Paper Dream Symbol


Paper – Blank paper represents the clean slate of your life and your ability to determine what is written in this chapter of your life. If you dream about paper it indicates that you are about to be giving a choice in your waking life that will either open up other choices or limit you to the margins. Take any decisions that you make in the next few days very seriously and do not rashly decide anything, not even if it is a routine decision that you have made countless times. Paper represents an opportunity for greatness if you do not take it for granted.

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  1. I see, I dream a white blank plain paper and gold shiny paper . I think My dreams is a warning for my journey and i need to be aware of that. Thank you for this interpretation . This is the beginning and I’m ready to go to achieve my dreams. I will face it all happen in my life and do my best.

  2. Vojtěch Jašík on

    I had a dream and in the end I tried to read some text on the paper, but I wasn’t able to read or understand it, what coul it mean?

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