Payphone Dream Symbol


Payphone – A payphone is an anachronistic symbol in this modern world of cell phones. It indicates inconvenience and frustration in communication. There is a fear that you will not be able to connect to the person you need to communicate with, or that they will not be able to reach you. There is also a limited amount of communication you can share before your phone call is timed out – this indicates a sign that you may have far more that you need to communicate with this person before your current issues will be resolved. The quality of the phone call also matters in this dream.

If the line is clear and easy to understand, this is a beneficial sign for the quality of your communication, but if it is static and difficult to hear, this indicates that you are not able to communicate clearly with this person. Do not make any rash decisions and judgments based on what you think this person says, because you may be misunderstanding them.

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  1. I dreamt of a pay phone last night. It’s the only symbol I was able to remember but I believe I know what it means after reading the above interpretation. I met a wonderful woman a few days ago. We talked and connected on so many levels, it was an incredible experience. But we had to part as the night grew near and I had to return home a few hours away. I strongly desire to see her again and to know her better, to feel that connection I have been longing for but I fear that I live too far away and that it’d be too inconvenient and that despite what I believe to be an incredible connection it’ll never be realized again.

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