Priest Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Priest Dream Symbol – A priest can symbolize judgement, spirituality and your religious beliefs. If you are a Christian, the priest may be symbolic of forgiveness or a reminder of keeping your promises. Perhaps the dream is telling you that it is time to repent for something you have done in the past.

Priests can also represent repression over things that give pleasure to us. Perhaps you do not have much joy in your life and you need to look for ways to give yourself more happiness.

The priest may also indicate that you are too restrictive in your life and you need to let down your guard and experience new things.

Alternatively, a priest may symbolize boring and mundane tasks that you have to do, even though you don’t want to do them. This dream may be telling you to live up to the responsibilities that you have, whether you want to or not.

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  1. I dream seeing myself in a dream as a priest on the altar, preaching many times,I also wear white as a Catholic priest,what does it means.

  2. I dreamt that a priest was leaning on me. I brought it to his attention, and he replied he was smelling my hair and body perfume and enjoy med it’s scent. I pushed him off of me

  3. I dreamt I saw a priest ina red and white robe, holding something in his hands and he was doing something in my house but I can’t remember what he was doing and he had a person helping him.

  4. lolit on Nov.21, 2017 no exact time in a.m.

    My dreams.. that there was priest giving me something a notes or something a piece of paper which could not remember of what is inside the notes.What does is mean?…

  5. lolit on Nov.21, 2017 no exact time in a.m.

    My dreams.. that I was a priest giving me something a notes or something a piece of paper which could not remember what is in the notes.What does is mean?…

  6. I bought female sheep to a priest to do something for me so I get money in the dream,when I was coming out from the priest room, I saw the sheep is with white bedsheets and white pillow in mattress sleeping does it has meaning.

  7. I dreamt i was a priestes or in other words i was banishing evil and disturbed spirits. Countless dreams that i wake up terrified i am the removing something evil from someones body or in a home, in my dreams it is revealed to me wickedness , i see things evil things and i usually cast it out does this have some meaning i am Christian by the way

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