Narcissus Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Narcissus – In mythology, Narcissus was a character who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water, fell in, and drowned. In common language, a Narcissus or a narcissist is someone who has an unduly high opinion of himself, often to the point of obsession. Dreaming of Narcissus indicates that you are in danger of falling into this same trap yourself.

narcissus-dreamsIt is a warning that you need to think beyond yourself, or you are likely to damage your relationships and your life. Dreaming of Narcissus in connection with another person is a warning that that person values him- or herself more than others. They may have a good heart, but they are likely to harm you inadvertently simply through thoughtlessness.

Dreaming of Narcissus could be a warning you are too self-involved. Too over-confident and in love with yourself. These are not overly great traits to cultivate and are unlikely to attract good fortune to you. People will avoid someone as vain as you.

You may not even notice that you spend much time alone admiring how wonderful you believe yourself to be. It is a time to take a long, hard look at yourself. At your life. Consider in what direction you head. Being fixated on your physical appearance will not bring success. Others will not find you an attractive person to be around if all you can think about is how wonderful you are. Is this what you want? You need to find some empathy for the rest of the world.

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