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Piano – A piano is a dream symbol of emotion and artistic creativity. If you dream that you are playing the piano, this indicates a need to express your emotions, especially if what you are playing is a very passionate or emotional piece of music. A piano is an instrument that can play a wide range of volumes and dynamics, from quiet to very loud, which is the origin of its full name, “pianoforte.”

As such, it is a very expressive instrument that is associated with romantic and emotional music. If you dream of playing the piano for an audience, this is also indicative of a desire for admiration and recognition.

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  1. I had a dream of my sister’s piano being played with a funny tune. When I open the room door to look at the piano there was no one playing it and music stops. My sister had lost her memory 20 years ago and was not the same person she was before. I yelled because I didn’t see anyone playing the piano and I woke up. What does it mean?

    • Ariel Schnell on

      I had a dream about my grandmother playing the piano and I was amazed that she could because I never knew she could play the piano. It was a beautiful melody and I hope I hear it again one day

  2. I had a dream that I was in a car accident and when I woke up I was on really dirty streets that were kinda run down and in front of me was a parking lot filled with pianos everywhere but all were dusty and had rubble on top of them and I went to a piano and tried to play my favourite song to play on pianos but no matter which piano I tried all sounded so dissonant not to mention that almost all the pianos were old outdated models

  3. Laine Ferreras on

    I was in an old house that more like an old school with lots of class room and at the very end of the hallway is the piano room which we have too clean but I ran to the grand piano and tried it even though its very old i still did but the piano is broken, some parts wudnt play and then when the cleaners entered the room they said there’s a secret key to open the secret storage

  4. In like real life I already play piano ️️an im very passionate for it and music all together and I have been all my life,
    I keep having quite a lot of dreams about playing the piano… One we’re I was in town ️️an there was like loads of pianos everywhere ️an when I was playing it felt so natural an I could literllay play anything! Then I had one lastnight an I seen a very modern piano looked brand new and was shiny so I tried playing on it but it Wernt really working right it sounded like a flute so I kept asking loads of people to come ️️an help but they couldn’t do nothing about it ️an I was really annoyed to be honest lol quite strange tho

  5. I had a dream that my long deceased grandmother of 30 years piano played it self. At that moment I noticed her picture in a frame sitting on the piano. Peaceful, almost romantic music played then I woke up.

    • My daughter dreamed her dad was playing Guitar and her Grandfather was playing the piano. And a big Buffalo ran through the house.

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