Pyjamas Dream Symbol


Pyjamas – Pyjamas, or pajamas, are a dream symbol of the relaxed state surrounding sleep, and the comfort and relaxation we feel in the privacy of our own homes. If you dream that you are wearing pyjamas out to a public area, and you are uncomfortable with it, this is an indication that something about your private live is bothering you and that you do not want it known in public.

This sense of shame is increased if your pyjamas dream includes looking terribly inappropriate, such as being skimpily clad, or being in a room where everyone else is dressed formally. There is something in your private life that you do not want the public to know about.

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  1. it’s all meaningless dribble. everyone dreams of pyjamas on a bus from different reasons.

    how about this interpretation:

    worried about being late, no time to dressed, hurry for the same everyday. it’s general anxiety friends. that’s all

  2. Annisa Olivia Savitri on

    Haiii. So a few moments ago I just dreamt that I was going to school for sports day and I didn’t realize anything funny until my teacher pointed out the pyjama that I was wearing that time. By that time in the school hall there was my crush’s friends and I was so embarrased that I went to the storage room to find a uniform but it turns out that the storage room was locked so I had no choice than to absorb people’s laughs toward me. What could this mean?

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