Neptune (Planet) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Neptune Dream Symbol –┬áDreaming of the planet Neptune represents your inspiration and sincerity in all that you do. It can also warn you need to show more compassion to others. Are you being too judgmental? Neptune is the ruler of the seas, which represents illusions and mystery surrounding you at this time. This is a sign that your spirituality is opening up. This is a time of personal growth.

Spend time in meditation to get greater clarity of the way forward. Neptune in a dream can also warn you may be being secretive or talking yourself up to everyone you meet. Behaving like a know-it-all will make you unpopular. Is this what you want out of life? You may need to learn to have more humility.

The dark side of Neptune can warn of overindulgence that can seriously affect your life in the negative. Are you addicted to food, drugs, or alcohol? Are these types of things out of control in your life? Is there something else that keeps you addicted? Neptune can warn if you continue to escape reality in this way it can end in absolute disaster.

Dreaming of Neptune can also warn you need to look behind the veils of illusion that surround you. What is hidden there? Are the illusions your creation or are they the creations of others? Neptune warns of delusion and neuroticism. This may be yours or belong to the people that affect your life. It is a time to face the truth and sort things out if you want a better life.

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