Parents Dream Symbol


Parents – This dream symbol is very complicated and nuanced, because every person’s relationship with their parents is different. Parents are the first teachers of the child, and the people who most directly determine how the child interacts with the world and feels about him/herself. The lessons you learned about yourself from your parents stay with you for your whole life, whether those lessons are that you are good and cherished and capable, or irresponsible and worthless and a bad kid. Therefore the dream symbol of parents will carry all these individual connotations from your own childhood and current relationship with your parents.

In addition, parents are a general symbol of nurturing and safety. Interpretations of this symbol can range from grieving for your lost childhood, to feeling secure and safe in a relationship or circumstance, to a twinge of conscience that you need to renew your relationship with your parents. The messages your parents tell you in your dream are your own judgments and criticisms of yourself, but they are likely to reflect lessons that you learned from your parents. If you dream about being a parent, this indicates that a great responsibility and change of identity is coming your way. This change may be frightening, but it is also very hopeful and beneficial. If you can embrace the change and accept the additional responsibilities and change in life circumstances, your life will be much richer for it.

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