Putty Dream Symbol


Putty – Putty is a dream symbol that represents changeability and your capacity to mold events as you want them to be. If you dream of sculpting putty into shapes of your own design or imagination, this is a symbol of empowerment. You feel that you are able to make your life what you want it to be.

On the other hand, if you dream of someone else marring something you sculpted in putty, this is a dream sign that this person is damaging to your life, sabotaging you and preventing you from having the life you want. In addition, if you dream of marring your own or someone else’s putty sculpture, this indicates your own tendency to self-sabotage or sabotage others’ attempts.

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  1. I am a vivid dreamer. Last night I dreamed of my deceased father making putty in his hand. He said putty was what fillings in your teeth are made of. The putty was perfectly emulsified when he finished rubbing in his one hand. I remember his big hand was prominent. In real life he had big hands and was very creative.

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