Pearl Dream Symbol


Pearl – A pearl represents hidden treasure. Pearls grow inside of oysters, and it is impossible to tell if an oyster has a pearl inside it until you open it. If you dream of finding oysters on the beach, especially if they are closed, this indicates that you will soon discover or receive something in your life which seems worthless or ugly, but which actually may have a great treasure inside.

If you dream of opening the oysters and finding pearls inside, this is an auspicious omen. Be sure not to throw away or ignore things that do not seem at first glance to be useless, after having this dream, since you have a blessing in disguise coming your way. This is a time to start to look for creative uses for unwanted things, or else to look for the silver lining on unfortunate circumstances.

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  1. My dream was based in a house. And I was baby sitting and infant who was growing different coloured pearls in its mouth. The colour that stood out was green. I was trying to take them out (steal) them but every time I attempted the child would wake up. What does this mean?

  2. My dream was on the beach, I saw a turtle who was ready to have eggs. I was a bit “uneasy” when I saw her walking towards the ocean, when I got closer i saw she had laid her eggs but they weren’t eggs, they were oysters. Trying to get over my confusion I started opening them, there were about 8-10 and EACH had a pearl inside. I was hesitant to believe I was finding one in each pearl. I didn’t understand how I could be so lucky.

  3. Missy jones on

    I dreamed I was swimming in beautiful Clearwater and there were Oysters all around me, And one day I opened them they each had three beautiful pearls inside..In this dream I was calm and very happy.

  4. Hi i had dream of me having bath n suddenly from the drainage pipe many oysters come up with some dirt n wen i open dem i see different colours of pearls inside the oysters….i show to my mother ( who is no more) n my father but after dat wen i show it my son they are marbles …what could this mean …

  5. I dream of breathing underwater from time to time. This time as I was underwater on the ocean floor, oysters would float up to me and I would open them and find a pearl each time. The oyster would then close back up and float away leaving me it’s pearl. It felt like a good dream

  6. Phurmit lepcha on

    When i found 4 oysters and i open one is singel and others three are double and i distribute to all my friends and sisters,,,,in a dream,,,,i was really happy when i distribute pearls Your Comment

  7. My in color dream was that I was helping dig up a ladies’ back yard so she could release a dam in her back yard that flowed to the ocean that was about 75 yards away to the west. She wanted a river there and the salmon to start running again. Her dam was in the north eastern corner of the yard, and the wall of it sunk about 12 feet into the yard. At the base was an amphitheater and the the south side of the yard was a raised patio that went up about 6 feet with the house. As I started working for her she started telling me the legend of the previous owner who buried their treasure in that back yard. As she spoke I dug up 3 tear drop pearls in ascending size (about the size of a large pearl up to the size of 2 quarters) creamy colored pearls out of the sand steps leading up to house. Near it I and the owner found expensive antique jewelry. Gold settings with rubies, sapphires and emeralds. they were in chandelier necklaces, earrings and tiaras. The owner was hiding all of them from some of her greedy family members, whom were walking our way, so we re-buried them and pretended like we knew nothing even though they questioned us. They eventually got board and wandered off. She kept telling me things we would do with the treasure and how happy she was not to share it with them.

  8. hi…. Last night i dreamt that i was standing on beach alone and saw a lot of oyesters, all filled with pearls… then i went in search of a bag or something to collect all of them… but when i returned there was nothing left, wave had washed off all the oyesters…. Can you interprete the meaning of this..

  9. Yuh Hei Tan on

    My dream is that I was I think along the lake then I was with a friend then two old woman hand me a purse with a lot of beautiful pearls in it.
    I don’t know how to interpret it I hope somebody could help me interpret my dream.

  10. I dreamt that I was swimming in the ocean like diving and I saw an oyster and I opened it to find a pearl on the inside. Then I started finding pearls everywhere in the ocean. They weren’t in shells they were just everywhere

  11. Hi I’m grace I comment on this post because my dreamed was related of it, one night I dreamed about, that I was walking on the beach with my lil brother and I carrying a one child then while walking on the beach I saw a one of a shell but when I saw those shell it comes out already on my mind thinking that I’m sure those shell have a pearl and I picked up the shell and open it and I’m right the shell full of pearls and I did keep the pearls,

    that’s why afteR those dreams I did try to search because I was confused and really want to know what means those dreams means..

  12. Well I don’t remember where I was in the dream. But there were oysters on the ground and I started to opening them. And some didn’t have pearls till one of them ended up having a pearl and I put the pearl in my pocket. And then woke up. So I don’t know what it means but I think it’s kind of similar to the meanings.

  13. My dream last night was about my boyfriend and I relaxing in the shallow ocean, ankle deep, on the beach in Hawaii (him and I are planning to vacation in Hawaii in about a month). Sitting in the water I reach down and pick up a large white pearl -it was not in the shell, just laying in the sand inches from the surface. I reached down and picked up another pearl but this time it was rose colored. I reached down again but this time it was silver colored pearl. I picked up about 5 or 6 different colored pearls in the same spot where I found the first. The overall feel of my dream was peaceful and serene. I have read many interpretations but none have told me about picking up pearls from the sand, please help me to understand this.

  14. I dreamt someone gave my husband an myself each an oyster. When we opened it there were pearls in it. Mine was huge. And the most beautiful white color. My husband’s was silver. I would love to know the meaning.

  15. I had a dream tgat i found an oyster and when i cracked it ooen there was multiple big pearls i was excired in my dream to my wife and we we took them to c the value of it but did not sell them (side note) i n my dream i also had three diamonds i kept speaking about any body have any thought on this

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