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Anger Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of anger represents your real-life struggle to express yourself clearly. Do you have trouble being heard? Do you feel no one listens to you? You may feel threatened or be denying the truth to yourself. This can sometimes mean you feel anger towards someone in your waking life. Is there someone who makes you angry? This dream warns you need to find better ways to deal with situations. To keep your anger under control. You may need to seek help to find better ways to handle situations.

If you are attacked by an angry person while you walk through the streets, this indicates your stress levels. Do you worrying about the consequences of the decisions or choices you make? You need to stop worrying about things that have not happened yet as they may never occur. A dream of anger can mean you struggle to cope in your waking world. Is everything that happens to you triggering your anger? Anger is not an acceptable way to deal with things. If you see other people angry in a dream, you may feel guilty for something you have done so you need to be careful not to offend people with you actions and what you say.

Anger can be shown in many ways in a dream. How it appears will help you understand the dream better. It can manifest as an aggressive animal or as a raging, out of control fire. When you are angry in your real life it can carry over to haunt your dreams. The message is to learn how to deal with your anger in better ways.

If you are angry with someone in a dream, is a sign you will help them out by offering them support. Being angry with a stranger is a sign you are surprised with good news. Getting angry with someone you recognize can mean you will work together on a project and support each other.

Seeing yourself angry in a dream can mean there are problems in relationships. Someone close may suddenly die. You will have to deal with feelings of grief and loss. Tears of anger warn that someone close is betraying you. They use their relationship with you to gossip maliciously about the secrets in your life. When someone makes you angry, there is success coming for you at work. Your hard work is about to pay off. Making someone else angry warns you may experience a bitter disappointment.

Betrayal Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of betrayal represents your own personal failure. It can warn of others close to you planning to betray you. You may already be aware of this and be struggling to come to terms with being so wrong about the people you trust. Worrying about how to deal with a betrayal can cause such deep emotional pain. It can also be your subconscious warning there is some kind of betrayal around you that you are not aware of. It is trying to get your attention. These betrayals can be in any part of your life. You may feel let down, disappointed, or insecure in some way. You need to look deeper to find the truth.

Dreams of betrayal can come when you are going through a lot of pressure in your waking life. You may need to make important decisions about the commitments and responsibilities and feel unsure of what is the best direction to take. You may feel insecure or vulnerable about your decisions. Be strong. Stand tall in your truth.

Embarrassment Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of being embarrassed can reflect what is going on in your real world. It can also represent your fear of being embarrassed in public. This sort of dream can highlight your weaknesses. These can include social and sexual insecurities, a lack of self-confidence or sense of self. You may feel you have lost your way. That your life is out of control.

Maybe you feel undermined in your real life, which causes all sorts of insecurities and fears to grow in your head and your heart. You need to push these fears to achieve success. For, once you do, you will find these fears are bigger in your head and there was nothing to fear in reality. This helps you work through your insecurities to keep moving forward. Work through your fears so they no longer exist.

Envy Dream Interpretations

When envy raises its head in a dream, this can reflect a situation from your real life. This can manifest as stress and anxiety. Dreaming of being envious of others is a sign there are those envious of you. They will deliberately set out to make your life a misery. It can also symbolize that being envious of others can lead to a sad, bitter life that holds constant arguments with the one that you love.

Dreaming of being envious of others is a sign you will soon make new lifetime friends you have a lot in common with. If others envy you, someone close to you will disappoint you, which makes you feel upset and anxious. You may even feel betrayed.

This type of dream can also be bringing back something from your past. What or who makes you feel envious? This will be holding you back from achieving your dreams. You need to get out there and do what you need to do. You may need to express yourself more clearly to help those around you listen to what you have to say.

When you are envious of the material things others own, this warns there is trouble coming to your life. You may be surrounded by those who want to destroy you. Is there any evidence of this? Being envious of someone’s prosperity means you are insecure. You have trouble committing to a decision about the direction of your life. Have you felt unhappy about everything in your life lately? Do you complain about everything to anyone who listens? This will drive people away. Do you want people to avoid you when they see you coming? You need to get yourself under control.

Being envious of your life partner can be a sign you have been influenced by the negativity of those who would betray you. This can be that you eventually confront your enemies once and for all. Dreaming of envy can mean that there is someone in your waking life actually causing you to feel this way. This can cause constant bickering and arguments with the one that you love. Do you secretly fear losing their love? Lighten up before you push them away.

Fear Dream Interpretations

When your dreams hold feelings of fear, this reflects the anxieties in your waking life. You may be not as successful as hoped. You may feel disappointed at some sort of failure. This is a dream to let you know your fears are unfounded. When you feel fear in a dream it is a good omen as its meaning is the opposite of what you may fear. Seeing something that scares you, you need to look at the individual description for that to get a deeper understanding of your dream.

Fear represents feelings of peace and happiness in your real life. If you are running from something in fear, this can symbolize you overcoming a fear to achieve success at what it is that you fear. Seeing yourself as a God-fearing person, this can mean all your fears will dissolve in your love and devotion to the Lord. Feelings of fear in a dream means you are happy in your waking life. Negatively, it can mean there is evil and corruption around you. You may be paying the price of something you or someone else has done. Is this happening to you?

When you dream of being afraid and there is nothing in your waking life that makes you feel that way, this is a warning there is trouble coming. Dreaming of helping someone else face their fears indicates any misunderstandings will be sorted out.

Dreaming of fear in a nightmare is a positive sign your subconscious is trying to get your attention. There may be things you have repressed trying to surface. Often you may suppress your true feelings as you walk through your daily life. They can surface as nightmares to get your attention. What causes you fear in your life? Identify this. Take the time to work through them. This is the time you need to face those fears to resolve them for ever more. Fear is often much worse in your mind than it is in reality. The old saying, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself” is often true.

Frustration Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of feeling frustration indicates there is something you are not coping with in your waking life. You may not be happy about where you are heading in your life. Try to get to the heart of the matter to find exactly what frustrates you. This can help you move through this in the right direction.

Guilt Dream Interpretations

When feelings of guilt arise in your dreams, this is a message you are not being true to yourself. What have you done to make you feel guilty? Have you been acting without integrity? Have you done something wrong? Committed a crime? Hurt a friend? This dream can mean you feel guilty for something you are responsible for in your waking life.

Feelings of guilt can also relate to how you accept and react to the successes and failures as you walk through life. Do you feel you deserve your success? If you feel you do not deserve success of some sort, this can be alerting you to a lack of self-confidence. Do you feel you fail others? This can be symbolic of any negativity surrounding you. Face it. Make amends if you need to. Take your personal power back.

Maybe you struggle with your perception of right and wrong. You can see that not everything is right or wrong. There are sometimes shades of gray. Exceptions to the rule. You may feel empathy for something you once judged as wrong. This may cause confusion and feelings of guilt. You may feel as if you are not being true to yourself. Know it is alright to change your perception and understand that there are individual situations where there are exceptions in all things.

Horror Dream Interpretations

Dreams that feature all sorts of horrors need to be looked at piece by piece to understand the meaning as a whole. These dreams may not necessarily be all bad. Look at each element featured in the dream to get the whole meaning of a horror story.

Hostility Dream Interpretations

When you feel hostile in a dream, you need to identify what it is that makes you feel that way so you can identify how this affects your waking life. Once you pinpoint the problem you can judge whether feelings of hostility are justified. If they are, you can deal with things without a face-to-face confrontation. You can learn to live with the situation or find other ways to deal with things. But, if others are hostile towards you, you will have to let them know their behavior is inappropriate. Ask them to handle things differently for their current way of doing things leaves people living in fear.


Jealousy Dream Interpretations

Feeling jealous in a dream may represent your own feelings of abandonment, protectiveness, and the desire to ensure things are the way the way you think they should be. You may need to be in control. Dreams of this type can warn that you need to consider whether you are being fair. Are you do the right thing for yourself and the other’s that share your world? Jealousy is only likely to drive the people you care for away.

Jealousy reflects your own sense of inadequacy. When you feel jealous in a dream it can be your subconscious working through the issues in your everyday life. What happened that made you feel inadequate today? The person that causes jealousy in your dreams will not be representative of the true problem in your waking life. The reality may be that you feel you are not good enough for a romantic relationship. Do you get jealous if your partner looks at someone else? Do you often jump to the wrong conclusions? It can be your negative reactions leave you looking petty and insecure. Other will see you in a bad light if it occurs too often. This maybe a time where you need to take more control in the relationship. Step it up. Show how much you have to contribute to your future together.

When you are the cause of the jealousy you may be too demanding. Reflect on your actions. Have you been being fair? Do you take advantage of others? Have others treated you fairly? Consider what you can do better.

Panic Dream Interpretations

When you feel panic in a dream it is a sign you feel a loss of control in your waking life. Hat can cause this for you? Does someone or something leave you feeling powerless? Are you panicking because you cannot make a decision? What causes this confusion? Answering these questions will help you pinpoint the cause of your panic. This can help you reclaim your power and control.

This type of dream may occur when you need to make an important decision in a short space of time, but the options may have equal pros and cons. You will continue to feel panicked until you put changes in place that help you make the final decision. Your subconscious is reminding you that the longer you delay, the longer the feeling of panic will follow you around. Make a choice and a commitment.

Phobias Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of having a phobia is a clear sign you need to face your fears. It is a warning to not let them rule your life, which is what you do when you repress them. Look at the specifics of the phobia in your dream to get a better understanding of the meaning of this dream. For example, if the phobia is a fear of heights, this can indicate you fear falling from your social position or failing at work after achieving success.

Rejection Dream Interpretations

When you dream that you reject something, it is a sign there is something you want to remove from your life. You may want to get rid of someone or something that is hurting you. It may be a toxic situation that no longer meets your needs. It can also mean someone is trying to impose themselves on you and you are fighting against this. You do not want to be under anyone’s control.

Being rejected by a lover symbolizes a part of yourself that you reject. What part of yourself can this be? Get to the bottom of this to help you move forward. Dreaming of being rejected indicates your lack of self-confidence. You may feel alone, alienated from family and the rest of society. This dream can also mean you may have become a yes person. You do not know how to say no. This may leave you with no sense of self as you are always serving someone else. Stand up for yourself. Learn to say no.

Being rejected for a job in a dream is a sign there is going to be another blow to your already low self-esteem. It is a sign that you do not believe in yourself. You need to have a little faith. Or, do you apply for jobs that are not suited to your skills? Maybe you need to reset your goals so you can attain them. If you want others to have confidence in you, you need to show you believe in yourself. You need to give them confidence in you to give you a chance.

Sadness Dream Interpretations

You may think that dreaming of feeling sad is a sign there is trouble in your life. It actually can mean positive things are about to happen. Anything negative is about to change. While it can indicate there are parts of your life that are not working out, it usually means these will turn around really soon.

Maybe the sadness is more about mourning the loss or ending of the old way of doing things or thinking. You may have even given up some bad habits. We are often sad at happy events like weddings and the birth of a baby. Sometimes this sadness is mourning the loss of what you are used to. Of letting go of the past. It is always sad to move on from the past. This is a time you are ready to embrace new beginnings.

Sadness can mean you need to heal from the failures and disappointments in your life. Look at these as lessons to learn from to help you in the future. Be wary of dwelling on the negatives. Instead, focus on the positives around you.

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