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The Number Directory Dream Meanings

Dreaming of numbers has many meanings. It will all depend on what is happening in your real life at the time of the dream. Number sequences in a book or in a code in a dream can mean you are a super organized person trying to process some sort of chaos going on in your waking life.

When numbers in a dream give you a negative feeling it can be a warning you need a medical checkup. Or, you may have a fear of dying from some strange illness. Seeing numbers faintly shimmering in water can symbolize your inability to secure your financial future because of illusions of some sort. These can be of your own making or those created by others to divert you from achieving success. You may even be on the wrong path and need to rethink what you are currently doing. Dreaming of numbers on others, but not on you, is a symbol of your uniqueness. You have the ability to stand out from the crowd with your views and ideas.

Women dreaming of numbers can symbolize you have become a neat freak and turned your home into an unbearable place to live for anyone but yourself. Have you become too set in your ways? Have you sacrificed fun and love for stability and security? If you feel comfortable with the numbers in your dream, this indicates you are doing fine financially. You can afford to get out and have some fun with your family and friends.

Men dreaming of numbers can mean you have become too set in your ways. You need to loosen up. If numbers make you feel relaxed this can mean you are happy and relaxed with where you are at in your waking life.

0 – Zero

Zero has no meaning in reality so it is connected with what may have hurt you in a dream. It can mean that you put all your efforts into something and it amounts to nothing in the end. The numeral zero can mean there is soon a new start or you may soon be spending some time alone. You may need to reassess where your life is heading and need to take time out away from the influence of others to find your own truth

The numeral zero stands for nothing. Has your real life left you feeling empty lately? It can also represent the infinity of things, eternity, and complete independence. Zero can symbolize eternal potential. Zero is usually a positive dream for it can reveal the importance of being independent to you. What do you need to do?

1 – One

Number one in a dream represents the start of new things. This can be a new home, job, relationships, or even a new way of seeing. You may decide to change your life completely and go in a new direction seeking a fresh start in life.

Seeing number one can also symbolize unity. You may be completely disorganized and need to consolidate. Or, you may need to make peace with someone important in your waking life. It may also be a time where your need to stand up for your own truth.

2 – Two

Dreaming of the number two warns there is a conflict coming into your life. Two sides of yourself may be struggling in conflict with each other. Are you in conflict over something? Are you in conflict with someone in your waking life? This can be a time where you need to put a budget in place to get financial matters back on track. You may have many different priorities competing with each other for your attention and time. Or, there may be disagreements about how you go about achieving success.

This may be a time where you need to bring more balance into your life. The number two, in respect to relationships, can mean you may need to reassess those who are close to you. This may be work colleagues, partnerships, friends, and family. There may be those who no longer are good for you.

3 – Three

Dreaming of the number three is about your creativity. It is a time to put your plans into action to bring your intentions to life. This may also be a time where you start new creative projects. Maybe you will write that book, create a sculpture or painting you have always dreamed of doing. It can also mean your life is in total chaos but this could be because of your creative processes. Is your life based on total unpredictability?

The number three can also mean you are being paranoid about someone or something. Are you acting like a crazy person?

4 – Four

The number four represents balance and stability. The complete opposite of negativity. This is usually a dream reinforcing to you that some sort of negativity is now gone from your life. Possibly the chaos has been replaced by some semblance of order.

Dreaming of the number four can be about your home. If you are buying or selling your house, then this number is a good sign. Make sure your home is clean and clear of rubbish and clutter to help you live a balanced life.

5 – Five

Dreaming of number five is a warning there is a change coming. This can be a change of perspective. You see things or someone different. Number five can bring harmony to your life.

A dream of the number five can also be about travel and adventure. This is a sign you are about to take off to foreign lands. Pack your bags. Get ready for exciting new adventures. This is a great time to travel for the number five will protect you. This is a reminder there are many aspects and sides to our characters, and sometimes we become unbalanced. It may be a time to think about maintaining some sort of balance.

6 – Six

When you dream of the number six it is all about love and unity. It can be a time where you need to nurture yourself and the ones you love. It is a time to appreciate all you have in life and the beauty of nature in your environment. The number six is a reminder to self-indulge a little. Get in touch with your sensuality.

Dreaming of the number six can also represent negativity. Is there are lot of negativity surrounding your life? It can also mean you or someone close is being greedy or trying to deceive for some sort of gain. The number six may warn you have become too arrogant. Others may be pulling away because of your attitude.

7 – Seven

A dream of the number seven can represent new understanding and knowledge after coming through a period of negativity. It can represent a reflection on what has passed and the lessons learned for future clarity. Is there a bad habit you have finally given away?

Dreaming of the number seven can also mean it is a time for higher learning. It is a number that guarantees success in the search of knowledge. This may be a time to consider going back to school or university. It may also represent taking up a new pastime or hobby and what you need to learn to achieve success. The number seven brings positive change to your life.

8 – Eight

Dreaming of number eight represents the completion of cycles. Number eight is like the symbol for infinity. This can bring a message that something is about to end or someone may soon leave your life. This can mean this is the finale before the final end. If you know what I mean.

Number eight in your dream can also bring messages that all is well in your waking reality. Or, that everything will work out alright. You may return to where it all started to get a new perspective. Number eight can represent the renewal of old energy. This can mean you revisit the past and what you originally saw. It is a time to compare this with where you are in your current waking life. Is this where you are meant to be? Have you lost your way?

9 – Nine

Dreaming of the number nine represents the coming to an end. This means that something negative is now over and you will never need to face that challenge again. This is also a message about standing at the edge of something new. It can be about one phase ending so you can move on into the future to complete the next stage of your life’s journey.

A dream of the number nine reminds you to connect with the wild and dynamic side of your nature. It is a time to understand and appreciate who you truly are. Remember to reward yourself for achieving the small steps of success along the way.

Double Digits

10 – Ten

When you dream of number 10, you are dreaming of number one and zero combined. This can be a warning that you need to prepare for coming chaos. You need to prepare. Do the best you can to live your life with integrity in accordance with the rules of society. Do this with an open heart and the universe will reward you.

Dreaming of seeing the number 10 repeatedly is a message that you will attain a state of perfection in some way in your waking life. This may be in a romantic relationship or a project you have worked hard on. The number 10 suggests your heart’s desires will soon be fulfilled. You may soon discover you have leadership skills when others turn to you for advice and guidance during some sort of crisis. This is the type of dream reminds that with persistence success comes eventually.


11 – Eleven

A dream of number 11 has many meanings. Eleven is a master number because it doubles up on the same number. So, in number 1 the benefits, and negatives, have their strength doubled. Number 1 is powerful in a dream. It can represent that there is someone or something watching over you who grants what you when you need it. Do you feel that luck is on your side? Are there a lot of coincidences in your life? Dreaming of number 11 is a message that luck is on your side and everything will work out the right way.

Dreaming of 11:11 can refer to the way others always automatically support you whenever you are in need. You just have to remember to ask. It also reminds you to have the power, knowledge, and ability to solve and achieve anything you want in life. You just have to take action. Believe in yourself.

12 – Twelve

A dream featuring the number 12 can represent the constant turmoil and obstacles in your life. Is your life always full of drama? No matter what you do or how you try to solve it, this person or situation just keeps coming back? The number 12 can represent things repeating themselves. This can be negative or positive.


13 – Thirteen

The number 13 in a dream is about the cycle of things – birth and death, beginnings and endings, and changes that transition you from one phase to another throughout life. It is a reminder that no matter what challenges you face you find a way to overcome them using hard work and perseverance. Many people consider the number 13 as bad luck. Do you?

A dream of the number 13 can mean you will soon face the chaos in some part of your life. You will soon fully face the problems or things that worry you. The sooner you do, the sooner you can move your life forward. There is nothing to fear.


14 – Fourteen

Dreaming of the number 14 is a sign you will soon need to confront something that unbalances you. It is a sign that you never give up in the face of failure. You have the ability to find something positive in every negative situation or person that crosses your path.

Negatively, the number 14 can mean there is something you feel is beyond your reach. Is there something you desire that you feel you will never attain no matter what you do or how hard you try? A dream featuring the number 14 can also mean you may soon need to quickly adapt to unstable circumstances. It can also be a warning of recent overindulgence. Have you recently been giving in to all your wants and desires? This dream can warn you need to be more focused on achieving your dreams. You may need to be more disciplined.


15 – Fifteen

A dream featuring the number 15 is a message that your problems will soon disappear. There is a change coming and soon the hard times will be behind you. Negatively, number 15 can symbolize things you are trying to ignore. Has someone embarrassed you? Have you done something that has caused you a loss of status in some way? Maybe you are too arrogant or selfish and people have had enough of your attitude. You may need to take time out to take a look at the way you are behaving. Have you been snubbing the people closest to you?

Dreaming of number 15 can mean it is time to face your karma if you have a habit of being vain and arrogant. Or, there is someone close who is so jealous they want to see you fail. You may need to confront them for them to reveal their true self. This will not be easy for it will be someone close. This is a trust betrayed. Someone you trusted is out to destroy you any way they can I a warning not to trust too easily.


16 – Sixteen

The number 16 in a dream symbolizes vulnerability and naivete. It can also mean you will soon have to face some sort of negativity. There may be a big problem in your waking life. It may be that someone has been working to disempower you in some way and you confront them about their ways. Or, you could finally get rid of old habits that affect you negatively. You will finally feel empowered now that you have faced those who try to steal your personal power from you.

Dreaming of the number 16 can also mean the coming of age for something in your life. This can be symbolic of the old saying ‘sweet sixteen’.


17 – Seventeen

Dreaming of the number 17 represents confronting the purification of the negativity in your life. Your life will give you no choice over this. You may be forced into thinking and seeing things differently. Someone or something will force you to think in new ways.

The number 17 can also warn you are neglecting the tough situations in your life. You need to do more to face your problems and stand up to the fear they cause. This is a time where you need to face your deepest fears. The number 17 is a strong warning you need to be proactive. Face the negativity around you head on or you may face failure. Is this what you want? There may be some karmic debt you need to repay to the universe. Repay it and move on.


18 – Eighteen

A dream featuring the number 18 suggests you have some kind of inner battle between what you want in the material world and your spirituality. It can also represent that there is treachery and deception around you. Do you know who or what this could be? It can also symbolize reaching the age of adulthood and the responsibilities that come with turning 18. Are you ready for what this means?

The number 18 can also represent the freedom you need to make the choices you need to achieve success. This can be a sign that you will find freedom of choice very soon. You can soon move on without any restrictions.


19 – Nineteen

Dreaming of the number 19 is a sign you have overcome many difficult situations in your waking life. This can be a sign you will need to stand up for yourself again. On the other hand, you may need to get over your stubbornness and ask someone for help. Do you have trouble asking or accepting help from others?

Seeing the number 19 can also mean you will have to take part in a confrontation to bring a situation to an end. Or, there will be an end to a situation or a relationship, which may disappoint you. You may be forced into changing in some way. This dream is a message to let you know this will be for your good. It could be the end of an era and time to move forward into your future.


20 – Twenty

Dreaming of the number 20 is a sign you need help and support in your waking life. Are you feeling isolated from the rest of the world? Do you feel withdrawn from friends and family? You may need to ask for help. It can mean you are having an inner conflict of some sort. Do you feel disempowered? Maybe you are seeking freedom to express yourself in the face of some sort of negativity. Are you trying to take your personal power back? Are you confused at what path you should take to move forward?

A dream of 20:20 can refer to your eyesight and how well you see. This type of dream can mean you will soon see something or someone more clearly and with a greater depth of understanding.

21 – Twenty-one

When you dream of the number 21 it can represent you coming into full adulthood. This may be a turning point in your life. You now have to take full responsibility for being a grown up. Are you fully prepared to take on this responsibility? It can also mean you are a bit of a gambler. Do you like play 21?

The number 21 can also represent an argument about something. You may have trouble standing up for yourself. Never fear to be your true self.

22 – Twenty-two

Dreaming of the number 22 can mean you have complete control over something in your waking life. It is a part of your life when there is no competition in what you want to achieve. Or, those who would stand as an enemy against you fold easily in opposition to your expertise. Do you think something is happening too easily?

The number 22 can also mean you need to focus more on your goals if you want to achieve success. You have the knowledge and ability to be successful at anything you want to do. Get out there. Take action if you really want success.

23 – Twenty-three

A dream of the number 23 can mean you go out of your way to please others. If you do this too much, you can lose yourself. It can also mean you are a dreamer with many unrealistic goals and dreams. Are you being too idealistic? Are your goals beyond your reach? What do you need to do to reach them successfully?

Number 23 can also bring total chaos to your life. Are there too many things happening quickly in your waking life? Are you at creative odds with others? Do you have a problem with being original in your creativity? It may be a time to chill out a bit. Get back to nature to rebalance.

24 – Twenty-four

When you dream of the number 24 there are rewards, success, and happiness about to enter your life. It can also represent how you interact with people in positions of authority and power. Maybe you are being too egotistical about your business and romantic conquests. Are you humble in success? Or, do you gloat and let everyone know every detail. The number 24 can also symbolize a timeline like 24 hours.

The number 24 can indicate there is some type of conflict that prevents balance in your life. You may be struggling to deal with bad habits or negative situations. Do you not want to change things to make your life better? Do you find the same type of problem keeps occurring in your life? Once you think you have finally dealt with it, it comes up again when you least expect. This can mean you are still not learning that lesson. Remember the saying, “If you always do what you always did, then you always get what you always got”. This could be relevant to you here.

25 – Twenty-five

Seeing the number 25 in a dream is a message telling you it is the right time to move on from something that causes you trouble. Move on. Spend no more time worrying about these things or a person who has become toxic.

Number 25 can also represent struggling against changing your perception about the way you see and live in the world. Have you become set in your ways? Do you value routine above everything? This is a reminder you can make change work for you. Chill out a bit and go with the flow to let things come to you. Have you been surprised by a major life change? Is this why you are feeling this way?

26 – Twenty-six

Dreaming of number 26 is another sign of struggling to deal with the negativity in your life. Maybe you are trying to do the right thing in a situation or to help someone. Or, you may be trying to give up bad habits, and clear your life of negative people and situations. Are you continually fighting against your own bad intentions that conflict with doing the right thing? It can be hard to say no to an old habit that is no longer a friend.

39 – Thirty-nine

Seeing the number 39 in a dream can represent being thoughtful and understanding of those around you, and the situations they find themselves in. The number 39 can warn that things could end very badly no matter what you do to try to help.

Number 39 can also mean that you just want something to end. You do not care how it ends. You just want it to go away. You would rather lose everything than for this situation to continue. Is something or someone making you feel this way?

40 – Forty

A dream featuring number 40 is a sign that you have time on your side. This is a time where you cleanse the old and the negative from your life. You are preparing for growth and new opportunities coming into your future. You may even be trying to balance your stability in a new way. Maybe you have changed home or lifestyle. Maybe you left a secure job to start your own business. Whatever it is, there is something new that will bring your success when you persevere.

Dreaming of number 40 can mean that a problem stressing you out will soon go away. You may now feel safe and secure from something that stole your peace of mind for some time. Negatively, number 40 can mean that something will soon come to an end in a way that those around you may not like or approve. You may be reclaiming your independence. This may make some people unhappy.

44 – Forty-four

Dreaming of number 44 is about balance and harmony in unity, and in relationships and marriage. This can be about a harmonious situation that may be ending or you are trying to adjust to having the challenges you continually need to face simply just go away. It can also mean you may be trying to adjust to a new relationship in your life.

50 – Fifty

A dream featuring the number 50 can mean there are changes around you causing stress. Are you being forced to change something in your life? Is there something or someone you are trying to ignore? Or, something or someone you wish would just go away? If you have no choice, get over it and move on with your life. You need to learn to adjust to change. Learn to make change work for you. You have the choice.

Dreaming of the number 50 can also relate to getting your fair share of something. Is someone trying to do you out of something you have a right to? You may have to stand up or your rights.

60 – Sixty

To dream of the number 60 is all about time. Are you running out of time? Is there not enough time in a day to achieve all you need to do? It can also represent arrogance and conflicts of the type never experienced before. Are you involved with something that has the potential to be dangerous to you in some way? Is someone pushing you to do something you do not want to so?

The number 60 can also warn there is someone close to you who may be hiding behind a veil of illusions. They may be lying to you about something or just pretending to be your friend for their own gain. Are there any toxic relationships in your life? What about people who seem to be too good to be true? Be wary. It may be wise to keep close counsel for a while. You may have to confront this sometime in the near future.

A dream featuring the number 60 can mean there is someone you want to pay back for the way they have treated you. You may even think that you have more integrity than someone and want to prove it in some way. Have you been behaving arrogantly lately? Do you think you are better or know more than others around you? Have you been lying and cheating to get what you want? This is a time where you may need to take a long, hard look at your own behavior for you may be driving people away. Have you been humiliated by someone or humiliated yourself? Dreaming of number 60 can warn if you continue on this path you will bring failure and destruction into you and your family’s lives.


Dreaming of fractions can mean you need to work through your problems piece by piece. Maybe you have things only half done or you can only see a fraction of the solution. You need to put these pieces together with the rest of your dream to get a deeper understanding of the message this dream brings.


00 (less than 0)

To dream of the numerals 00 can mean you have finally accepted something or someone at face value. Has there been a situation or someone in your waking life you have been suspicious of and now you see with a new perspective? Is everything you do turning into a challenge? There may be changes around you that you have no control over. You may need to consider changing direction in some way. Take time out to see your life with greater clarity.


Dreaming of -1 is a sign there is no end and no beginning. This can mean you do not face your problems in your waking life. It can be you are too lazy to start anything for yourself. You may even feel annoyed that no one is helping you. Do you feel powerless to start something on your own? Do you bother standing up for yourself when you need to? Do you expect others to go out of their way to meet your needs? This is a message to warn it is time to get off your butt. You need to start doing things for yourself or you will walk through life as a failure.


When you dream of -2 it is a sign you have no problems, arguments, or conflicts in your waking life. There is nothing and no one to stop you from achieving anything you want in life. How does this make you feel? Do you feel that others do not rate your achievements very high because you find them too easy to achieve?


A dream of -3 is neutral. It is a message your world is safe and predictable. Nothing is out of place and there is no creative input into your daily life. Everything is gray. This could warn you are too predictable and boring. Do people always know what you are going to say and do? It is a time to shake your world up.


When you dream of -4 it warns your waking life is without balance or stability. Are you feeling alone and insecure? Do you feel vulnerable and unprotected? No matter how you wish and want stability and balance in your life, you have to take action to achieve it. You need to take time out to balance your life.


Dreaming of -5 can indicate that everything in your waking life is at a standstill. Everything may appear to be perfect in your life from the outside, but you are not happy looking in. Do you wonder why you feel this why when everything in your life is going alright? Do you long for change that never appears? What do you do to make things happen? Sitting back waiting for things to happen to you is just not going to occur. You have to take action to show the universe and the world what you truly want to achieve.


When you dream of -6 it is a message that everything in your life is neutral. There is nothing challenging, mean, nasty, or evil stressing you out. Are you expecting someone to be mean to you or for life to throw another obstacle in your way? Are you waiting for someone to lie or cheat you? It is not going to happening. Well, not at the moment anyway. Stop worrying. Enjoy your life.


A dream of -7 can mean there is no return from your failures, disappointment, or humiliation. Have you lost your integrity? Are you too afraid to face the world after something negative you did or problems you caused has become common knowledge? Have you realized you are not perfect after all? You may need to ride this out. Get on with your life and prove who you truly are.


Dreaming of -8 can mean you feel there is no end to something. Is there someone or something in your waking life you think will just never end or go away? Are there toxic people in your life? Do you keep doing the same things over and over again without ever really knowing why? This may be a time to take a closer look at your life and what you truly want from your future.


A dream of -9 can mean you cannot see an end in sight about something or a problem. You may not even try to end it or find a solution. Is there something you want to end that you do not quite know what to do about? Take time out and rebalance. Meditate to find the answer. Remember, you need time out for rest and relaxation It helps you rejuvenate.

Triple Digits

Dreaming of triple digits is a sign you need to listen. There are likely big changes coming. These may be negative and cause much upheaval and trauma to your waking life. But, if there are good things also going on in your life, then everything is in balance. You may need to face the old fears and doubts to help remind you of how to deal with a current tough situation in your waking life.

Triple digits can also represent old fears, habits, and disputes rising to the surface. Are you currently feeling self-doubt in your waking life? This is a sign you need to leave all fear behind to stand in your truth.

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