Nuclear Bomb Dream Symbol


Nuclear Bomb – A nuclear bomb is a disturbing dream symbol, indicating massive destruction and death. A dream about a nuclear bomb is often a sign of some major emotion that is taking over your consciousness, preventing you from being able to focus on anything else. This emotion is often negative and extremely volatile, such as anger or rage.

The dream symbol of a nuclear bomb also indicates that this emotion is extremely destructive, and if left unchecked it is likely to cause major problems with your relationships. Take this dream as a warning that you need to work on your emotional regulation and learn some positive ways of releasing your emotions, before the metaphorical nuclear bomb begins to take shape in your waking life as well.

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  1. A tasty cronch on

    I was going about my normal activities when the power and water half-went out. A PSA came on TV and phones to say that a bomb would impact a town very near me in two minutes. I tried to gather a few things to leave, and tried to figure out the path of the bomb so I wouldn’t ‘escape’ right into its target, but I couldn’t do those things because my electronics kept freezing up. The PSA voice advising me to keep calm was so gentle and I hated it. Frustration and helplessness swamped me when I realized I had no idea if I should keep trying to escape (on foot or by bicycle, if necessary) or just let it happen.

  2. My dream started with a bang, a nucular war head had gone off out in the distant sea. The earth, shot from the ground making great pointy structures coming from where the bomb had gone off. I could see the shock wave coming ever closer building speed as it drew closer to the high cliff perch I was on with numerous other people by my side. The shock wave shot straight over our heads leaving a weird fog behind. After the initial impact had subsided the air was filled with a a red/orange mist, quite beautify compared to the event that just happened. I had the feeling of love, the feeling that everything was ok and that things were going to be sorted out. But I remember, there were two more explosions, nucular both happening not to far apart. The same thing happened, earth and water shot out but this time a wave was coming, not to big that it was going to harm me but enough to feel concerned about it for a little bit. Again the sky was filled with the beauty of red/orange mist. My dream had finally faded away.

    As I woke up this morning, sittting in bed, the dream came to me. I remember every little detail… it makes me feel sort of good. Later today the dream had came back to my head. I was worried for why I had dreamed of such a horrible disaster!

    Thinking back, I have a strong believe for why this dream occurred. I am at a place in my life where it has been overwhelmed with the feeling of love for someone I really care about. Every single day I think about her. I can’t get her out of my head. I haven’t yet spoke to her. But feel like if I were to say anything to her she would not like me and I would loose all hope of being with her. The feeling of have to risk everything to save everything comes into play with my dream I had about the nucular bombs. Also the fact that this very special person is having a massive impact on my day to day life. Very similar to when the explosion of a nucular bomb has a massive impact on many things.

    I do not relate my dream bad things but only good. The red/orange mist that quickly came after the bomb symbolises the fact the the person I am in love with will make a massive positive impact on my life. I can’t wait for what life has for me in the future, but after this experience I feel that it will be filled with a positive outlook on life.

  3. Carrington Lemau on

    I had a dream that a fighter jet had lost control and crashed into the suburbs filled with homes destroying them one after another, then a second aircraft I spot in the sky dropping a nuclear bomb. We some how drove off unaffected.

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