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Passageway – A passageway is a powerful dream symbol for transition between circumstances, life goals, or ways of thinking. Oftentimes this transition happens in a mysterious way that you cannot explain, which is why the dream symbol of the passageway is often hidden, underground or dark. The exact meaning of the passageway depends on the place you enter it from and the place it leads to. The other symbols surrounding this dream symbol are also significant.

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  1. I had a dream of a secret underground tunnel that connects several places i know. In my dream, my family and I were finding our exit around a govt housing buildings, a place where u used to hang out back in college years. It was like old kowloon. Then my father guided us to a route he is familiar with, and lead us to a gloomy underground lobby, like 1970s modern style architecture with very din incandescent lights. At the corner of a lobby leads to another tunnel that leads to a dark brown old elevator. That elevator leads to an old hospital near where i currently reside. In my dream, the housing buildings, the university where i used to study and the hospital are all connected thru an underground secret tunnel.

  2. I dreamed about a secret passage underground. First we saw a huricane and then we dig it where the huricane falls hoping we can see a treasure after digging we saw a stairs down there and a passage and we follow the route then we came out to a certain place a lot of houses have xmas lights we dont know where it is. We just followed the route on 1 side, the other side we dont know yet because i had awakened up. What does that means?

  3. The house is always different. Sometimes I know what house it is, but it never looks like that house I just kind of know. I’m always kind of uncomfortable and go exploring and end up finding a hidden tunnel somewhere that leads to multiple places. There are usually multiple hidden rooms about on my way through the tunnels. The first dream there was a zombie apocalypse happening and the tunnels lead me to the roof of the house. The second dream I was in the middle of a drug bust and the tunnels lead me out of the house and to safety. I’ve had more of them but those are the only two I remember well. My cat is also always following me around and there’s other things going on in the background.

  4. I have had several dreams of secret passageways that lead to different places. One passage ended in a cave. I have had that dream several times. A new dream ends with the passage leading to another apartment directly connected to “my” apartment (in a building I have never been in). I am scared in all of my secret passage dreams. Any insight?

  5. I have had the same dream many times throughout my life. I have a recurring dream about a secret passage in the basement of the house where I grew up. It led to to an unfolding staircase that led up to a bright world where there was a train and tropical birds. It was kind of a utopia. I hadn’t had the dream in some time until just recently in April 2015. This time it was different though. I learned of another passage that led to a floor of broken and dried clay. I pulled up the clay to reveal old statues that fit into the underlying floor like a puzzle. They were old Mickey Mouse statues that seemed ancient. The hidden passageway dream is pretty clear now. The relics are a different story. I am a real estate agent in Virginia Beach, VA. I had clients in 2011 that looked at a lot of houses. We checked out one house that had a theater and a bunch of secret comparments in the upstairs. There was a narrow closet door that led to a third floor. It was really narrow and the staircase behind it was almost impossible for an adult to fit through.

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