Mosquito Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Mosquito Dream Symbol – These annoying insects bring reminders of the annoying irritations in life. There are even irritations in your life successes as someone will always be jealous in some way. This is a reminder of how unimportant some minor things are.

What irritates you? Who irritates you? What can you do about it? Mosquito lets you know these are just minor things that deserve little or no attention. Focus on the important things in your life and you will overcome them.

mosquitoWhen mosquito constantly pesters you, look at your home and work environments. Something may need changing. You may be someone who has walked a hard path, sticking to your high ideals.

You are self-confident and have strong views about most things. You may be blunt and judgmental of those around you, as well as of yourself and what you want out of life. Consider what you criticize in others may be what you lack in yourself.

Mosquito can bring a warning that someone close or a situation is draining you of your life’s energy. Who or what affects you in this way? Maybe you have been concentrating everything on things that have no relevance to your goals or been caught up in others’ dramas. If it has nothing to do with you or your goals, why do you give away your energy? What is left for you? Reclaim your energy.

Killing a mosquito in your dreams can mean happiness and success will soon come into your life. You have set up boundaries to overcome challenges and will be rewarded.

Mosquito may be a reflection of you and how you feed off others. When she bites she uses our blood to feed her babies to complete her lifecycle. She teaches that with persistence and flexibility and, sometimes, new perspective, you can overcome any obstacle.

Mosquito is a warrior in that she fights for her family’s survival. Within 24 hours of biting you, she dies after completing her lifecycle by giving birth to her babies. She teaches lessons of self-sacrifice. For what we believe in. For who we love and have faith in.

When Mosquito crosses your Path

Mosquito crosses your path to bring messages of small annoyances on your life. She reminds to look at the big picture to put everything into perspective.

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  1. What does it signify when one dreams of an argument with someone and later on mosquitoes are coming out of one’s mouth and many still are inside the mouth?

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