have to say.

A radio symbolizes messages trying to get through to you. You may be so busy and be ignoring what you need to see. If the radio playing is annoying, it can mean there are arguments on the way with family and friends. What can you do better to avoid this?

Alternative Meaning of Radio

A radio is a symbol of communication, especially general communication with the wider world. It indicates your feelings about your ability to interpret events and trends around you. Dreaming that you are listening to the radio through a lot of static or a bad reception is a sign that you are frustrated with or insecure about your ability to understand the events happening around you. This dream symbol also notably lacks any human interaction during this sharing of information, which indicates loneliness or the inability to trust others to tell you the truth.

Dreaming of listening to a radio can mean you may be listening to only one side of the story or situation. Or, you may feel that others do not hear you when you try to communicate with them. Do you feel invisible? This may mean there are instructions, processes, or procedures you have no input into that makes you feel powerless. Is there something in your life you have no control over? Hearing a radio can mean you need to take notice of that voice in your head. You know, the one you often ignore that turns out to be right all along.

Hearing a radio in a dream can also mean you have been listening into others’ conversations. This can be a dangerous practice as you may not hear the whole thing. It can also represent experiencing some sort of psychic communication. Turning off a radio is a sign you are not willing to listen. It may mean others talk without listening or welcoming your input in any way. Do you feel as if you are being talked down to? It can also mean that although you can help in some way you have refused your support. This may have turned others against you.

Changing radio stations represents wanting to change direction or wishing that others would direct you differently. This may be in relation to a work situation and someone who is your superior. You may even want to change who you are working with. Ask for a transfer if it is the only way to solve the situation.

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  1. What is meant about a dream where a radio cannot be turned off, despite all efforts to stop it from playing?

  2. I had a dream that I was offered a job in radio station and I see myself making public announcement and people were very happy to hear my name and voice. Please what could be the meaning.

  3. I had a dream that I was listening in on to the conversation of my colleagues in the ICT department by tuning in on the radio and they are only a few rooms away (like eavesdropping). My estranged husband was sitting at a desk across the room from me. He said when I leave the company (as I was planning to leave) he would sit in my seat, so that he could be listening in on to the conversation of those people.
    I then went out of the room to pick my slippers which I had taken off before entering the room as is customary. There were many others there. My slippers were green coloured beach slippers.
    Please what can this mean? Thanks

  4. I had a dream that I met my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend for the first time, it was a friendly meeting, she gave me a music device player as a gift. What is the symbolism in this dream?

  5. How about dreaming that radios continue to play even when unplugged? There were several in my dream last night – that continued to play, even though I had turned them off and eventually unplugged them. It is a new recurring thing for me. Last night was just a lot of them. Thanks!

    • Belinda weatherford on

      I had a dream that i heard a mans love song that i have heard in the past while laying in my bed at night, and then a few seconds later hearing a woman singing in the next song. It was sorta like the radio was behind me from a distance, i rolled over to see where it was coming from and a couple a girl and a man that know me but that i never see was laying in the bed beside me saying did y like our song? I woke up. I have no idea what it means. Help me better understand.

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