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Northern Lights – The Northern Lights are the beautiful display of lights visible in the sky in the far North, caused by solar flares and solar plasma hitting our atmosphere. The technical term for this is the Aurora Borealis (which translates as the Dawn of the North Wind), and close to the South Pole the same phenomena is called the Aurora Australis, or the Southern Lights.

As a dream symbol, the Northern Lights are a sign of guidance and beauty in adversity. They are also a mystical symbol with deep spiritual significance. If you dream of looking at the Northern Lights, this is a sign of spiritual awareness or awakening.

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  1. Wow. Yesterday night I also saw 41 shooting stars in real life! Then in nighttime, just a few hrs later I also like you, dreamed an Aurora Borealis. And also just like you was eager to capture them on my phone and I did. But in dream others were also all around annoyingly trying to capture the best shots of it and I felt stressed out thinking they had the best shots and were always on better positions of getting a better shot due to were they were standing. Even before reading your comment, I had a hunch this Aurora Borealis had to do with seeing the shooting stars. I think it is like a cool side effect of enlightenment. After seeing all them shooting stars I felt giddy, and laughing at any reason and so were some others around who were also stargazing around me. =)

  2. I dreamt of some green northen lights and in the next moment the sky turned dark and clouds covered the sky. The northen lights were no longer to be seen. anyone have any idea what it might mean? thx.

  3. Years ago, I had vivid, elaborate dreams. Then they stopped, until recently. I’ve had a few, but this one seemed more like an experience than a dream. I was taken there by a masculine being. We ‘landed’ in a dark field. I asked where we were and he said “Alaska”. Then the sky lit up with swirling green, blue and some purple lights. I gasped at the beauty. He said, “Aurora Borealis”. When I awoke, I felt like I’d been there.

    That was weeks ago, but it’s stayed with me so strongly. I’m in a spiritual awakening. There are other signs of that, but this confirms it. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Lucy Rose Murphy on

    In my dream I was at the bottoms of a load of green towering mountains, with no one else around. Suddenly a light silver white fog descended until the tops of the mountains couldn’t be seen anymore. A huge gust of wind created a spiral storm around me and as I crouched down in a sort of panick, these beautiful, vibrant northern lights appeared in the storm all around me. Birds appeared in the gush of the storm as well. All of a sudden the winds slowed and the fog cleared and I was once again standing in the peaceful mountains. Was totally breathtaking and surreal.

  5. I recently had a dream that I was outside of my home trying to get in and heard a owl hooting I felt afraid AND quickly entered the home, then I went to the back yard where my friends waited for me . There was a little hill I remember laying my yellow blanket down and looking up to the night sky there was a full moon and then these lights appeared sorta like the northern lights and there was facing appearing in it. The colors were super vibrant and in my head I felt I was with spirit it was like a high so pretty too!

    • A week ago….I saw lots of shooting stars ….dropping and shinning ….and then …vividly I remember I saw purple clouds and then I removed my phone to get the picture but in my phone it was showing normal white clouds ….. however I called people to tell them I saw beautiful purple clouds…they stood by me…and they were watching however they were unable to see….can anyone elaborate my dream please

  6. I am very sick. Very. I am praying and praying that God will take me away in my dreams for Christmas to see the aurora borealis/northern lights and I will receive a gift of healing.

  7. I am a spiritual person who tries to live his life conected to his true self. These passed days I was a bit down, demotivated, stuck and facing stressful uncertainties. Reading this touched me and guide me in these crossroads I have to take. I am filled with hope and love!

  8. I dreamed of being in a beach (don’t know which one) and seeing the northern lights. I was with my dad, brother, and one of my cousins. I tried showing them but they didn’t see it and thought I was crazy. Then I needed to go to the bathroom and all bathrooms were out of order and very disgustingly dirty. After that, cops started to look for me and shot me multiple times while I was running, but didn’t die. I don’t know if I managed to get away, or what happened to my family.

  9. I see the northern lights in my dreams every few months for the past several years and in many different “locations” of my dreams. When I stop to look up at the sky in these dreams it’s brilliant and surreal. I always feel worried when I see them since I live to far south to ever see them in real life. In the dream It’s always making me wondering what is happening to the earth.

  10. My dream was very unusual but pleasant.
    A some how comforting mix between fear and inner peace , I was in outter space on the back of some sort of space craft and although the I was aware of others around me on the space craft I felt completely alone.
    The back of the space craft opened up and there before me was a beautiful hue of green then purple and it became clear to me it was the northern lights , I just stood in astonishment of how beautiful and captivating it was , I was then encouraged and told to jump into space of the space craft.
    I was petrified could almost feel by heart beating for real but I closed my eyes and jumped and as I felt I was falling it appears I wasn’t I was floating around in this beautiful aura of lights with re occurring emotions of fear and comfort … Such a beautiful dream

  11. i just had a dream of them but they were different…. like the same beauty and colours but intsead just straight down colours it was in dancing shapes of animals…. kinda like brother bear…and the lady next to me said she did this fro me so i can relax before my big journey…………………..i wonder is the meaning different for my dream?

  12. Tristan pluff on

    I had a dream about the northern light and it was so realistic. And they were beautiful so amazing

  13. I’ve had a dream about the northern lights….it was so weird because this is the first time I am having a dream about it…most of my dreams are never clear but this was really clear…I felt like I was there and I felt like I was levitating

    • Abu ashique on

      Same as here

      But There is a differents that is iam running with a mobile camera to capture norther lights for putting story in insta

  14. Yesterday I had a beautiful dream, I was on a mountain with my wife and my father I think; from there I could see clearly an amazing, precious Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, it was moving with green and violet colors. I was surprise and very glad of see that magnificent show. After that I also saw a Twister that was coming near to me, at the first I was scare but later I wanted to face it, there finish my dream. Thank you and sorry for my english.

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