Nun Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Nun Dream Symbol – A nun is a symbol of spirituality. It is also a symbol of repressed sexuality. The exact meaning of your dream symbol about a nun will depend on your own experiences and viewpoints about things such as organized religion, celibacy, and religious orders or monastics.

For many people, a nun is a representative of the spiritual realms, and a nun will tell you things that you need to know about your spiritual journey.

For others, a nun indicates prudery and false holiness, and the messages given to you by a nun in your dream represent your shame at your own humanity and sexual nature.

In order to determine the true meaning of your dream about a nun, you will need to examine the surrounding elements of your dream and the emotions and intuitions you have about this symbol.

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  1. I had a similar dream except the dream started in a school and the nun had pale white skin (like the literal color of a wall). She was Chasing us in the school. Then somehow i left and got in a car to go home and somehow the nun was in the driver seat and i woke up scared.

  2. Josiah pardon on

    I had a dream of a woman I recognized with blue skin and nun costume not quite sure where I seen the woman before, but I was in the backseat of a car looking out the back windshield and I seen her I automatically thought to myself that I was seeing a ghost. Next I know she pointed at me with 1 hand while the other hand was holding her dress up and she started chasing the car so I sat forward scared out of my mind and I can see her already in front of us on the next block I started to panic, we drove passed her and she’s speed walking on the side walk still chasing after the car holding her dress so next we ride down another street and following behind the car getting closer closer and closer like shes teleporting and next I know she pops up in the back of The windshield Looking directly at me with black and silver eyes and I woke up

    • I had a similar dream except the dream started in a school and the nun had pale white skin (like the literal color of a wall). She was Chasing us in the school. Then somehow i left and got in a car to go home and somehow the nun was in the driver seat and i woke up scared.

  3. When i was 7 or 8 years old. I dream of a convent with 10 monestary nuns. One of the nuns is doing a ceremony, when the ”monster like man” rose up and grabbed the nun. And it squashed the nun. But the nun surfaced through the hands of the ”monster like man”. Then i woke up riciting the apostle’s creed.

  4. I had a dream that as i was walking inside to a house, a nun the size of a small dog jumped out and i screamed. then, a bigger nun came out. Her face was a little blurry. She grabbed me by the waist and ran, I was trying to grab at anything, and was screaming on the top of my lungs. My vision began to blur. Then she dropped me as my vision got worse. I heard an “uh guys” and I woke up as I passed out in the dream. sorry- I forgot to add, Ive had family members go through residential school so I don’t know if that me feeling bad for practicing Christianity.

  5. I had a dream that as i was walking inside to a house, a nun the size of a small dog jumped out and i screamed. then, a bigger nun came out. Her face was a little blurry. She grabbed me by the waist and ran, I was trying to grab at anything, and was screaming on the top of my lungs. My vision began to blur. Then she dropped me as my vision got worse. I heard an “uh guys” and I woke up as I passed out in the dream.

  6. Last night I had a very bad dream I was taking a picture of a family member in a graveyard to recreate an old photo and while I was snapping photos something began to appear in them. Eventually I could see a nun. Blurred and smudged in the photos looking away from my family member. That’s it. Doesn’t seem that bad. For some reason it deeply terrified me. It didn’t hit me at first but it kept building and building until I was so scared I could barely move. When I woke up the fear continued and maybe this is a coincidence but out my window I could here some animal probably a cat just screaming (this is after I woke up) and it wasn’t normal at all. It was as if it was dying. The fear continues for an hour after waking and I am still scarred by what I had seen. I’m not a religious person but this kind of changed my views. At least for the moment. I can’t help thinking that what I saw was a real spirit in a dream because I can assure you I have never been that scared in my life. And of something that is not even that scary realistically. (I have never had a fear of nuns or anything of the sort previously) this dream came out of the blue. And after the nun part it carried on , the way dreams do. Switched to a different scenario. One that was happier yet the paralyzing fear didn’t subside. Even after I awoke I was scared to make a noise or leave my room. I was to afraid to leave my bed. Even when I mustered up the courage to turn on the lights it barely made a dent in my fear. I hope there is a rational explanation but I just don’t know.

  7. I had a dream, that I was lying down on my bed, the room was dark, and there was a whistle. The whistle I heard in my dream was similar to a tune, but it felt like the whistle was trying to get my attention. Conveniently, I had a flashlight, and aimed it in the direction of the whistle, and when I aimed the flashlight towards the direction, there stood a nun, and two children, standing by both of her sides, holding her hand. Their eyes were bloodshot, and they were gazing at me with anger. I woke up drenched in sweat, and filled with fear, but I’m confused as to what that dream could have meant.

    • Maybe the children were the product of a one night stand…kids you never knew existed. Sex just for the sake of feeling go. Then on to the next woman. Taking no responsibilities for your actions. Does that sound about right? Of course it could mean something very different. The children could be aspects of yourself that needed to evolve but you stood in the way, denying their existence, giving no energy to their growth.

  8. Does anyone know what the apparition of a nun means.. She’s clear as day and appeared as I sat in my garden.. I had my phone in my hand and I snapped the camera on it she was quite happy to stay there… She is definitely an 1800 era as I am a history person and quite religious I have no clue why she was there wish they would just speak to be honest as I feared what I saw none… She just faded out..

    • Could be a metaphor for getting your attention…in a garden…tending to the garden…tending to the spiritual side of your life. The rumor is we all have an innet guide. Perhaps yours took on the image of a nun.

  9. Telly Bartolo on

    Not nice at all. I had a very strange dream. I was on the top floor of the school and the nun there was very bad and angry. She was hitting me very hard with anything she could find. I managed to run away but went back to hit her. And could not stop punching her and hitting her. In my eyes she was so eval.

    • Haven’t you learned by now that when you punch, fight, try to obliterate a dream character that your only punching yourself. The characters in our dreams are aspects of ourselves. Perhaps It would be better to say, a perceived aspect of ourselves. Many times our perceptions are wrong…sometimes they are spot on. You no doubt have an inner guide. Is it possible this inner resource is trying to get your attention? Hence her hitting you: “Look at me damn it!” And you dont want to look perhaps because she represents something in yourself you detest. Perhaps you and that nun are not all that different. How do you view yourself. Who are you? Its a simple question and very very difficult to get to the bottom of it.

  10. So in this dream that I had was weird…. my parents were talking in the garden and I was sitting by myself on the porch so I took out my phone to post something on snap chat then I saw this mysterious light and I moved my phone around to see what was causing that light and then I saw a face of a dead nun who I have never seen before her eyes seemed sad but when I pointed my phone at her face she suddenly was staring at me……. can someone please explain this

  11. I dreamt that i was a nun in this old convent and i was watching this baby/toddler that kept trying to go up these stairs where it was haunted cause they performed excersisms up there. And finally I said to a fellow nun “whose baby is this anyways” and she said “its Jesus baby”. And I just felt stunned. I was bound to protect this baby from evil.

  12. My dream was that the ghost of a nun was in my house, one was on the ceiling on a chair and the other was stood in the room, both skinny with hollowed out black holes for eyes, I’ve had a dream about them before in this house. First time I’ve dreamt about ghosts of nuns.

  13. I dreamt about a man wearing a nun suite staring right infront of me and a falling cross in a Catholic Church . What does that means ?

  14. Wow. So today I woke up from a weird dream. I was at a Rally I guess and Donald Trump was there. My co workers were there. And I guess I was being so kind(I’m always kind to anyone). To him(Donald) . (I’m against Voting also) wasn’t protesting I jus happen to be there working. But as always my coworkers were like Givin me a hard time. But I kept brushing it off. And Donald Trump looked at me called me over. and gave me a tip. But he had all these 1 dollar bills and telling me take what you need I looked up and just took 1 dollar. And he said really??? I said yes MONEY is Irrelevant in my world. Then he Said wow Your Like a NUN. (I’m very Very Spiritual I don’t do Religions as It is a way to Divide us all)AND I BEEN Repressing Sexuality for some time. But it felt good when he told me that. Then all my coworkers saw and started Being Negative. So I Snapped a Lil bit and put them in there place. Then I woke up. What does this mean.??? In Reality People Come to me and Confess at the most Random times at work or Grocery store. Etc… One time a Man said ur a Saint.(at the time I told The Creator I wanted to be Remembered forever 1day prior) After making his day better. And it felt good. I love helping. Sometimes it’s Draining. But I’ll always love The Creator of All God’s Goddesses Saints etc… And Beyond. As well as them. I always do Meditation & Pray. And to Special Rituals. But yes what does the DREAM MEAN???

  15. I dreamt about a nun talking to me in a creepy way, I was asking her if she have seen my friend and her sister then she was answering me riddles.. ” they’re gone. They left us”

    • christopher lorete on

      I dreamt about a nun and a couple of young people who I dont know. In my dream, the scenario is, this couple of people seems like they are praying, including the nun. But literally I dont understand what they are praying. And the most scary part, is when I sitted with them in a couch, and observing them what they are praying. Then suddenly the nun was interrupted the prayers and she talked to me. She said “I am disgusted to you”. And I was shocked by what she told to me. And she stood up then she was planning to go in my side, but before that, I ran away and go insidw my room where my Step mom is there. But the nun followed me in my direction then she was pushing the door to open. She was resisting to go inside until she take my hand. When she taking my hands, I look at her face. Her face becoming like a dead. Then I awaken from my sleep with fear. Actually, It is happening right now. I look to my clock. I woke up 2:30 am. Please. What is the meaning of my dream?

  16. I dreamt of many nuns all with white hair dressed in red robes they were leaving packages outside houses in a neighborhood where my children went to school when they were small .what does this mean?

  17. I dreamed a nun dressed in all black, knocking on my door. She was going door by door recruiting woman to go work. I felt alot of fear and refused and slammed the door. She advice me if i did not want to go work with her i was not allowed to leave my home. Then she convinced one of my friends to go with her to hug a elderly woman that was passing. What could this possibly mean?

    • i dreamt about a black nun, she was outside of the gate and i was infront of her, she’s smiling at me then she was reaching for something at the bottom ofthe gate which is i helped her to reach,. what i noticed was her hand was trembling. what does that mean?

  18. I am a male. Yet, I dreamt that I am a nun within a group of nuns in a dream. And I and the other nuns were covered with some transparent shield while an earthquake is on going. What does this dream mean?

  19. Ralph Abejuela on

    i dream of a very beautiful nun kissing me, and after that, I fell in love with that nun. What does it possibly mean?

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