Pedicure Dream Symbol


Pedicure – Dreaming about getting a pedicure represents a luxury, and taking care of yourself in a way that many people do not think to do often. As the hardest-worked part of our body, our feet are often neglected, but are very important to our overall well-being and health.

Your dream about a pedicure may indicate that you feel the same way about yourself – that you work hard, are overlooked, but are actually a vital part of your company, your family, or your society. Your subconscious may be telling you that you need to start taking care of yourself and demanding respect and recognition for your contributions.

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    I dreamt about going to the spa to get my nails done the place was empty but when it was my turn someone appeared and the got the assistance. I never did.

  2. In my dream, my bf sat me down at a park bench and gave me a pedicure. It was a fantastic one too because I remember waking up and feeling so relaxed.

  3. I dreamed that a lady was using something similar to a potato peeler to strip away the callused skin from my feet. She painlessly cut deep and removed all of the dead skin, and I could see that there was blood on the skin strips. I was certain that she had thoroughly removed all dead skin and maybe a little extra. I knew my feet would feel good from now on, and then I woke up. Of course, there was all kinds of other stuff going on in the dream, but I can’t remember that.

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