Newspaper Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Newspaper Dream Symbol – Dreaming about a newspaper in generally the same thing as dreaming about a book except the newspaper is filled with current events. Typically, people do not read in their dreams, because the part of the brain responsible for reading is completely separated from the part of the brain that is responsible for dreaming.

Because of this, the feeling that you receive about the newspaper is the most important part of the dream. If you dream about having a terrible feeling when you see the newspaper, it probably means that something bad will happen tomorrow. Typically newspapers are representative of the next day and very quick and temporary problems.

Additional Newspaper Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of a newspaper can indicate there is gossip around you. It is a warning you need to watch your back. Buying the latest newspaper can mean you may find someone will sue you for some reason. This will be a difficult time that will seriously affect your financial situation. Being handed a newspaper can mean others may lose all trust and faith in you. They may deceive and betray you for they may deem that is what you deserve. This will turn into a very difficult situation.

Seeing your boss with a newspaper is a sign you will soon be rightly criticized in your waking reality. What have you been up to at work or in your business? This is a sign your reputation will take a negative hit and it will be difficult to regain your former integrity.

Dreaming of a politician with a newspaper warns you have made promises you have not kept. This may cause much speculation and gossip behind your back. Looking for a newspaper you cannot find can indicate you may be accused of stealing others’ work and ideas, or someone steals yours. Selling newspapers reminds that you may need the persistence to remove negative people from your life. Set clear boundaries. Do not let anyone cross them you do not fully trust. Burning newspapers can mean there is someone new romantically in your life that is causing you negative emotions. You may need to assess this situation for it does not bode well for the future.

Flipping the pages of a newspaper as your read signifies you may meet someone, while out and about socially, has a long-lasting effect on your life. Wrapping something in the newspaper is a sign your partner has betrayed you. This will soon become the talk of the town. Those who do not like you will find this satisfying. This will be an embarrassing situation. Removing a newspaper from the letterbox is a positive message with news of relatives who live far away. You may soon catch up for a visit.

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  1. I dreamed giving or handing out newspapers to people. As i was handing them out my favorite newspaper stood out (Business Day).

    I was in a happy mood excited to be giving out the newspapers.

    Please assist interpreting

    Thank You

  2. samy mouawad on

    my wife and believe in dreams ,so she was dreaming lately about a buying a newspaper from shop they told her in shop u may not find bcz they bring little quantities but when she entered inside shop a man found for her the last one and gave it to her .thank you

  3. Hey I’ve dreamed about my crush sitting beside me and we we’re both cutting newspapers for an artwork (paparmache) I’m working on. What does this mean??

    • setting up things to your own desires and needs. trying to take what God has said to suit yourselves. God formed man from the dust of the earth. you are trying to form your own version of a man.(running your own life)

  4. What does it mean to dream of going to the store for a friend you have in real life and when u check out at the store the cashier hands you a advertisement paper and as I walk out I realized I forgot the newspaper and also realized that I only had socks on. When I went back to my friends house I gave him the ad paper and told him I forgot his newspaper and that I would go back later to get it

  5. Grumpy faced fasety numpty was reading a numpty, whilst I was talking to someone thru my back window, which was incongruously covered with my bright pink bath towels.

    my grisly grumpy neighbour kept looking at me from behind his newspaper he was reading or pretending to read, – he looked like a numbskull numpty mi5 spy.

    Why he was in my flat, observing me – I’ve no idea. He shouldn’t have been there – nosey cunt.

  6. What does it mean if you dream you are delivering newspapers. Each paper has a name and address stamped on it in light blue. I delivered a group of papers to one location that seemed like a UPS or warehouse. Then I had to deliver some individual papers.

    • it means you do things by the book. You’re basically a god person, with a higher than average empathy quotient.

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