Poet Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Poet Dream Symbol – To dream about a poet or poetry may symbolize the creativity and inspiration in your life. A poet is someone who can combine words to create beautiful lyrics when they are read. Poetry can indicate hidden joys that may lie inside mundane tasks around you. Perhaps you are able to find pleasure in the simple things in your life.

To see a poet in your dream may indicate that you need to look for the beauty around you, no matter what situation you find yourself. Perhaps you are too focused on the negative and are not looking at the positive things that you have in your life.

Maybe it is time for you to start being more creative in your life and to start thinking outside the box. By pushing yourself past your own limitations, you will discover things about yourself that you never knew was possible.

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  1. Last morning (before 4.20 am), I had a strange dream where I saw my aunt doing Power Point Presentation of her poem which is so long and so poetical and which tells about her own life completely… Every episode of her life…her youth, love affair, Marriage, divorce, etc…I saw myself as a participant in that. I read the poem..some lines by hearted..Even after the dream I could remember 2,3 lines of it.
    What does this mean? I would like to know the interpretation.
    *By the end of the day, my mind was sad and confused and I put my thoughts in words and felt it like a poem.

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