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Numbness – Numbness is a physical sensation which is not often felt in dreams. If you do dream of feeling numb, chances are that your physical body is numb for some reason and your brain is aware of the sensation. On the other hand, the dream of feeling numb may truly be a sign of something of which you need to be aware in your subconscious mind.

For instance, if you dream that your legs are numb and you cannot move, this is indicative of a feeling of paralysis in your ability to accomplish your goals. If you dream that your hands are numb and you cannot move them, this indicates a lack of confidence in your ability to make changes in the world.

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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. The first part was dreaming of my friend from roblox he didn’t acknowledge me that much and kept acting crazy with weird words and random shouting i kept tryna get his attention but he acted like he almost couldn’t hear anyone. His username was diffrent it said , Aecker.a.k.a ( maybe .i.e or .e.i in it maybe .e.i.u or .i.e.u) then the rest was his original user (vamy_phan) at the end either the other way how his real user was or currently like that. Of course i noticed it as my friend but his skin was sorta like another person or friend i knew to be honest it was weird.

    but then came the apocalpse dream before the up rise i had stuff pasked to move from grandmas house but at the same time strangers lived there like random family friends, a lil girl and women and a friend i had as well we ate like some expired yougurt and welp i got presents from a girl there were a couple around and i shared some with her to thank her but i didnt say those words. then it soon happened …

    I dreamt of this Apocalypse dream i was safe on one side I then ended up lost on the other side behind the gate left behind as the zombies like aliens tried to take over the land there were battle camoflage jeeps. As well i found myself getting numb in the allyway as i went through it i could barely move my hands or leg the slowest scooting. Then there was the green foaming from the mouth monkey a baboon, and a zombie found me i had to make some movement so that not only the zombie would bite me but the monkey too. I thought being mutated would be better then being a zombie then as soon as that happened i was able to move normally again. it was only a lil pinch on both sides of my neck on the shoulders. So then i grabbed the monkey knowing its fear and i said its ok it sat in my hands once the zombie bit me earlier it kicked it off and it ran away. I went to the other side of the gate safe and told people about it and green bubbles came from the monkeys mouth once it bit me before it was happy suddenly and it smiled at me when i said it saved my life. so then i woke up!

  2. I have just woken up from sleep and was terrified. I’ve had some dreams like this but this one freaked me the most. So I woke up around 5:20 ish I was dreaming that 2 of my relatives where in danger and I was upset that they had left without saying anything there was 2 psycho women outside wanting to hurt them. In my dream I was urging to call for help to get them away from our property but somehow at one point no one was listening to me and suddenly felt like half of my mouth slowly numbed and was unable to speak and half of my face kept getting numb I was unable to scream or speak and no one was listening to me just looking at me. I woke up with my throat in pain very dry as if I had been struggling to scream in real like or wake up from fear. I was panicking and woke up crying. What could this possibly mean my face was numbing up and I wasn’t able to speak or scream and woke up with a feeling as if I was
    Choking in my throat.

  3. Shai Harshfield on

    I just recently had the weirdest dream/experience.
    So I passed out on the couch, that’s where my dream starts, I “woke up” and reached for the pizza box in between my boyfriend and I, but the box was empty. So I joked with him about how I hadn’t even had a slice, somehow that turned into up making out and heading to bed, my lips started to feel tingly like they’re falling asleep, and as soon as I touched the bed the dream restarted. The only difference was my lips were more numb, like I had been drinking. This happened at least 3 times with my lips getting progressively more numb. Then I woke up, but couldn’t move or open my eyes. But that numb sensation on my lips was definitely still there, I could hear everything around me and even feel pain from my burnt tongue (burnt it on pizza earlier).
    No matter how hard I tried to move I couldn’t, and then when I did finally “move” I didn’t physically move, like I don’t want to sound like a wacko, but it was like my soul/spirit moved. It was just my arm, I brought it to my mouth to try to feel why it was numb, and as soon as my “arm” touched my mouth I actually woke up.
    My lips were still tingling and weird feeling for like 5 mins after.

    Any ideas as to what the hell happened?

  4. Before I went to bed I heard soft knocking in my room, I sleep in a furnished remodeled basement. I put it off because houses and basements especially make weird noises. Once I started to fall asleep I noticed the soft knocking started to get more consistent throughout the room so I started looking around and I couldn’t see anything. It was hard to tell if I was asleep or not because I could’ve sworn my eyes were open, I was listening and watching my surroundings. After awhile I noticed that time was going by really fast I went to bed at 11 and the next I knew it was 2 and then 5. I started to fall back asleep and I opened my eyes and I couldn’t really see anything except a small shadow or an orb i’m not really sure what it was but mostly what I could see was a long needle or syringe poking me in my legs about two times in each leg. I felt the pain and it pinched and stung but I couldn’t see anything and I was scared. My legs couldn’t move they felt like they were numb almost. I was terrified for my life. It felt so real, I don’t know if I was dreaming or not. And then I woke up this morning and I could barely remember my dream. I don’t know if I want to go back to bed tonight.

  5. I had a dream that I was trying to wake up and I just couldn’t I touched my face to rub my eyes and my face (as if I was waking up) and my face had that awful numb pain you get after having anaesthetic I heard screaming then I woke up I believe it was some kind of sleep paralysis it depends quite frequently

  6. Hi, I know that you have a ton of comments posted already, and if you’re busy you don’t have to answer right away. I just want to ask what it mean when your head goes numb in a dream. To be more specific, both of my hands and my head were completely numb, but I could still move my head, it just felt groggy. I don’t know if that made any sense, but I hope it does. So if you have enough time, could you please try to explain what it means.Thank you!

  7. I had a at least twice from what I can remember where my face become so numb I was unable to speak and, the dreams only seemed to revolve around that fact that I could tell people something very important that they needed to know.

  8. I’m a waitress. Last night I had a dream that I was making drinks and I couldn’t make them I kept knocking them over or I could grab them with my hand I finally got them picked up and then my legs wouldn’t work to walk and then eventually I couldn’t talk..

  9. My dream was that I made a choice about something and some people got mad. One of them shot me a couple of times with darts in the arms, legs, and neck especially. I felt pain when they were shooting the darts, and after my body started to get numb. I tried to stand, but I could only force myself to limp.

  10. Aimee taylor on

    I don’t really know where to start with this as I’ve not had a dream like this in a while. I had a dream where it was night and I was on my front garden and a tall young man (looked like a teen) was looking over my fence. He kept coming back every time I told him to leave so I chase him with a rake. Then he came back with some other people (older than him, looked like parents) a ladder and flashlight. I woke up to the feeling of being shook, I was drenched in sweat but most importantly, my entire left side was completely numb for about 5 minutes. If someone can tell me what all this means I’d really appreciate it

  11. This may be one of the stranger ones, I had this dream where I had my headphones on in my bed, but I’d taken them off before sleeping, I felt so numb all over that I just didn’t bother to take them off, then all of a sudden my favourite song comes on and, I don’t care even, but my body begins to slide out of the and firsf I’m a little scared but it goes away into the numbness, not caring, but it sort of felt right, and I sank slowly into the floor as the music of Starboy increased in volume and then I wake up, 3 days or so later, I have the same dream, but this time Party Monster is playing, and felt like I knew whaf to do, as I peacefully sank into the floor again, it felt so peaceful, I wasn’t able to move but didn’t feel the need to either… Strange huh?

  12. I dreamed that my face was getting numbed n I felt like a ball inside my cheek. I was trying to get to the hospital but I just couldn’t..

  13. I had a dream that I was walking to my friends house and then I realized there was a huge tarantula was chasing us. (I might of gotten bitten already) I started to run but my legs were numb so I moved super slowly… like slow motion and I just couldn’t move. My friends asked what was wrong and I said to please carry me to your house before the tarantula gets me. They didn’t listen a said that the tarantula won’t hurt me

  14. I dreamt about being abducted along with a group of people. The person who abducted us was very polite but merciless. He forced me to drop boiling water on someone, who was later the only survivor. He decided that I was useless to him and decided to kill me, but first he’d try to skin me alive. I was very numb and didn’t feel anything. I was just pleading to be let go and live with a calm voice every so often. He amputated both my hands. He seemed to be sad to be killing me as he spoke with a certain affection. But he said i just couldn’t live and after I survived the skinning he took me to the nurses and had me electrocuted with an EEG. I couldn’t move but I was conscious and pretended not to be. He took me somewhere else, a morgue or something and I remember being awake and walking as if nothing had happened, looking out the window where there was people outside and couldn’t leave (I am guessing I did die was some kind of spirit).

  15. I keep having dreams where my whole body is going numb, almost vibrating, so intensly that i can feel it rattling my teeth. I wake up(in the dream) to try and shake it off. I get up and move around. Suddenly the numbness/vibration takes over, and my body collapses. Ill fall into a chair or a wall and have a really hard time moving. The strange part is that it feels so real and i always think im awake. After i get really startled, i wake up for real, with no numbness. Any ideas?

    • Kari Landrum on

      I’ve recently started having dreams like this , but I feel like an ominous presence is over me and sometimes I’m so numb to the point I can’t move and it’s scary. Did you ever find anything out?

    • Omg same here, ive been searching to see if i was the only one, Basically i woke up in my dream next to my gf and a group of people outside sitting on a Porch and i felt sleepy as fuck, and i so i asked if i was sleeping, and they all said “Nah u weren’t sleeping” and so i said “Oh alright..” And then someone asked to go across the street, then this is where it happened, once i stood up and stepped on the floor my head got dizzy and I couldn’t see right as if u spin so much and the world starts to spin like crazy, and i fell and when i fell, my whole body started getting numb to the point where i cant feel my body, like i have no body, and then slowly i couldn’t breath…like my whole oxygen literally was leaving and my eye site went all grey and i trued breathing and I couldn’t i thought i was dying that this is it, and then i woke up in reality trying to breath and my arms Snapped up, and i was sweating and out of breath, and i was terrified. Now can someone pls tell me what that means pls 🙁 I couldn’t find anyone who felt like this, Thank you

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