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Pedophile – A pedophile is a disturbing dream symbol, but fortunately dreaming about a pedophile does not actually mean that you necessarily have any bad or immoral desires or tendencies. A dream about a pedophile, or a dream about being a pedophile, indicates an insight into preying on vulnerable people and a warning against doing so.

If you feel that the dream indicates an actual sexual desire for children, you should not waste any time in seeking counseling or therapy, as this paraphilia may be a symptom of other psychological issues, especially issues from your childhood, which you would benefit greatly from addressing and healing.

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  1. So I had a dream that my absolute favorite highschool teacher was preying on me like a pedophile. I have never felt any sort of sexual urge/desires for this man, I genuinely just love his teaching style and his compassion for his students’ well beings. What does this mean?

    • You literally just explained my dream! I don’t have any sort of sexual desires for my teacher as well, just admire his work ethic. It was disturbing to see him harass me. I hope we find our answers!

    • You literally just explained my dream! I have no sexual desires towards my teacher, however I do admire the efforts he always makes to motivate his students. He’s more inspirational to me than anything, and it was disturbing to see him do something indecent towards me. I hope we get our answers!

  2. I had a dream that I worked in a school. And I took some children to the bathroom, now I know the rules you cant go in the bathroom with the kids… sometimes with the little ones to help them adjust you can. But I had to peee really badly. So after one or two went. I said wait out here. I went in to pee, but they knocked and opened the door while I was peeing. There was a door and a male stool outside the one i was in. So i wasnt technically in the same toom… but a teacher assistant came in saw me and I guess called CPS. I cried sooo much that the cops worker was like it’s ok, misunderstanding happen. So idk why was this dream abOut but it’s scary. Weird and I wanna cry. I cant ever be categorize that… I love children. I have a granddaughter and hVe raised like 5 kid aside of my 3.

  3. I had a dream that my father (who has been dead for almost three years) had abandoned my mom and I because he was a pedophile.

  4. Basically I had a dream that my mum and her girlfriend moved out and I came home from College, finding my grandma and an old fella living with me (turns out the old fella was a pedo but I wasn’t allowed to get at the fact that he was one) So, I was living with him because he was homeless or something (at least that’s what my grandma said. But he tires to touch me up an watch me get undressed. I ended up going to college the next day, and he would be like a couple steps away from me following my every move, I had to get one of my mates to protect me to get to my lesson safely. Next minute, I ended up in the lads locker room, all the lads were chasing up an down the rows, turns out that another old fella was trying to rape one of the lads, so everyone else gathered around him an started to beat him to death.

  5. A I had a dream about a child. It started with me and my girlfriend having sex but then out of no where the scenery changed and we were in a school. She’s pulling me by my dick into room were there an orgy going on. Then she shoved my dick in this hooded female mouth . As she start sucking my dick her hood fell down and it’s like a 13 year old white girl with blue eyes sucking me. I then panicked and looked around the room and saw everybody in the orgy looking at me with black eyes. Then I looked down at the girl and blue eyes turned black as well. Then out of no where it was a little boy sitting right by her.Then I woke up .I’m not a PEDO

  6. So last night I had a dream that I had a crush on a child and this child resembled a child that I had worked with a few years ago at a camp, she was one of my favorite kids (I am not a pedophile, in no way am I attracted to children lolol) but anyways i guess I was in like a group of other people and they were disapproving of it. I knew it was wrong but for some reason it was right and I was like why don’t you understand. It was weird.

  7. Caiden Davis on

    I just had a dream that I was being chased by a peadophile and he told me to suck his d**k and to shutup, as I was screaming at the top of my lungs for help. Unfortunately it was also one of those dreams where no one could hear you or really even see you except those that want to do bad to you. I was terrified.

  8. Kali Chatwin on

    Hey I have had the same dream 10 times now and its about my sons sperm donor hes a pediphile and has joint custody of my son. Been trying to get his rights taken away but its not working out very well. If anyone can help me I would be very happy. I don’t got much money really only enough for bills and stuff needed that’s why having such a hard time and I don’t know what step to take thanks in advance

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