Phone Number Dream Symbol


Phone Number – During sleep, the parts of the brain that control language and numbers shuts down, so it is likely that you will not be able to remember a phone number in your dream. Regardless, dreaming about a phone number is a symbol of communication, especially communication with people you have not talked to in a long time, or people you do not see very often.

If you dream of the phone number of someone you just met, that may be a sign that you need to pursue that friendship, and that communication with that person would be beneficial to you.

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  1. I was dreaming that I was calling this number
    Lol that’s crazy I called it and this girl named nikki picked up I was starting to think it was my old friend Nicole but I just hung up

  2. Keisha S. Carter on

    My dream was my old childhood phone number. It’s kind of weird to instantly know that number and haven’t seen it in over 30 years

  3. Cookie Steward on

    Hi, I had three calls yesterday that I didn’t recognize so I didn’t answer. It was a local number and when they tried again in the P.M. I decided to answer. It was a nice sounding young lady who said she had a dream with my phone number written on a white board and someone in the dream told her to remember the number. We talked and found out we had many things in common. I know the universe works in mysterious ways but I am still a bit leery and yet my mind is blown. I have done dream research in the past and doing more now. Any clues anyone?

  4. Joda dion hose on

    Ive have a reoccurring dream 0439838218.
    In this dream my sole mate trying to all me but a female answer’s the phone.. & says its only you…God darn it Adam is mine .I married for wealth,security only..this is an old number in my life…contacting him now .Upsets my dreams of an easy life..Im a wife in a physical world but not in this 4th demention. [ ● ] ○♡.& Righthand is the correct way. .not as religion specifications. .Im a chemist i can make gold & silver..easy..far easy for me!..Salt gold incence silk tea coffee peppers & plethera of oils silver..mirrors. & blue & white china…ive mended using gold.. & i can clean poisonous waters with just the sun…

  5. i had a dream pf a phone number and remember it clearly. it showed in the dream on a cell phone in red as a missed call. any insight?

    • Joda dion hose on

      Dont delay. ..if you get an answer by three rings its ment to be. .Slack way ESP..its not you its the person you quest dont really like the telephone call..Rather in person

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