Palm (Hand) Dream Symbol


Palm (Hand) – The palm carries in it a unlimited knowledge of our past, present and future. If you dream about the palm of your hand it symbolizes that you are completely open with yourself. The palm of another person symbolizes that they are willing to be completely open with you and bear their soul to you because of their deep love or respect for you.

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  1. i dreamt that I’m at some big complex or big society and one girl came for some kind of test or what don’t exactly of everyone later she came to me and took my both hand and washed my hands with milk are started looking at my palm with surprise look and again wash my palm with milk and again given same expression with amazed look and when i asked what u seen she didn’t said anything just said amazing and went from there. what does this dream indicate

  2. In my dream I was looking at strange symbols and glyph s in red on my palms. I was perplexed and wanted to take a photo of them. They disappeared.

    I can’t get this dream out of my mind. Sure would appreciate some feedback.

  3. I see a hand Palm on a profile picture instead of my crush’s profile picture. Same night a lady was hugging me from back and she slowly move me to a room and fell on the bed keep hugging me from the back. I saa her gold hand breclet with love shaped hagging side on her hand. I felt fear of someone see us. Now I don’t if its relates same person. My crush is white and the lady in the bed bit brown,the room was dark (morning sun light window closed like) idk her real skin color. What what is this mean?

  4. I’m so inlove with that guy and his palms were kinda wide open to me, like I hope this were darn real haha

  5. I dreamt of guy holding my hand and he was clinging my arm and hold my right hand tightly and I really felt the warmth of his palm/hand….I was so in love with him in this dream,,,,what is the meaning? Thanks ­čÖé

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