Mouse Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Mouse Dream Symbol – To see a mouse in your dream can suggest a shy and timid personality. It can indicate that you like to avoid conflict with those around you and want to do your best to avoid making any disturbance to your personal environment.

mouse dreamDreaming about a mouse can sometimes suggest that we feel inferior to those around us and are lacking in self-confidence and belief.

Catching a Mouse – If you dream about a mouse being caught or trapped it can indicate that you may have people around you who are taking advantage of you and not giving you the respect that you deserve.

Mousing Nibbling – If you see a mouse eating or nibbling at something it can indicate people around you who are slowly bringing you down and sapping away your energy.

These dreams can also indicate that you are spending a lot of your time dwelling on problems that are too small to worry about. Focus on the bigger picture and worry less about the little things in life.

Mice are amazing little creatures. Contrary, to the screaming fear of many women around the world, they are not something you need to fear. They are great at hiding their presence and usually appear only to take action. This can be a reminder for you to take action. Have you been procrastinating?

Are you neglecting what you consider to be the minor things in your life? Maybe you are so busy that you overlook what is not easy to see. Or, you can be trying to achieve too many different things all at the same time. You cannot ever do anything successfully if you do not give it the focus it requires. The small things in life are important.

A small, timid mouse may appear when you feel fearful. Maybe you live your life from fear. Are you behaving in a meek, mild manner? Are you afraid to speak your truth? Do you let others take credit for your achievements? Maybe you need to step out of the shadows. Speak out. Do not fear what others think. Take control of your life. This can be a positive time of self-growth. A time where you understand what you did not before. A time where you are at peace with life, the, world, and everything.

Dreaming of catching a mouse can indicate there are those around you who will not let up their incessant nagging and cause major dramas out of the small things in life. And if you trap a mouse, this symbolizes your victory over the things that worry you.

Seeing a dead mouse can mean you refuse to let minor things get in your way. In fact, you are most likely to give them minimum attention and they go away. It can also mean you have neglected something for too long and it may be unsalvageable.

When Mouse crosses your Path

Mouse faces huge challenges daily to survive. She visits to remind to take a look at your life and the people in it, on a regular basis. There can be illusions that deliberately deceive you. It is good to re-evaluate things regularly to expose any illusions around you.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Does the mouse represent an aspect of yourself that is reflected in the dream?
  • Is there any characteristics of the mouse that you have or does it reflect someone else’s personality?
  • Is your dream trying to tell you a message or is it symbolic of something?
  • Is the mouse your animal spirit that is trying to guide you?

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  1. I dreamed there was a white crawling animal more of a big mouse and suddenly another mouse was half way stuck in my mouth, I was scared if it and couldn’t take it out. What could that possibly mean?

  2. Sonia Peters-Hewitt on

    I dream of miniature groups of sleeping mice all hurdled up together and just beyond that a man was helping to put my sister to sleep and she fell a sleep and I was unable to get to my bedroom

  3. Shelly Hubman on

    I dreamed of suddenly noticing gaping holes in the walls of the house where mice could jump out from and that were big enough for large kitten to step out of.

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