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Money Dream Symbol – Dreaming of money represents your persistence in making things happen. How much money you have in a dream indicates how confident you are about achieving your dreams. The richer you are, the more opportunities that may cross your path. The more access you have to success.

If someone gives you money, it can mean you need money to feel happy. It can also mean you constantly worry about your financial security. This attitude can seriously hamper how you enjoy your life. You need to take time out. Dreaming of lending money can be disappointing if you expect them to pay it back.

money-dreamThis can also mean there is a huge disappointment about to cross your path. This may be to do with money. Lending money expecting it returned can sometimes mean you are too tight-fisted financially with your finances at this time. Lending money with no thought of its return can mean you achieve financial freedom sometime soon.

Physically holding money in a dream indicates you are checking to make sure you are on the right path. It is a time where you thoroughly assess your goals for the future and whether they are still relevant. Dreaming of being rich signifies you are going to be happy. Using a card to pay for goods symbolizes the confidence you have in your own creativity.

Counting money represents the creative energy coursing through your veins. It is reminding you to tap into it. You have much to gain. Being in debt signifies you have so many interests that you often start things and never get around to finishing them. If you cannot pay a debt, you feel offended or have offended someone. There may be no forgiveness on either part, which can leave you bitter and twisted.

Stealing money indicates you may be blocked creatively or are feeling low on energy. Losing money can mean you are under stress. This can possibly be about not being able to finish important tasks. Borrowing money suggests your finances improve soon in the future.

Additional Dream Meanings of Money

Money in a dream represents power. Money speaks of your own personal power or the power of another.  Your feelings and relationships toward money in a dream can indicate your own feelings of disempowerment or empowerment.

Money is the representation of your ability to purchase things. Having or not having money is the difference between being able to pay for your home, buy food, and provide for yourself and your family.  Money gives social status. The love and desire for money is a key driver for many people.

Money motivates us to desire to achieve more and more because of what we think we can gain from having it. Money does not lead to love and happiness as the adage goes, but you can be quite comfortable in the meantime. This can be both positive and negative. Christianity says that the “love of money is the root of all evil.”

Why? Because, as we said before, money is another word for power. He who has the money has the power. Depending on who “he” is saying how “he” will wield his power.  The phrase “follow the money” is a quote from the movie All the Presidents Men. It is about the Watergate Scandal. It means if you want to know who ultimately is running the show, look and see who stands to gain financially from what is happening.  In your dream, it would also be a good idea to “follow the money”. Who stands to lose gain? It can be taken as an indicator of who is in charge.

When you dream that you are rich and have lots of money, you are dreaming that you feel powerful or you believe yourself to be self-empowered.  If you dream that you are poor and destitute or without money, you perceive yourself to lack power or abilities.

To dream that you are spending lots of money, you may be in fact be spending lots of money in your waking life.  More importantly, understanding is what you are in fact doing.  You are wielding your own personal power. Where you spend your money and how will indicate if you are happy with your actions or not.  If you dream you are spending frivolously and going through your money quickly, or money is running through your fingers so to speak, this indicates that you may be careless with your energy and you are wasting personal power.

If someone is stealing your money this indicates you feel like someone is stealing your power or taking advantage of you. If you are depositing your money in a bank, you are dreaming you creating a reserve of energy for future use.

To dream you have lost or can’t locate your money it means your power is eluding you or you don’t know where you will find the energy to move forward. If you dream that someone is giving you money, or that you are inheriting money means that you are being empowered. This can be by another person, a circumstance, or a boost in your own self-confidence.

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  1. Hi my name is Bright. Please i had a dream that one of my relatives was forcing me to take money but in the dream i decided not to take it. Please what is the meaning of it?

  2. I have seen someone else having lots of money. Actually I saw my Ex husband earning a lot of money.. n I was kinda jealous.. This is true that I have still not recovered from my divorce and I was thinking in my dreams that if he has so much of money then why can’t he give me alimony.. what does this dream means?? Is it just an interpretation of my current situation or subconscious mind or is it somewhat related to my future.
    Just to add here I am earning fair enough and I am happy and I have not taken any alimony from him.
    Please help

  3. I visited Istanbul, Turkey 8 months ago. Since then I have had several good dreams that I’m still there enjoying the city. Last night I dreamt that I was there again but with Sharon Osborne! I never dream of her and in my Istanbul dreams there’s a lot of things going on in the background and lots of walking. At one point, in my dream with Sharon, we entered this store and there was a man alone in his shop counting and sorting a huge amount of fresh American cash and putting the money into two piles. Sharon ran in and hesitantly grabbed two handfuls of money. Not to much but just enough to fill both her hands. The guy notices but doesn’t budge or seem to care seeing that she wasn’t being greedy. She and I were astounded at his reaction as she proceeds to give me all the money! We were having a great time in the city regardless of the money we didn’t need but the non reaction on the man’s part and the fact that we could get what we needed when we needed it made me feel even better in the dream. I remembered that I was so surprised in my dream and was wanting to understand more of why the man didn’t care that my dream kept taking me back to that moment. Each time I visited him while I dreamt, I’d get another piece of info like, the money was stolen to begin with. It wasn’t really his and he had more than enough to let us steal since he also stole or had it stolen for him.

    • Michal Pytel on

      I live in a poor family, and I really wish that wasn’t the case. Because I see kids in my school having really expensive things and all I have is a iPhone SE. So last night I dreamed of bringing a iPhone X to school. Then when you woke up I found out the sad truth. That it was just a dream and suddenly I started crying.

      • Don’t be sad. Know one day you’ll create all your money wishes into reality. Poor is a construct of your mind. Your reality of your parents and others in your current world! Change it! I did it! You can too! Hugs 🙂
        … as a note ur far more wealthy as a kid than I was! So again… create ur destiny! 🙂

  4. Gurpreet Kaur on

    I had a dream that my brother came to my home and while he was returning I along with my in-laws decided to give him and visitors 3100rs as token of love while I came out to give him money as he was seated in car in grandfather who is dead for more than 10 yrs now suddenly came in scene and said give this u brought this for me na..I saw him and told my mom in law to give him 1100 and I rushed to give 3100 to my brother who was in car..don’t know what all is happening please guide if anyone can.

  5. I saw my pastor given people borndle of money and he also gave me too.and i said Amen.pls what is meaning of my dream

  6. Zanetta Moore on

    I had a dream about my ex husband who recently past a month ago. In this dream he had two people tell me that he needed me in the store. I went in and he ran off with my car, coat and purse. The people from the store told me that they would help me find him. I called my phone he answered and said he was leaving town in my car. I asked him why would he steal my car and do me like this? Then I woke up.

  7. I dreamt I borrowed some money from a friend and I kept forgetting to return her. The 2nd time she asked me for the money.. this I asked her to follow me to get the money qnd I return the money to her.

  8. I was dreamed that i saw money in every corner… was a plenty of money…wherever i go i pick money in the floor and in every corner of the house.i want to know what’s the meaning of that dream?…….thanks

    • Wilma Williams on

      You are powerful everything you do and touch you shall succeed in. The goals you set for yourself will be reached!!

  9. I dreamt I was sent a cheque in the post refunding me on my payments of one of my accounts ,when I picked up the mail I just disregarded it but when I opened it was a cheque all of a sudden I ran to my mum and dad and sister in the house and showed them I felt such a relief because now I had money to pay up some of my debts that have been weighing me down all these years it wasn’t much money but it was enough to make a difference to my life at the time even when I woke up I felt so relieved.

  10. Believe Havor on

    I dreamt that lhave received money (paper)note from my client
    What does it mean because this is the second time

  11. I dreamt this morning that my friend steal my money in the pouch that i keep in my secret place, and when i noticed i summoned him he resist to give it back. He keep on questioning me to prove it is my money.


    I hard a dream last night , inside the dream my pastor gave me a Bunche of money and I keep it inside my hand bag he told me to spend it wisely . I was so surprise because I have never have such a dream before . to me it indicate good fortune. But I still want you to tell me the meaning of this dream .thank you.

  13. I dreamt that my ex boyfriend who broke up with me, is giving me money in the form of 10’s,20’s,100s and 200s notes.As he takes it out of his wallet he counts it in my hand but he stare at me very seriously.I then take the money and turn around to exit the bar/restaurant where we met up.His father is also watching us but I never saw nor met him in my life.He never told me whether his father was alive or not all the time we were in a relationship.

  14. In my dream I was going to bring food for someone on the way I realised water was overflowing wanted to go and lock it but instead I got to the corridor and started to purge as I was purging I saw somebody I knew coming I told her do you know what am doing don’t come close am purging but she instead and came only to give me monet then I woke up.

  15. Ntibo Nkeane on

    i used to had a dream seeing the father of my boyfriend giving me money and hes dead 5 years ago sumtimes is his brother

  16. i dreamt this morning as if my cousin insisted in carrying my bag, i had R40 inside my purse, she secretly opened my purse folded that money only to find i saw her and she panicked telling me her sister sent her to come do it.

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