Midget Dream Symbol


Midget – If you dream of a midget, this indicates the stunted desires of your life dreams, which you have abandoned or forgotten all about. These dreams may look grotesque to you, especially if you have subsequently come far in your life and made many changes from who you were back there.

However, this dream symbol can also be extremely revealing about the concessions and settlements you have made since your idealistic youth, and is worth paying attention to. In addition, the midget can also be a symbol of repressed desires which you need to acknowledge in order to have peace and happiness within yourself.

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  1. Considering The Trilogy of the Rings as the mythological framework in a dream, what would Frodo represent? He carries the burden for Mankind even though he is small. He makes a sacrifice, and is fatally wounded. Are small or midget images in dreams different? Are they unappreciated, disrespected aspects of ourselves which are offering strengths that might help us through life and crises? Are they indicating we dreamers might be carrying some heavy burden and sacrificing ourselves for others?

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