Puzzle Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Puzzle Dream Symbol – If you dream of doing a puzzle, this is an indication of problem-solving and the exercising of your reasoning skills. There may be a problem in your waking life that your brain is trying to solve, and the puzzle may have to do with this problem.

This dream symbol can also indicate a need for you to use your analytical skills – that is, your subconscious mind has not solved the problem because there is more research and analysis that needs to be done. Examining the subject of the puzzle and the other circumstances surrounding the dream can tell you what your dream symbol of a puzzle means in greater detail.

Doing a puzzle in a dream is about your problem-solving abilities. Is there something in your waking life that you are trying to solve? This can mean you need to use logic and research to find the right solution. Take notice of the other things happening in the dream to get a deeper understanding of the message.

Solving a puzzle in your dreams indicates you will solve the problems in your waking life. This is a time to follow your gut instincts, for they hold the solutions you need. Failing to solve a puzzle, or finding it hard to solve, can mean you have found yourself in a difficult situation in your waking life. Maybe you do not know what to do. Dreaming of a crossword puzzle can indicate you are puzzling over the big questions in life. Are there big changes you need to face?

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  1. I had a dream that I entered a very old yellow and pink bathroom. When I closed the door I noticed the wall was covered in yellow puzzle pieces that were just glued to the wall. Some fit, some were jammed in to fit. The wall was not completed.. it was someone’s project. Not mine, not my bathroom.

  2. My puzzle dream has left me puzzled. Maybe you all can help.

    I was working on a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces are very large, and in only 3 colors, grey, white and Purple. If done properly, something would speed up. I am not sure what, but that it created excitement.

    But then completed in a specific but unknown order and another person would appear to also work on this jigsaw puzzle. This also created excitement, but no increase of speed

  3. Courtney Dadisman on

    I had this dream that I was trying to solve a complex pipe puzzle and anytime I got close to solving it, there would be something wrong and I would have to try another way of working it out. Any time I would wake up and go back to bed, I would end up where I last left off in the dream.

  4. I dream im in the middle of 3 elevators in random floor, but it turn out that when it hit the floor i want to go it turn 90° also my standing place, for many time of understanding and finding out the solution on three of them. I manage to solve it by standing strong to the groud then the elevator rotate to normal.

  5. Khuthele Mtandi on

    Had a dream where a friend had lost her key and we shared the main gate so she asked me to open with my key for her, and suddenly we were in a church, everything was gigantic even the furniture so when I gave her the key, she had to unlock it and she couldn’t so I had to unlock it for her…

  6. In my dream everything i touched turned in to a puzzle. Every piece of that puzzle turned in to its own puzzle when i touched it. I even turned my car into a 3d puzzle when i tried to open the door. I was afraid to kiss my wife, or hug my son.
    I eventually wore gloves and sat in a white room that had puzzle lines in the walls.
    When i woke up it took a few seconds to realize i wasn’t the puzzle version of king midas.

  7. Sarah Jane Uldricks on

    I had a dream where I was trying to solve a series of complex puzzles to answer a question about a catastrophe that had happened. Some were easy, mostly just arranging artifacts in certain ways and gathering clues as to what happened. The one I distinctly remember, though, is a small circular box that had an intricate design. You had to have it facing a very specific way [‘top’ facing down and tilted like, half a degree toward you] for the weight of the object inside to hit a nail mechanism that would cause the sides to fall open. It had a silver lined gold coin inside that was maybe the size of a silver dollar. I remember solving it after two tries and pocketing it before it triggered another mechanism that revealed a plot of ghostly revenge against the town children, who all were killed at a dock party after the building they were in collapsed because the lighthouse worker was convinced that the town was plotting against him.

    It was weird.

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