Planting a Seed Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Planting a Seed Dream Symbol – If you dream about planting a seed it can suggest that you have a new idea that will grow and blossom into something that is important. This could be a personal goal or a business plan that you are planning on trying to create in your life.

Dreams about planting seeds can also indicate that you are trying to change people’s opinion around you. You may be trying to plant seeds or ideas into people’s mind that you hope will grow into something that is positive in the future.

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  1. Yeah, last night dreamt to be in a very big farm where I and male friend were planting seeds and we were different seed to plant, we planted a very big area

  2. I dreamt of lots of ripened guavas. I plucked one and ate and I plucked a few and planted their seeds. These guavas were very huge humongous. What does this dream mean.

  3. I had a dream where I was cultivating a piece of land, making some heeps and sowing cocoa yam seedlings at the same time. Plus what could be the meaning.

  4. I had a dream where I was planting beans with an ex classmate. We planted the seed on another woman’s field because she was poor and had kids. We say to each other lets plant to help her in the season to come.

  5. Brenda Starnes on

    I dreamed me and my grandpa and some other people were planting seed in a big open field.After I got started I was excited and the more I planted the more I wanted to plant.I had so much joy I was beside my self,I dont think I have ever been that over joyed in my entire life

  6. yes I like this sit, it has given me the real meaning of my dream, I dream that I am plants seeds, but day before that dream I preached the word of God to some people and invite them to a program and they came.

  7. Amos medugu on

    I dreamed that I was planting Bambara nuts and people came around and were helping me and it all became easy for me

  8. I dream I saw a white grapes and I saved the seed .i plant the seed in to my ex husband field. What does it means?

  9. I dreamt i was eating an apple. When i got to the seed, i time traveled back in time 50 years to plant the seed and i time travled back to present time and saw the seed i had planted grown into an apple tree.

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