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Push – If you dream about pushing someone or something, this is a symbol of using your own personal force to influence events or change other people. With this particular dream symbol, the emotions surrounding the dream symbol are very important. For instance, if you dream of pushing someone because you are angry with them or because they wronged you, this indicates a desire to change them in real life, and possibly a large amount of frustration that they do not allow themselves to be changed.

Dreams about pushing towards something can suggest that you are pushing towards specific goals in your life. If you are getting pushed by someone or something in a dream it can indicate you have external pressures weighing down on your in your life. You might feel that you are being pushed to do something that you don’t want to do. You might also be pushed for time and feel that you need more space and time to finish up a task that you have to do.

Alternatively, dreaming of violence may be an indication that communication is breaking down with them in your waking relationship and that you feel that they do not listen to you. Pay attention to dreams of violence, as they often indicate areas of great pain in your life.

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  1. I had a dream that I pushed of kids off a slowly departing train because they were mischievous. I don’t have kids in real life and I am not married either. What’s the meaning of this dream?

  2. I had a dream that I was pushing my dads old black truck up a hill, at my moms house, when my dad connected with me, after passing. What does this mean

  3. I was at a building corridor and i see an old scary man walking towards me from the opposite direction. He catch holds of my arm and doesn’t leave it i scream my friends name my mom and my dadwho were sitting in the flat i was about to enter . But that man didnt leave my arm in my reflex i push that man right outside the flat . And he sat there still , then i started sobbing inside and the people told me u could just try to let go of your arm instead of pushing (no one goes out to see)

  4. Cody Hafner on

    I had a very strange Dream. It was my job to push a bus, like an RTA bus full of people to its stops. But I was also going home each cycle to change clothes and even ended up doing it makes at one point. I pushed the bus up to the speed limit using some effort and it was difficult to to control the direction it moved in.

  5. I had a dream I was around a bunch of people really happy. I turned around and started to walk to go get something for someone and all of a sudden was pushed thru the room at a very fast ghostlike speed. I was frightened and woke to me screaming so loud I scared my dog and woke my neighbors

  6. i had a dream that my classmate was just suddenly hanging outside my window and asked me for help but i didn’t give a shit and let him/her go when they pulled my hand PLUS i almost didn’t even feel guilty about it. WTF. am i a satan???

  7. I had a dream that this guy said something rude about a guy I was seeing and I said excuse me… and he wasn’t saying anything then I pushed him and said to not say anything about him again cause he’s not a bad guy at all ,and he looked as if he was gonna go after me but he had said something about me but wasn’t to sure what it was but I didn’t know this guy tho what does this mean ??

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