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Monk Dream Symbol – If you see a monk in your dream is generally a positive symbol of spirituality, devotion, dedication and wisdom. Monks are devoted to their religion and are able to abstain themselves from the normal pleasures that we all indulge in.

monk dreamsTo see a monk can indicate that you have the ability to be single minded in your devotion to your goals in life. You may be willing to make sacrifices in the short term to achieve your long term plans.

Alternatively, seeing a monk in your dream may indicate that you need to withdraw yourself from the people around you and become more devoted to achieving your objectives in life. You might be constantly drawn to do things that are always focused on the short term, and not the long term.

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  1. I too once had , not a dream but sleep paralysis and when that happened I was sleeping on my bed , my eyes were wide open but my body could not move and I felt the presence of these monks , but they were invisible , they surrounded me near my bed and started chanting what seems like tibetan monk chant , so I heard at least 10 or more the voices of the monks as I’m not sure because I can’t see them , so what happened next was I need you to imagine , my body started levitating 30 degree from my legs and my head was still on my pillow , that’s something isn’t it?

  2. Dreamed of many monks or they seemed like it in brown robes but couldnt see face on top of a tree in the clouds i asked where was the messiah and he said we are all messiahs idk it was strange

  3. Martha Padilla on

    Last Night I had a dream that I das in a monastery Edith a friend and there were many rooms with monks dressed with green tunics levitating in the roof. As most of my dreams it was in black and white. The only color I saw was the green in the monk tunics and the yellow color of the pants of the perdón beside me. We were searching for someone that was supposed to be levitating in the roof. Can someone tell me the meaning of this dream?

  4. A had a dream about a monk giving me an envelope containing vials from a deceased friend telling me my friend asked him to do so??

  5. I dreamed I was in North Carolina, in the Appalachian mountains, and I was looking up the mountain and saw a buddhist monastery. It was such gorgeous architecture. There were three balconies, as the building was 4 stories. There were about six or seven monks, all dressed in different robes, and two were really tall and appeared to have head dresses on. Their robes and head dresses were very ornate. They seemed to be some kind of special or royal visitors. All the monks went inside the monastery, except one. He waved at me. He reminded me of a Tibetan monk. This made me really happy that he acknowledged me. Then next thing I know, I am inside this monastery, but it’s a hospital, too. The monks are helping care for terminal cancer patients. There was a woman and her grown daughter there. The woman was being transported in her bed to another place in the hospital. I heard the women discussing the rare type of cancer the mother had. That’s about all I remember. I felt very honored to be allowed in there. I’ve been praying a lot of serious prayers for my family, but I am a Christian. So i am not sure what this dream means, but my mother is recovering from cancer. This dream seemed very positive to me.

    Oh, and I almost forgot. I used to live in the mountains of N. Carolina. I spent lots of time in the mountains with my children. The buddhist monk who waved at me told me that my mountains would be no more soon.

  6. Yossi Herrera on

    The monk in my dream was crying and about to jump from a high place we were both standing from. I was trying to make him come to me to save him but the look in his eyes was so sad…and I felt so happy inside and I wanted to give him some of my happiness. But them he jump right after showing me a writing in his hand that said ‘my God is dead’…I woke up so sad…because I couldn’t help him and also because I have a great relation with my God…I wonder which God was he referring to.

  7. What I had wasn’t a dream.i saw a man talk man standing in a corner with beeds and his hand open out. He was so peaceful and i wasn’t scared as he did not came across that way. I saw him twice in the space of a month. I have religious connections. As am from Jamaica. It was only yesterday I went with my partner and my child to the hare Krishna Mandir and saw a picture of the monk I saw spiritually. And I was shock and felt scared then cause how can I see this man in the spirit and then not knowing who he is but saw statue of him in real life. Ibdony know what this means so I ask the pujari what am I experiencing and he gave me some books to read.

  8. Almost 5 or 6yrs ago i saw monks in my dreams reading some book and with that i also saw my father also what does it means??

  9. The really eerie part is I have had dreams of being a monk and someone recently said they saw me in a dream as a monk and even pointed out the type of robe I was wearing which was a Hospitaller from the crusades. Anybody help explain this to me?

  10. Rhiannon waterman on

    My husband has bad flu and a high temperature. He was saying in his sleep ‘they are here’ and shouting. He came downstairs to say monks were in our bedroom with a holy script chanting over him. He said they were there to take him and he was shouting as its not his time yet. I wonder what that could symbolise.

  11. I drempt early this morning that i was in a dark room , two female monks came in, one lay on the floor infront of me. I knelt beside her, she was making music from her nose and then began to sing from her mouth that did not move but was open. The other monk stated that she was in some sort of distress. I took the monk’s hand, the one on the floor, and began to massage her hand. What stood out the most was how small her fingers were/childlike and the sound she was creating, it was beautiful.

  12. I dreamed There where 2 femal nonks in my
    dressed in Franciscen Robes brown.
    Then there was me and another female dressed in white nurses uniform crossing a bridge. I remember looking down at my legs and I had not shaved them I felt embarrassed.

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