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Prostitute Dream Symbol – A prostitute is someone who is willing to sell themselves for the right amount of money attached to the deed. Prostitutes are often associated with people who have no morals and are only interested in short term gain. They are also tied with seduction and control over the people around them.

A prostitute in your dream may indicate the desire to control the people around you. You may think of people as mere objects to be used in the right circumstances.

Alternatively, to dream that you are a prostitute may indicate a desire to be more sexually free and less conservative. You may be bound by your morals and your subconscious is trying to unleash some of your hidden desires. You may have a desire to have power over the people around you.

Prostitute dreamOn the other hand, dreaming about a prostitute may indicate that you have been giving away parts of yourself to the people around you. There may be people in your life who are taking advantage of your good will and are using you without regard to your own happiness.

This dream may be telling you that it is time to give yourself more value and start holding the people around you to higher standards. It may be time to let go of negative people in your life who are dragging you down.

If you dream that you sleep with a prostitute it may indicate that you are currently sexually deprived and in a loveless relationship. Your sub conscious mind may be looking for ways to get pleasure that you currently do not have.

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  1. I had a dream. I was in a hotel for a program, then one lady came to me and told me that a certain man wants to see me.. I quickly followed her, getting to the room I saw many prostitutes laying on the room in different angle and shapes, (then the man happens to be one politicians I had known for sometime now) and this same man that sent for me is weak and was tied likewise the other protitutes, then the lady that brought me told him that I’m here. But immediately I saw those prostitutes laying helplessly and him too I left the room immediately…. While I left one other prostitutes so drunk was draged outside by other people and I don’t know what for

  2. In my my dream i was sitting with a certain guy,suddenly came a certain girl and sitted next to us.she began to show us her private parts and the sitted next to me became tempted and promised to give the girl money. They started to do sex while i was looking at them.
    What does this mean.
    Please help me to understand.

    • I had a dream, that my girl the one i love the most and i haven’t seen for two months, i met her on a fountain in the dream we talked a bit. When shes about to leave she said oops gtg i have to find more ADULTS, what does this mean?

  3. I had this weird dream last night. In real life I am the owner of a construction company and my husband is my operating manager. In my dream we did not have money to pay the employees so my husband said because I was the boss I had to prostitute myself as payment. I reluctantly agreed . Although I don’t remember doing anything in my dream I know I did because when it came to the last employee I was sobbing. He did not want my services and instead comfored me. That’s when I woke up. I have no idea what all that meant.

  4. Last night I dreamed that I was a prostitute. I was working this place- I guess it was a brothel. It was really just one big room with a ton of men in it. I wasn’t particularly thrilled about having to work as a prostitute, but I knew that I needed to make money. I remember saying something like this to my best friend, as we passed each other in the hall. She was a prostitute too, and she had just finished working. I walked up to an older man and serviced him orally. When it was over, he paid me several coins and I put them in my bra. Then I went to another man and I was about to work again when I woke up.

  5. Emma Hanson on

    My dream was very weird , in my dream I would say I was in a high class brothl and it had heaps of beautiful big bathrooms with big showers where you would take your time washing yourself and getting ready ,and we each had our own big beautiful room . in my dream I wouldn’t see myself having sex with customers but I felt this sense of exitment in my dream because I would get heaps of gifts and presents and I was just reviving heaps of things .. in my dream I was also loving all th attention on me that’s I was so wanted by so many and I was friends with the other prostitutes and they Helped me find my way when I was beginning.. it’s so weird I don’t know how to feel I feel kinda disgusted now that I’m awake .

    • Your dream sounds a little like mine! I was basically the lead prostitute schooling the younger ones on the art of seduction. I loved the power I had. In fact, at my level I only slept with men that I wanted to and got paid a lot of money and gifts to do it. I was proud, happy, free, excited, and fully in control. Now that I’m up though–I’m like wait a minute. Do I secretly wanna be a prostitute or what! lol Super weird. I wish somebody could explain what it means!

  6. I had a dream that I was a cop (and a guy even though I’m a girl) and we did a bust on a wanted man but then I saw my girl (a prostitute) and we had sex then she ran away because they were going to arrest her and then I found her and then I woke up

  7. Lefa Tsiane on

    My dream is about someone I suppose know in my waking life but I don’t who she is. This is what happens in a dream
    I am passing by and I see her, and I stop. She sees me and come to my vehicle and suddenly realize who am I and she runs away with embarrassment but seconds later she comes back when she realize that I saw her and recognizes her, we talk and her pimp shows up and I leave

  8. Very good, spot on. Sadly your definitions of this type dream fit me very well. Had a dream last night, very vivid. I even remember drink I ordered and cost. I was at an underground secret whorehouse. I didn’t get a prostitute but I was about to.

  9. I had the oddest dream last night. I dreamt my ex boyfriend came and offered me $500 to sleep with him, and then when he handed it to me, it happened to be $800. I took it and we went into a “sex dormitory”, where other prostitutes were doing the deed in various rooms and you have to find an empty room. We found one and I laid down the money and we got into bed, but we realized there was someone sleeping in the bed next to us. We scurried out and I forgot to the money! We left the dormitory after realizing there was no empty rooms, and I realized my money was gone. We went back in to get it and the person sleeping was gone…so we crawled into bed and had great sex like we had when we were dating. Sigh. To get back w my ex, or to become a prostitute….

  10. I dreamed that I was in a bar. A man asked me to have sex with him for a night for amount of $333. I told him I am not a prostitute, however I was tempted for the amount of money. I explained for my friend that this man asks me to have sex with him instead of $333. as if I need someone to persuade me it is not bad to try it once.

  11. I dreamt my partner told me he’d slept with two hookers but apparently it didn’t count as cheating and they had done everything together and I was crying and smacking him and he wasn’t bothered. then I was telling him he could of gave me diesese through her and he was all shocked like he didn’t know that could happen.

  12. pravheenaa basker on

    Well i dreamt this morning 10am like am being surrounded by several cons and prostitutes….. but i escaped from them …. through an emergency exit deep into a tunnel which led to t city

  13. My mum and I never bonded and our relationship is not what I expect a mother”s relationship with her only daughter to be, especially when I know she is capable to love from the way she loves my brother. If I dont check on her and keep contact..nothing happens from her side. In the dream she was walking behind me and my friends and she kind of knew we were prostitutes. In real life she only contacts me when she needs money. Will never even send a text to check on me or my family. When I do call her…its always ‘oh I was going to call you tomorrw’. For me Stephen’s interpretation is spot on as I have been feeling like I need to stop this exploitation from her because she totally disregards and undermines me as a person and yet expects me to be able to give her money any time she asks. Whats annoying is that this asking always happens during the calls made by me not her. Probably if I stopped calling she wouldnt have the opportunity to ask me for money and that might be the death of our relationship. Thanks Stephen.

  14. This was the theme of my dream last night.

    My father, brothers, and I were hiding in a room because we knew that the building the we’re on is a building to recruit prostitutes, however, later on, when a recruiter went up, I immediately gave myself without hesitation and we went down. While going down on downstairs, he inject something to me on my shoulder and I felt a kind of dizzy and unbalanced but I managed to recover for a while.

    Before we proceed into the venue, I stopped going down cause he’s still saying something about my tasks, and I noticed that he is now tuching me while saying it (he is on my back), turned into a different atmosphere, then I felt his erection so I kind of went far away from him and suddenly went down to do my tasks now.

    This is kind of a long dream so I just gonna post thid part. my first time having this kind of dream and I got hangover on this when I woke up, felt like “I want to be a prostitute to make money”, till I gained conciousness. I’m a girl btw

  15. So I was sitting here just thinking trying to bring up memories from my childhood as I really can’t remember much. One thing I do remember is being maybe 7 or so and i was spending the night at my grandmas house and I specifically recall dreaming I was a prostitute walking down a road and cars (a lot of cars) were driving down the road and stopping for me, at this age what does that mean, why would I have dreamt anything like this? I also have had many reoccurring dreams since I was a child right up until today. 1) being in a plane crash with a bunch of people and trying to survive we ended up at this rope bridge over water (like 6 of us) and I was like the 3rd one to walk over, I looked behind me and there were 2 ppl there then I looked forward and no one was there, so I looked back again and poof they vanished then when I looked down at the water it was gone and I was walking over a river of snakes, I’ve had this dream hundreds of times. Also I had one where I was kidnapped by Santa Lol, and I was kept in this shack in the woods, there was another girl there and he left I somehow got free and ran, I ran & ran and he was chasing me but I ended up running right to the playground of my elementary school. These dreams all started around the same time, and I’ve had them since then. Not as frequent as in older but there still there

  16. I had a dream that someone close to me became a whore, allowing herself to be touched by multiple men on camera while completely aware, and enjoying it. It was at a university. When confronted, she acted as if this has always been who she was and it seemed completely natural for her.

    In real life this girl does have self control and isn’t by a long shot a prostitute, so what does the dream mean?

    • Thus means your deeply attracted to this person but you desire more from her and your afraid to tell her what you want from her. Resentment against yourself can establish this dream and the lack of control you feel over the relationship and that this person would rather give total strangers what you desire and not you.complete Honesty is your key to the success of any relationship.

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