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Penis – Dreaming about a penis is a symbol of masculine sexuality and sexual energy. Masculine energy is characterized as being aggressive, ambitious, driven, and protective of loved ones. Dreaming about having a penis, if you are female, indicates a feeling that you have about needing to be male, or at least to exude masculine energy, in order to accomplish a goal or fit in at your workplace.

Alternatively, this dream symbol may also indicate sexual frustration or the desire to try something new. Take this opportunity to let yourself be open to new sexual possibilities and to embrace masculine energy in your sexual activities.

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  1. I dreamed about going to see my house I grew up in and this lady would not let me leave unless I gave her sexual favors and when she took her pants off she had 2 big dicks ..I did not do anything with them and ran but I don’t know what this means cause all the dream dictionary’s are talking about if I had 2 dicks not someone else having them can u help me what does this mean

  2. Jacki Strausser on

    I’m a girl and I had a dream about having a penis instead of a vagina then I jerked off and got turned on then I woke up

  3. I had a dream that my mom had a penis and was forcing my brother to touch it by grabbing his hand and using it.

  4. I saw myself jerking off and I was spreading cum over the floor surface. then I was cleaning it with paper.

  5. Deborah Baptiste on

    Last night I dreamed that I had a penis and this girl in my dream pulled out and I was laying down on the floor and she gave me head and it was some good head omg. The only thing is I’m a female in real life. This dream had me wake up like only if I was a man

  6. Hiba Shirin KM on

    I have dreamt of my fiance’s penis has broken in a house boat while we are having our first inter course after marriage. What it implies?

  7. A girl that I work with who is in a relationship with someone else told me about a dream she had. She said all of the people we work with including herself and myself were in a big mansion having having a party. Then she woke up the next morning and went into the bathroom and opened the shower curtain and saw me taking a shower. I turned around and she said that I “had a huge penis that went down to the floor”. She said in her dream that she gasped and covered her mouth, and I said proudly, “Yeah”. And then the dream ended.

  8. I had I dream where I had a vagina but if I pushed, like I was peeing then a 10 inch penis would come out of me. In my dream I thought I was born with both a vagina and penis. I also started jerking myself off and i could see my foreskin moving up and down against the tip. I could feel myself Cumming coz I was jacking off. And then a girl was licking me out then I pushed so my penis got out then she was giving me head. Then I woke up.

  9. moon's rose on

    I am a female, last night I dreamed about having a penis, I honestly like it even when I woke up.. well I am gender fluid, but most likely into girls.. (back to my dreams) I was actually showing it off to my cousin telling him, “look I already got what I told you I would have” I don’t know what this means but this dream actually makes me want to be a male more 🙂 🙂

  10. Felicia calhoun on

    I am a woman and I had a dream about having sex with a woman I use to know, she had a penis. She is very tall in real life and masculine built, I am not attractive to her. Nor do I like girls.

  11. I dreamt of a naked man with an erect and beautiful penis and there other men who were dressed gloating over his penis, i thought that he might be gay, but he was not, I was the only woman in the dream and wanted him. I don’t know this man.

    • I dreamed something very similar. Only I don’t think the men saw me. But they were very impressed by this large penis the man had. It was a very strange dream.

  12. I just had the weirdest dream I’ve ever had! I dreamt I was in my living room with the rest of my family and I was naked. My father was naked too. I was panicking and asking my family for help because I had a penis below my left hip, beside my labia. My father also had another penis beside his penis too! We were all freaking out and wondering whether we should have them surgically removed. Then I woke up.

  13. I had a strange dream while napping. I drempt I had an extremely large penis, and when erect It reach up to my chin. I had to wrap two hands around the shaft. Suddenly, I either thought of it or was told to give myself oral. When I did I noticed I had a condom on. I took the condom off and tried again. I then discovered I had another condom on so I again took it off. On the third atempt, I felt pleasure and then suddenly woke up. It was a very strange dream. Any ideas what that dream could mean?

  14. I am an older female 50 and I dreamt theft I had an erect penis and I couldn’t make it go down and I really hated it! I was very embarrassed by it as it kept kind of jerking and people could see.

  15. I’ve had two separate dreams about this within the past week. I’m a female, but anyway.. In the first dream, I was sitting in the back of a vehicle having sex with a guy and it felt incredibly good but it was different from usual sex and then I realized that I had a penis and the other guy was sitting in my lap, riding me.

    The second dream, yet again I all of a sudden realize I have a penis and this time I went to a guy and he started giving me head.

    Both dreams I woke up feeling very turned on. I don’t really have anything particular happening in my life right now, nothing causing me unusual stress or anything. And the dreams don’t bother me at all, I actually like them. I’m just curious to know what they could possibly mean.

  16. I’m a female and last night I had a dream that I was trying to have sex with this man that I didn’t know and when I looked down as he was trying to put it in, I realized it was huge. Like impossibly big and it wouldn’t fit. He freaked out because I saw it and wen’t away.
    In real life I’m currently pregnant and with my child’s father. However, I’m in love with my ex who I see at work almost everyday. He still loves me and tells me constantly how much he misses and wants me. I know it’s bad but I’ve been having fantasies about him.

    What could this be?!

  17. Im a female and had a dream that I had a penis and wanted to put on a condom so I can masturbate better. I didnt want to caught so I kneeled down on the side of my bed. But then several people came in the room and I was interrupted. What does this mean?
    Here are the few situations I am going through in my life:
    I have a great guy ive been seeing for almost a yr. But I’m afraid he’s going to hurt me emotionally
    I am about to get my masters but afraid I won’t be good enough to move up in my field
    I’m looking into another position on my job in the meantime but the leap may be more than I can handle; afraid to take the risk
    Financial trouble trying to get out of
    clutter in my life I am actively working on but will take a while.

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