Millipede Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Millipede Dream Symbol – A millipede is a dream symbol of a hidden danger in your life. Millipedes are scavengers, are difficult to see, and can be poisonous. Therefore you need to beware of the millipede dream symbol, as it is warning you of a danger that you did not previously know you faced.

The rest of the significance of the millipede dream symbol will depend on the other symbols and events surrounding the millipede in your dream, as well as the emotions surrounding the symbol in your dream. For instance, if the millipede is connected to a particular person in your dream, then the warning is about danger coming to that person or coming to you because of that person.

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  1. I dreamed that a black millipede which has entered in my house and me, my mother and my brother killed that millipede..

  2. Yahweh-daughter on

    I dreamed I was picking ripe cherries, mulberries and raspberries with my boyfriend and a gold millipede was on my hand. Some men hanging around got rid of it,. Then I continued picking and putting them in my shirt and a silver millipede climbed up my leg, my boyfriend tried to get rid of it and it turned into a lizard and jumped at my face and i woke up!

  3. I had a dream that I saw a millipede about 7 to 8 feet in length one was crawling going up a wall but where it was going there was no place for it hide

  4. Sinazo Dyasi on

    I dreamt my colleague putting in a millipedes in my neck at the back of my ear. And am scared I can’t sleep now it was that big and black millipedes. Help me with the meaning it’s like am feeling it inside my neck

  5. I have a dream about millipede crawling on my clothes and there is a man (i can’t recognize the face) who’s with me I ask him to pull out the millipede but that person just laugh. Also the other one is about a dangerous dog but in that case we are so many there. So what does it mean? Please help.

  6. I dreamt that i pulled a millipede out of my left arm and there was an imprint in my skin of another behind it. In my right arm i pulled out a bug that is foreign to me and there was an imprint of that bug in my skin like there was another one coming as well…

    • I had a dream I was at work and this little boy was running around the Restraunt and I had to go get him a snack. I was slicing up bananas in the sink and each time I cut a piece, a millipede took it. They were coming out from each side of the sink in a single line formation. At first I was frustrated in the dream that they kept coming, but when I went to tell my mom about them I was repulsed by them. Then I saw my parents and they were looking on an adoption site.

  7. I dreamed that I saw a red milipede on my kitchen floor. I grabbed an envelope and had the milipede walk onto the envelope whilst I walked to the back door carrying it. Because it never stopped walking I had to rotate the envelope everytime it got to the end. When I opened the back door I launched the creature onto the patio and closed the door. That’s the dream. What is the meaning?

  8. In my dream i was outside of my fathers house and sitting in a beautiful garden then i saw a little white millipede stuck on a flower i tried to grab it but it keps jumping away i decided to let it crawl on my hand when the though “what if it’s a centipede!” I threw it then ran away but it followed me like a dog it was so happy to see me. I took a closer examination and knew it was a millipede. Then my dream self STEPPED ON IT. And for some reason the millipede was still alive and crawling on my shoe. I was then in school with in my math class and the teacher said something that got me mad quickly i turned to get the work i missed (and being a steryotypical aries) my dream self tried to put up a tough front but ended up really hurt inside i couldn’t take it and started to cry and the teacher put his hand on my very blue hair and said a “blessing” in another launguage. Honestly i don’t think it was a blessing scince
    1. I dont beleive in god
    2.he wouldn’t tell me what he said
    3. Alot of bad things are happining to me this year i had appendasidis and i also flipped off of a motorcycle trying to protect my uncles girlfriends son

  9. I had a dream about a small black milipede just slowly crawling on the floor but right after I saw it my dream completely stopped. Then the next morning I saw the same one crawling around on the floor at my work place….. any ideas?

  10. Hello,

    I didnt have a dream however i took a dose of “magic mushrooms” and i started the trip in my house and as soon as i started to get an effect i left my house on my bike and ended up at the park. In this park i rode my bike around and had fun for a bit and then i went over to this mount, plastic like mount and i sat at the top and meditated and gazed at the stars for a little. But i was startled because i felt a bug on me and when i came to notice it was a millipede, so i get him of me and set him on the mount but in this transition i noticed i was completely surrounded maybe by hundreds of these little guys not exaggerating and they werent there before . It blew my mine , made me feel big and praised but at the same time i got startled and jumped off and rode away. Ive thought deeply about this and it was a highlight of my trip and i havent been able to connect .

  11. I had a dream where I went to pop this purplish red pimple and a millipede started to crawl out of it there was so many. Everytime I popped one another came. I was so scared that when I woke up in felt my face making sure there was no pimple. The scary thing is I rarely dream or remember them but this one was so clear and I don’t what to interpret it as.

  12. I dreamt that there a millipede living in my ankle. It had bored a hole and was living there. When I tried to get it out it wouldnt move and doctors said I had to wait until it developed and birthed (like a child!!!!)…..I don’t have any kids by the way. Finally it birthed out of my ankle, it was this cute millipede with big eyes, not like a normal millipede (I am so grossed out talking about this right now lol). When it birthed out it attached to that part of my foot and everytime i shook it off it attached. I jumped high and low , flew all over the room and it still attached, so i rubbed a liquid on my ankle to kill the scent but it still tried to follow me so i kept running. Then my bf and two friends were there and I was running to them to telll them i was right and it wont leave me alone. I woke up grossed out and looking for a millipede.

    Does this have any meaning or is it just a dumb dream………………..?? Oh i dreamt about a centipede laying baby centipedes in my toe about 4 days ago…there is more to that. Can the dreams be connected?

  13. In my dream, I saw a very big millipede, very dark and big. Haven’t seen any thing like that before. It was just on my wall close to my foam. And I scream on top of my voice because I was scared. So a lady came and killed it. Though I don’t know the lady that appeared in that dream

  14. I had a dream nd ma jnr brother showed me a millipede fr me to kill it,as i tried to kil it it made it way into the skin of ma right leg..i was soo scared nd taught i would die so i woke up ma late mum for her to take me to d hospital bt she wasnt ready to…den i woke ma dad nd jst wen we were abt to go i woke up..i remember i threw up twice in d dream too pls wats d meaning…

  15. I have a dreaam about big and red color that dream i feel so scare because the milipedes run toward me like he want to catch me..

  16. In my dream I was doing a school project with my son. We were supposed to me looking for worms and building them a place to live. When I dug into some soil to find a worm I found a millipede, I wasn’t afraid but as I dug a little deeper there were lots of millipedes and a big one, like the mother millipede! I wasn’t afraid but I remember the feeling of knowing I had to stay away from them. I’ve can never remember dreaming about this kind of thing before, I wonder what it means

  17. Weird. I just had a dream that a millipede was crawling on the wall of my bedroom. I tried to scoop it into a cup and take it out by myself, but I was too afraid, so I woke up my parents. My step-dad was able to catch it and put it in the cup, but as I was walking to the door to take it out, I dropped it and the millipede eventually made its way under the couch. The next day I had hoped that maybe it had dried up from the sun and died under the couch.

  18. I had a dream I was walking in the kitchen of the old house I grew up in and suddenly my right arm swelled up. It hurt but I didn’t see anything. I screamed and started to run and then I saw a millipede on my back but it shredded its skin and fell off that’s when I seen it on the floor. I ran to tell my husband and told him to check and see if it’s still on me. It wasn’t. What does that mean?

  19. francis uchenna on

    Your Comment: physical i always saw millipede once or twice a day or something 3/4 a week what does that stand for.

  20. I ALWAYS dream about millipede, it will either be pursuing me or somebody will put it on me. last night I dreamt and saw one crawling through a window and another on the ground and a staff from my office used a stick and picked it up and through it on me. Pls help me to inteprete. In my real world I’m afraid of millipede more than any other thing but I will always see a millipede going after me in a dream. Last night I saw one passing through a window, another on the ground, a staff from my office picked it with stick and threw it on me I screamed out from the dream and couldn’t sleep

  21. I had a dream that millipe were everywhere in my house. There were hundreds just trailing around the floors and the walls of my house. What does this mean?

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