Parking Lot Dream Symbol


Parking Lot – A parking lot full of cars symbolizes infinite possibility and the ability to accomplish your goals. You have an infinite number of ways that you could possibly get to the place you want to be in life; you have only to pick the one that looks most attractive or effective. This is a very auspicious dream symbol. It may also indicate that you are about to meet with unexpected good fortune, again associated with the opening of possibilities. Be prepared to take the opportunity when it presents itself, because it will lead you to great prosperity and potential.

An empty parking lot symbolizes despair and a lack of possibility. This is an omen that if things continue as they are, you will find yourself without the means to achieve your goals and to get yourself to the place you want to be in life. Alternatively, this dream symbol may indicate a feeling that you have been abandoned and betrayed. Pay attention to the other symbols surrounding this one, as they are also symbolic.

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  1. I had a dream, I was in the parking lot, I don’t know if it was the basement but it’s a parking lot, It’s like a mall parking lot, and I see all my friends there, it even rained inside the parking lot, I saw a lot if my friends and people I know from the past and present, It was a happy mood dream though, the company I worked in right now even held an event in the parking lot in my dream, and I saw a lot of people that I don’t know, and it was still in the parking lot, can someone tell me what it meant?

  2. I had a dream I was laying in my room, up until I looked out the window and the gate to my neighbors fence was open. Letting their dog loose and run free. I got up immediately and thought I should put my dog inside my house, reason why is because my backyard isn’t fully covered by a fence and I didn’t want both dogs to fight. But when I went to open my front door , my neighbors dog barged in , I was scared and looked like he was going to attack but didn’t, eventually he ran away from me into the street, and was hit but a semi. (Which is extremely weird for a semi to be in the neighborhood.) I thought the dog had died but a few moments later the dog got up and started to run towards me but was injured. For some reason I took the injured dog into a bar. I ended up leaving the dog at the bar, i knew he would be taken care of for some odd reason. i also left because I was 18 and I felt guilty to ask the bar tender for a drink even though She had offered me one but instead I got up and left. As I was walking out the bar a black chicken, with a long beak ran out with me , it had poked me in my calf, so I ran away from it into my car. Then suddenly it was a parking full of cars. I couldn’t even find a way to get out. I eventually did leave the Parking lot through a very tight space.

  3. I dreamt I was walking through a neighborhood and a lot of houses had beautiful pink rose bushes outside of them. There was also people wearing black shirts with pink roses on them, I saw two women, one alone and one with a child, who also had a floral print shirt on. It was quite pleasant and as I was walking I was thinking about how I was going to tell my family about it.
    I kept walking onwardly until I came to an area where a highway starts. Next to the highway were empty parking lots. There were a few people around next to their cars and such, and I kept walking on the sidewalk until I got to the parking lot, there was one car in it, and a man standing around by it. I continued onward until I looked forward and saw that all there was was empty cement parking lots next to the highway as far as the eye could see. No people, cars (other than the ones on the highway, but I could only hear them not see them), grass or trees for miles. Seeing this gave me great anxiety, so I went to turn around, and I said to the man in the parking lot “I can’t do it.”
    Learning about the meaning of empty parking lot dreams is very dispiriting because I feel like it really does relate with my waking life.

  4. I had a dream I was leaving work and walking out with people. All of a sudden, the parking lot was empty. Then, a car pulled up next to my car. a guy got out and was walking towards my car. The guy started to attack me i started screaming get away from me and then I woke up immediately.

  5. I had a dream were I was with a friend talking in a dirt parking lot at night, suddenly it started to rain so all the other people (who were not many), my friend and I moved our cars to a concrete parking lot which was similar to an old job that my friend and I had years ago. This concrete parking lot had few cars, it was almost empty, My friend told me where to park, afterwards I didnt saw him again.

  6. I had a dream where I was on a parking lot pushing carts. It was half empty, few cars so I wouldn’t consider it as a full. While I was the pushing carts, I was complaining about someone who just kicked me out of her life and I couldn’t understand why she did that. I still can’t find an accurate answer

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