Pen Dream Symbol


Pen – A pen in a dream represents communication and creativity. If you are looking for a pen to write something down and cannot find one, this indicates frustration in communication and fear that you cannot make other people in your life understand the things you are trying to say. If you dream about writing something or drawing something with a pen, on the other hand, this indicates confidence in your ability to make yourself understood.

Remember that the language centers of the brain are shut down while you sleep, so do not be surprised if what you write is unintelligible or if it changes after you write it. This is not a dream symbol in itself, but simply a function of your brain activity.

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  1. Divyanshu jayaswal on

    I dreamt a pen that had no refill ,it was emty. The pen was a bit broad and was different.can any body help me intrprt this dream

  2. I had a dream i was eating a pen dipped in sour cream. I could feel the pen pieces in my mouth and taste the mechanic like taste. In the end someone else that i guess i took the oen from was dead and turned into a robot. What could that possibly mean?

  3. I dreamt I was looking for pens and testing each one out so I could see which one I could use for drawing. Then , the people who owned the shop came and talked to me , I told them something. Afterwards , the owner protected me from people and the female and the owner said I was good at drawing and that I had to continue it.

  4. I dream and it was at the end of the, our church some of the members to a room. There they pour 3 different colours of pends of we should take one each & i pick red pen. What does it means

  5. I dreamt I was trying to write something with my pen but suddenly it broke.
    I got a bit sad then I thought I still had another pen and no need to be worry.

  6. I dreamed of a pen given to me. That pen I was asked by somebody to keep it inside my bag for a long time like 3 months…

  7. I dreamt last night of chewing on a pen and I cannot find an interpretation for that anywhere online. I have looked at numerous dream websites about dreaming of pens and none refer to chewing on a pen. Can anyone please help me! It was a push pen. I was chewing on the tip, not the cap. I did not write with the pen but it was not broken or leaking ink. I was also busy while chewing on the pen….such as going about life. In the dream, I wasn’t upset but wasn’t happy either. It was more like I was just content and busy doing things and trying to figure thing out.

  8. Emeka Reagan on

    I dreamt of writing an test, the lecturer said we must use a red pen, I didn’t have a red, I had blue instead and I begged him he said only red pen, out of frustration I teleported to my office because I always know I keep a blue and red pen together, I took the red wrote the test and submitted it, I woke up got to work and couldn’t find my red pen on the desk. I am scared now.
    Help me with explanation

  9. my brother was trying to take my pen from me, he said it was his but it was mind and I did tell him he could keep it because I had a lot more

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