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Notes – Dreaming about writing notes is an interesting dream symbol that signifies more about the act of communication or writing itself than about the particular words you are writing. This is because the language center of our brain is turned off during REM sleep. If you try to write something, you will have a hard time forming the words, the marks you make on the paper will probably not look like any language you know, and the meaning of your notes will change fluidly as you write them and as you read over them.

This is perfectly normal and is a result of brain function, not a sign about communication. However, if you are writing a note to someone or are trying to get a story out that has been in your mind, this has a personal significance that only you can identify. Some people find that the perfect first lines to stories come to them in their dreams, but again, do not feel frustrated if the words quickly fade away. They faded away because of your language center being turned off during REM sleep.

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