North Star Dream Symbol


North Star – The North Star is a dream symbol of guidance and direction. Most people do not actually know how to find the North Star in the sky and how to navigate by it, but as a dream symbol it provides a compass bearing for you to know what direction you need to take.

This probably translates in your dream to guidance for your future path, especially how to go about achieving your goals and ambitions, or what goals would be the best for you to strive for. In your dream, it is almost always beneficial to follow the North Star to see where it guides you, because the things it reveals may have even further meaning about your path in life.

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  1. In my dream the stars were spinning around the northern star and this is something you can’t really see unless in a timelapse video. So I called my friends to take a look and when they came out the stars were not spinning anymore (which was of course a bit embarrassing); the Big Dipper was well visible and stable. Then a green jumpy lizard popped out from somewhere …
    The dream was very strong, so it made me wonder. Don’t know how to interpret it and it’s not directly related to the explanation here. Anyone has any idea about it?

  2. I had a dream that I saw the north star on the south side on sky, shinning brightly .
    What does it mean??
    Plz reply

  3. Rebbecca Johnson on

    Thank you for this translation. I had a dream that I was searching for the north star and just couldn’t find it. I knew it had to do with a spiritual longing or need and wanted some confirmation. My children have grown to an age where they don’t need me as much and I’ve been searching for my new purpose and am feeling a little hollow. Is there anything you can add to my dream meaning for not finding the north star?

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