Nipples Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Nipples Dream Symbol – Dreaming about nipples is a sign of sexual desire, especially maternal desire. Nipples are a complicated symbol, in dreams as in waking life, because they are sexual and because they also nourish babies. Dreaming about your own nipples can be a sign that you are feeling the desire to become a parent.

Obviously, both men and women have nipples, but as a dream symbol nipples are specifically feminine. The dream symbol of nipples is, therefore, a sign of female power and sexuality, and the mystical gift of creating new life. Dreaming about nipples can also be a sign that you need to embrace your own sexuality or find sexual release.

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  1. Bryanah Hughes on

    I had a dream that this guy I like had a baby and he was complaining to me about his nipples because they were sore from trying to breastfeed and he wasn’t comfortable pumping.

  2. Dreamer1981 on

    I dreamt i hade multiple nipples like growths, i wAs embarrassed in the dream like it was shameful, and i was confused like, what are these?!

    I don’t have kids, don’t want any.

    • The first nightmare I had when I was around 4 or 5 years old, my chest and arms were riddled with nipples. It still scares me to think about it now.

      • One of my nipple is pierced. In my dream, that nipple was ripped off from my body. I got startled and woke up right after…

    • I had a dream when a stranger was eating my nipples as if he was chewing a gum and swallowing it, and I was paralyzed on my bed and screaming from pain. I was actually screaming in reality. Soooo wierd and embarrassing

  3. Denica Mcgee on

    I dreamt about my right nipple getting peirced and i felt it i kept loosing the ball and to keep shoving bar bells in it it hurt i just woke up and im kind of confused

  4. I am a woman who dreampt I had my own full breasts which is reality and right under them on my chest was a set of male nipples. My chest was growing a mans chest up and through my womans body undetectable to anyone looking at me. I showed my mother who wasnt surprised and was wo dering what I felt about it. I was curious and wanted to lnow why. I was not upset about it just very fascinated by it and almost pleased with it. I am a brown woman and the chest was a white males.

  5. A few years ago I had a bilateral Mastectomy with breast reconstruction to treat my cancer. Often times the nipples are removed, as in my case, so now I kinda look like Barbie (but without the tiny waist LOL) There are many symbolic meanings of the nipple, and I want to add my insight. Nipples represent nourishment, feeding, providing, and caring for another. Its a very unselfish, loving act which I experienced having my four children. Post cancer surgery I realized that IF I was to get pregnant again(which I could) I wouldn’t be able to feed my baby, which is crazy when you think about it. Literally I cannot feed or nourish another and SYMBOLICALLY I cannot either, because at this point in my life it is time to nourish myself. As many do, I fed and nourished others first: the house, spouse, pets, job, church, community, school and anything that needed my attention got it. I gave to others instead of giving to myself and ultimately found myself empty, depressed and lost. Now I see how important it is to feed and care for myself, love myself and give to myself

  6. I dreamt about having a breast at my back i didnt tell to my mother because its not unusual there is outward facing nipple at my back….i just tell to my sister and we cant understand what the meaning of this.

  7. I dreamt that i noticed three lumps under mybreasts than all if a sudden my nipples cracked open and scarabs came out

  8. I dreamt that I had to breastfeed some random baby and then my nipple fell off. Like a huge nipple tho, the size of a golf ball and with so much detail… anyways, so I freaked out and showed my mom and she responds with “what else is new” like it was a totally normal part of breastfeeding. Sure enough, I looked down and a brand new shiny pink nipple had sprouted from my left breast. So I went to go breastfeed again but instead of babies there were only full grown children. What. The. Heck.

    • I basically had this exact dream. Except for the actual breastfeeding, my baby is 4 months premature. She’s my first child so pumping is my only context for this process. In my dream My left nipple was huge and blistered off with a shiny new one underneath.

  9. I dreamt a nipple and full areola grew on the back of my right hand at the base of thumb and first finger. I remember nothing other than noticing first the nipple the areola…it was flat like a man’s nipple.

  10. I dreamt i had to hold a knif, and I put it in my right side braw, as I had to use my hands. I jumped over something, took the knife out, and could see that my right nipple had been cut clean off, but blood no nothing..
    I picked the nipple out of my shirt, scared, and went to show it to my mother and ask for her advice.
    She told me I needen worry, as it would just grow back. She had not done this before, but my dad had atleast 3 times lost a nipple and it just grow back. She told me to have patience.
    Her answer didn’t quite get me to relax, but I accepted that I could do nothing but wait, and continued on..

    Waking up I feel a bit of tension in my right brest, and I am very.. aware of my nipple.
    Could anyone help me out here ?
    What does my dream symbolize ?
    I am a little nervouse if maybe my body is telling me to go to the doctor and get checked out..

  11. My nipples are pierced. I had a dream that my nipples were decaying and they were so brittle and wasted away that I just had to pull the piercing out through the skin. In my right one, one of the balls was left inside of my nipple. So, I had to squeeze it and pop the ball out. This isn’t my first dream about a body part decaying; the other two were my nose and teeth.

  12. Paul STABLISH on

    I dreamt last night that I had grown three extra nipples, but my own ones started sprouting shoots like old onions that had been sat in the kitchen for too long. I remember going round to everyone in my dream and showing them.

  13. I had a dream my nipples of boobs were stinging with pain and sore to the point where I couldn’t even sleep on them. I kept flipping to my back. I’m scared and don’t know what it might mean

  14. Had a dream that my Nipples were long and they were bleeding. Weirdest dream ever. The first time I tried to wake up I checked my breast and apparently I was still dreaming because I can see blood still coming out my nipple the second time I actually woke up feeling relief that it was just a dream!

  15. I had a dream that my nipples were long.I didnt like having them like that, so i kept trying to take them off. At the end of the dream i did end up taking them off but they went back to their regular size.

    • I didn’t dream of extra nipples or breastfeeding. I did dream about my own nipples but they were HUGE. They were basically as big as my breasts themselves. And in real life, my nipples are bigger than the average. It’s always been something that I have been self conscious about. So I thought the dream may have been an image issue but I’m still unsure. I have been feeling like I’m overwhelmed with school and work. I’m starting to think it was trying to tell me that I need to care for myself and give myself more nourishment. That’s what I did today and normally I would be freaking out because I have a lot of homework due over the weekend but I think this was my brain’s way of telling me to chill out and take care of myself. I would like to have kids someday but it’s not in my to do list for years yet so I knew wanting to have kids wasn’t the case.

      Anyway, that’s how I interpreted it but I still could be wrong. All I can say is that it felt good to give myself the day to relax instead of hurrying and fretting over schoolwork. I do find it fascinating that others saw multiple nipples and breastfeeding but was surprised that I was the only one dreaming of unnaturally large nipples!

  16. Olivia Grace on

    I had a weird dream I had to give this random guy a back massage. I didn’t realize until much later that his back was actually covered in extra nipples and I just had to pretend it was normal and keep massaging his back. Maybe this is just an extremely random dream and it means nothing.

  17. one of my common dreams is having extra breasts or several nipples! since I have this dream once in a while it made me so curious that what would it mean?! but couldn’t get any results by now 🙁

  18. Last night, I dreamt that I was about to become a parent. So my boss(in real life) was helping me to create my new nipples????? Weird right!!!? For some reason whenever you had a baby and breast fed it you had to have new nipples because the old nipples weren’t clear or clean and the baby could choke if something besides milk came through the nipples. So so weird. So my boss drew the place for my new nipples and I was to just let the baby feed there until it looked like a nipple.
    So I would have had four nipples. Also there were other women in my dream who were lactating through their shirts.
    My understanding is definitely as mentioned in this article. I’m 27 and have had an intense desire to become a mother since I miscarried a month ago.
    It’s all i think about. I haven’t had sex since that time because I’m too busy so I’m sexually frautrated.

  19. Chantelle Nisbet on

    Hi there.

    I have very sensitive nipples. I always remember this dream I had when I was teenager where a man was sitting on top of me while I was laying down and he was trying to pop my boob/nipple like a pimple, but very angrily about it, it’s haunted me forever!

    Then again last night I had a dream that it was almost like a ritual where everyone had to bite their nipples off. I was so scared of this but I did it anyway, I don’t recall feeling any pain at the time. The only time I did feel pain was when people kept trying to make me bite it off again, and then looking in the mirror and seeing how different my nipples looked, however there was no blood, but I just couldn’t bare to look down.

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