Moth Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Moth Dream Symbol – Moth is a master at creating illusions, hiding away in its cocoon for long periods of time. And when she transforms, she lives her life under the cover of darkness. Moth connects with the shadow side of our nature. What or who do you hide from?

moth dreamsDo you create your own dramas? Is it yourself you hide from? Moth reminds you can transform this negativity into positive energy. You just need to follow your heart. Trust in yourself. Have faith. There are always challenges along the way.

When moth flutters into your dreams she reminds to take care of minor details. What are you overlooking? Do you read the small print on things? You may need to closer attention to the small details. Overlooking a minor can cause big challenges down the track. Take notice of that irritation that keeps cropping up before it becomes an obstacle. Moth remains that you can escape major challenges unscathed when you face them.

Moth can bring warnings that someone or something close to you is an imposition. You may be feeling irritated that you are always interrupted or that always something interferes into what you are trying to achieve. Do you feel you have no choice but to put up with something? Do you feel jealousy that others seem to achieve their dreams easily? Be aware. Fix it before it eats away at you.

Moths are known as the poor cousin of butterfly and she always strives to find the path to the light. This may represent how you feel about family and friends what you consider disrespect. Do others arrive on your doorstep without forewarning? Do other always expect you to be there when they call? Do people interrupt you even when thy know you are not available?

Do you feel like you are invisible to others unless you have something they want? Do you feel guilty when you want to say no? Moth can also represent these flaws in you. She may be warning to take a long, hard look at yourself. You may need to heal yourself before you can move on.

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When Moth crosses your path

Moth crosses your path to let you know your transformation and empowerment is swift. Follow your gut instincts.

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  1. Laraib seher on

    I had a dream that i was stung by a moth and from the sting a small insect came out which i smashed. And i was surprised that only a bit swelling was there after the stung nothing much.

  2. I had a dream last night that I saw a beautiful multi-colored giant moth while on a walk. It sat down in the grass next to me, then landed on the lap of a woman who was in the park next to me. Me and a few others came and said hi to the moth, pet it, and it flew away. The moth was light blue, white, and yellow/orange. Its wings were big and feather-like. It was about the size and a half of a softball. I have been having dreams about beautiful butterflies and moths lately. What does it mean? They’re usually gorgeously colored and patterned, gentle and friendly, and they fly away shortly after interacting with me.

  3. I dreamt that a windfall of moths were flying all around me and me only a “dark cloud raining on u”to the point I was trying to get them away from me and screaming at the same time “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!”

  4. I had my second dream about moths last night. In both they include a moth/moths landing smack on my chest and then flying straight into my face. Both dreams ended with me screaming in my sleep and then waking up immediately after. The first one was more terrifying and vivid, but the second one had three moths laying on my chest. I believe one of them was blue, but that’s all I remember of what the moths looked like. I think I can relate to the jealousy thing with a few of my friends, so, thanks.

  5. “I’m against a wall in my parents bedroom searching for something thats behind a bunch of hanging blankets. I dont remember what im searching for anymore. I notice sonething moving at the corner of my eye so i turn and there was a bug crawling away from me on the wall. I want to kill it. Im searching around the room for something to kill it while keeping an eye on it. Then a gigger bug, maybe a spider, comes out of nowhere and attacks it while trying to eat it. I get my flashlight to see what it is but the flashlight’s light is dull. I cant tell what the big bug is. Then I realize it’s flying, it’s a moth. For some reason im afraid of the moth. I run from it and it comes at me. I fall onto the bed and try moving around alot so it wouldnt want to be near me. Im laying on my stomach and feel something on my lower back, so i move my legs around. then i wake up”
    For some reason when I woke up I felt like I had to check my lower back, but nothing was there

  6. Hi, I just read your because I wanted to know the meaning of a moth I have been seeing for three nights in my dream. Not sure if it is a dream but just as I’m about to fall asleep, I’m alerted by a moth flying around. First one, it was on a baby relative, on the second night I can’t really remember I guess it was just in the dream, the third it was quite big flapping it’s wings intront of my left eye. After the third dream I woke up and have not seen it since. I have been pondering lately about my life; future, but i would just like to know if it’s linked

  7. Hi, I just read your because I wanted to know the meaning of a moth I have been seeing for three nights in my dream. Not sure if it is a dream but just as I’m about to fall asleep, I’m alerted by a moth flying around. Fist one, it was on a baby relative, on the night I can’t really remember I guess it was just in the dream, the first night it was quite big flapping it’s wings introns of my left eye. After the third dream I woke up and have dreamt of it since. I have been pondering lately about my life; future, but i would just like to know if it’s linked.

  8. I had a dream that a white moth flew into my face whilst I was sleeping, I then woke up and was pushing the “so called moth” away from my face with both hands but nothing was really there.

  9. I had a dream I saw rosy maple moth trapped in a spiders web struggling. I felt so bad and knew I had to help it so i ask if the door has an alarm but then go through it anyway to get outside to help it. People told me if I saw something go back inside. I got a stick to help get it out. I felt bad for the spider too because the moth would of been a huge meal but I really wanted to save it. I got it down and try help get the webbing off then a ferret? I think rushed over covering it and I almost cried because I thought it died. It was okay I believe but then i started worrying about the ferret.

  10. Jeremy Hammond on

    I had a dream of spitting out moth wings and beetle wings that were stuck in my throat. I still remember the taste it wasn’t good. There was alot of them I spit out. I don’t know what it means but I think its witchcraft used on me.

  11. I dreamt about having breakfast with my parents and we were all happy beacause my mom had bought fresh warm bread. Then my mom opened the bread, there was a light yellow moth inside and it tried to fly away but my mom closed the bread again. I looked at my own bread there was 3 or 4 clothes-moth cocoons. I was mad and wanted to go back to the bakery shop to complain, but my mom was like “what’s the point, they’ll think we put the insects there ourselves to gain free bread” so I decided to film myself opening another bread where there was more cocoons inside. I got distracted by my phone in the way to the bakery shop and when I looked up from the screen I was in some kind of favela. I turned to come back the way I came from and that’s when I woke up.

  12. I had a dream about a moth that transformed into a girl I had never seen before she was full of energy but the weird part was that she also transformed into a black snake and in the dream she seemed to know me personally

  13. I woke up from a nightmare and was peeking through my eyelids and saw a huge bright orange moth on the ceiling crawling toward me. I opened my eyes fully and it was gone right before it got right over top of me.

  14. I had a dream bout two big beautiful months one was purple in o e was green they glowed they were breathtaking in my dream. They landed on me and it was like magical then the dream went to a different dream

  15. Female Anonymous on

    I had multiple dreams in one night, which happens a lot when I’m falling aspeel while harboring depressive thoughts and feelings. One of these ”scenes” showed me surrounded with people in one white room. There was a moth flying around. I couldn’t see it but other’s could. These people said ”This moth looks exactly like you!”. When I woke up and remembered this dream vividly I instantly knew that it was because the angels tried to send me a message. And how I relate to this so much..

  16. Thank you for this very detailed article. I need help understanding my dream please. In my dream I was unpacking clothes I have had in storage for quite sime time now. An old friend was with me. As I was going the clothes, I came across about 10 maybe 12 moth cocoons between the layer I was going through. Suddenly the moths flew out of their cocoons and flew away. It startled me in the dream but when I woke up the first word that came to mind was Papillon. Thank you.

  17. Katie Karamanakis on

    Hi there, I woke up from a dream where a moth was annoying my dog he came to me and I tried to shoo it away it then flew up and landed in my hair in my hair at the nape of my neck right side what does that mean? (Dog was sulking annoyed with brown moth.) Thanks
    Cheers Katie

  18. Tamara Gorkin on

    I had a dream last night that moths were Stu k to my eyes and I couldn’t pull them off. What does this mean?

  19. Purdi Perry on

    In my dream I was walking through a wooded area and i came across a giant sized black moth laying on the ground. I was apprenensive to approach it…suddenly out of nowhere a tractor came and drove over it but it wasnt dead, few minutes later it flew into the woods and I followed it…nothing was revealed, i woke up.

  20. I had a dream of a moth and it was big and brown but the end of it was huge and nasty looking. It went into a wall and I went to take it out the wall and put it on the ground, the moth gave birth to maggots and they were crawling on my legs and I slapped them off and the moth turned into a huge maggot and crawled away and the little maggots followed.

  21. I’ve encountered a white moth twice in my dreams now. First time was me extending my finger for it to climb on, but instead it started bumping me. Like imagine a bug constantly flying into you. The second was when I saw something die from an invisible force, then I started running and when I looked back… white moth. But I didn’t get a clear view of it so it could have been a white butterfly? I’m not sure. Any idea what these could mean?

  22. I saw so many little moths came in my loung & sit then I saw a big large white moth on the corner of the wall then another big larg colourful moth came inside but his body is like a bird but wings n feel are of moth he came near to me comes closer n I tapped n love with my hands… as he wants me to touch him.. he then get n settled back little..

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