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Password – Dreaming of putting a password on your computer, or on anything else that contains information or valuable things, signifies a lack of trust in the people around you, and a desire to go to great extremes to protect yourself and the things you hold dear from their harmful influence. On the other hand, if you dream that you need to access some information or items and that a password blocks the computer file or keeps the door locked, this indicates frustration at not being able to access the tools you feel you are entitled to in order to accomplish your goals or learn a valuable piece of information. This may be connected to a feeling of betrayal that someone else is keeping you from something you need or have a right to.

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  1. I had a dream, me and my officemate Marj and sitting together and somebody gave me 6 digit password and rushing to write it somewhere. i tried writing it in my hand but i didnt so, I wrote it on the hand of a man beside me.

  2. Elle Dubayew on


    Had a dream where a baker needed my password so I could get what i ordered. My brothers and the guy I’m dating was next to me, and I couldn’t write it down. I tried to whisper and block my lips, I tried to use my fingers for the numbers in my password. My brothers/guy friend still heard me.

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