New Year’s Dream Meaning and Interpretations


New Year Dream Symbol – Dreams of New Year’s Day is about hope for the future, prosperity, and abundance. This type of dream can give you a glimpse of the future. Usually what you see in this type of dream is what will come true in your waking life. It is a dream of hope and anticipation of the future

Having fun, celebrating the new year is a positive sign for the future. Being surrounded by people at a party indicates there are new possibilities about to come your way. There is huge potential to put your plans for the future into action with success. Kissing someone in a new year dream is a sign that true love will cross your path soon.

Receiving a gift means that things will turnaround for the best in the future. You are grateful. Giving something away is a warning you need to address the things that are no longer good in your life. It is time to clear out the negatives that affect you.

Dreaming of being alone at new year is a push to remind you that you need to make the effort to be more social. It would be beneficial to spend more time with others. They have a lot to offer.

New year is about new beginnings and it is your subconscious prompting you to take action. There are positive changes coming. Do not resist change for you will stunt your growth. Embrace change for it is about moving closer to achieving success. Make change work for you. Do not procrastinate for you may miss important opportunities.

Dreaming of looking forward to New Year’s Eve is a good sign. It can mean there are new beginnings and exciting times ahead. Seeing the clock strike 12 indicates there will be new relationships that make you happy. Seeing yourself at a party is all about enjoying the life you have created. Hosting the party indicates you have no trouble taking the initiative to make positive changes.

Dreaming of going to a New Year’s Eve party can mean you feel ignored in your waking life. You feel neglected. You may try to get others’ attention or meet someone who pays you attention. This type of dream could indicate this is the end of a phase in your life. This could be the end of a relationship, business dealing or job, or you may part ways with your lover. It is a time where you will move on and leave the old behind.

This is something you are ready to do. If the party is at your house, this is a sign your home will be filled with abundance. You will have all that you need. A party at a friend’s house can warn you to not neglect those that matter to you. For they will eventually abandon you.

When you dream you miss a New Year’s Eve party, this indicates you are overindulging yourself in some part of your life. You may feel pressured by your everyday responsibilities. It is a time to take a break from your daily routine. It can also mean you have a fear of failure. Do you doubt yourself? It is time to face any fears.

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  1. I have dreamt that i have been waiting for the one i love To wish le happy new year. But he did not wish me. And on the other hand i sas trying To wish Jim but in my dream there was some obstruction which prevented me to wish him as well.

    • Sonali Chanana on

      I dreamt that some very sweet voice is wishing me great year ahead in dreams what does that mean

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