Peanuts Dream Symbol


Peanuts – Dreaming about peanuts is a sign of trying to uncover hidden truth. In order to eat a peanut, you have to crack the shell to get the nut out. If you dream of cracking the shell in this way, this signifies that you have a great desire to learn the truth about a situation and will go to any lengths to find out what information might be hidden.

On the other hand, if you dream about eating shelled peanuts out of a jar, this indicates that you want to know the truth without having to work for it, and you might be satisfied with less than the total truth.

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  1. Marie Maroney on

    I dreamed the groundskeepers where I live where digging holes in my back yard. Then they were pouring bags of peanuts in the shell into the holes. I asked them what they were doing to which they replied “We are planting peanuts trees. We want the back yard to be full of them”.

  2. Genneatha Cannon on

    I dreamed I found a bag of peanuts still in the shell among my belongings. What do this mean?

  3. I was giving three bags of un shelled ground nut and I pick one out of it and eat it what dose this dream mean?

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