Neptune and Poseidon Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Neptune – Neptune, or Poseidon in the Greek pantheon, is the god of the ocean. Neptune is a personification of the subconscious mind. The words that Neptune says to you in your dream are highly important and significant, as they are a direct communication from your subconscious. In mythology, Neptune is unpredictable and volatile, easily angered and difficult to pacify. This is also true of the subconscious, as the subconscious is the locus for many feelings that are inconvenient and difficult to deal with.

poseidon-dreamsIf you dream of committing an action that angers Neptune, this is an indication that one of your recent actions or attitudes, or an action that you are contemplating taking, is in violation of your inherent sense of self. You may be justifying to yourself an action that violates your system of ethics, or else you are selling out one of your principles or deeply-held values.

Dreams of Poseidon or Neptune have similar meanings. Poseidon is the Greek God and Neptune is from the Roman myth. They are the gods of the oceans and seas. When these watery gods visit your dreams it can be all about your emotions.

They bring reminders to follow your intuition. When you turn to them for help it can mean you feel totally hopeless. The message can be that you are not seeing clearly. That you are not being yourself. Your emotions may be clouding your judgement. You need to take time out to find balance and clarity. Open up to those you trust and love. Is there some secret you hide? Something you do not want others to know? It may be a good time to get it out in the open. It can help you balance your life and emotions.

When you receive a gift from Neptune this is a blessing for your heart. This is good news in relation to the one you love. It may be a time of cementing your love with engagement or moving into a home together.

Being chased by Neptune can mean you have done something to upset someone. Have you upset your partner, a friend, even a family member or a stranger? What did you do? Whatever you did someone is after you. It is time to own to your mistakes so you can strengthen the relationship and move forward.

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  1. Sashaa fierce on

    I had a dream that i was in the center of the universe traveling throughout space and was abruptly stopped by this big blue planet not like earths i see it for a quick second realized im dreaming and quickly rushed backed into my body and i feel like something important had happened within them seconds but was so shocked that i was aware of my dreaming (lucid dreaming ) that i was quickly trying to find a way to stop it cause my mind couldn’t conceive what was happening ive had lucid dreams before but never like this like the planet wanted me to know of its existence and it was known of mine idkkk

  2. Christopher Diaz on

    I had a dream of Neptune in the middle of an ocean I was coming out my house and saw him he then took his trident and hit the ground with it I saw a tidal wave raise above me and was coming down I was stuck and couldn’t move

  3. I dreamt that I had come into possession of Poseidon’s trident, and was told only a child of his could use it. I was then confirmed to be his son. I then went on to face Hades in the underworld. I haven’t been involved with anything Greek as of recently, but lately all my dreams are greek related. I always mentions at least one of the gods

  4. In my dream I’m in boat and I’m talking to Poseiden and he takes his trident and throws it far into the ocean and tells me that it’s mine but they’re will he difficult tasks ahead to retreave it. I just said great kind of sarcastically.

  5. In my dream, I was with a group of girls whom I was friends with but never meet in real life. We were followers to a man who is known as a god and I had a feeling that it was Poseidon. We (the girls) were having fun and served Poseidon. One of the men who I don’t know asked, “What name would you name a guy of your choosing”. I said that I would name my chosen male Vincent. And I noticed that Poseidon looked angry at my response and tighten his fist. I didn’t know what just happened but ignored it. He then said that he would pay my Father in exchange to sleep with me. I don’t know what this mean but it’s weird to dream about him when I haven’t been insterest in Greek mythology and I recently went to Europe and swamed in the Ocean.

  6. I had a dream last night that my husband was doing a spiritual dance underwater and he received the gift from poseidon I presume it was his stick it had carvings in it and I wasn’t allowed to touch it just look at it I’m curious to know what that dream really Meant.

  7. My dream was being in a villa near a beach then a big wave splashed me and my family. When I look through the window I saw a big trident (probably Poseidon’s trident) appear in the sea. After it disappeared, there are symbol that I can’t recognize then it shows my photos with my family (still in the sea)

  8. In my dream, I was imprisoned in a strange place with many strangers plotting an elaborate escape. As I watched these people do crazy stunts to get free, I realized I was incapable of doing the same thing everyone else was and I somehow was given the powers of Poseidon with no confrontation or anything, I somehow just knew it was him who gave them to me. This allowed me to make it out of the place with the others as well as do almost anything afterwards as the powers stayed with me and seemed to become stronger as I could almost do anything at will.. but it didn’t feel like a lucid dream, I still had some limitations.

  9. In my dream last night, we were taking some sort of test, and you had the option to pick what you wanted to fight and weapon choice . So this girl picked Poseidon and the trident as a weapon. But once he spawned he was very angry and the girl froze! So I ran in there grabbed the trident and blasted him with it a few times. Eventually, he was defeated. But after he was gone, the place was flooded with water! I didn’t check how deep it was though, but it was deep enough that you had to swim to move around! And I don’t know how to swim! But yet in the dream I did…

  10. I Had à dream last night that i was swimming with dolphines and right next 2 me the god Of the ocean was next to me and was talking about something. Couldnt remember or understand What he was saying but Im sure IT was importat …

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