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Microwave – Dreaming of a microwave indicates a desire to radically change things as they are in your life; even to destroy what you have in hopes of something better. As convenient as microwaves are in waking life, as dream symbols, they are negative indicators of your personal level of happiness, and may even indicate a harmful willingness to behave rashly in order to change your circumstances, without any thought for what you will be changing the circumstances to.

If you dream of cooking a meal in a microwave, this indicates your habit of nourishing yourself with these destructive desires and thoughts, which is not conducive to a life of happiness or contentment.

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  1. i had a dream of a microwave with a clock on it. the clock said, 3:13. i felt happy towards the microwave. i didn’t cook no meal i just stared at it.

  2. Ok MY dream had a lot going on like I recall my family was over and there was chaos but the main thing about my dream was that I was looking EVERYWHERE for the microwave and I couldn’t find it.. so now I’m here looking on google to see if somehow there’s a meaning which is hilarious like that thing was playing hide and seek with me literally

  3. Dreamed i am like in a training kitchen with few people around who are trainees. Then two or 3 persons came in they are like reporters or something that they asked me what happens during microwave problems. I asked her back what specific problem because there are a lot of problems that can happen in a microwave. She said like water getting inside the microwave. Then i explained- that the only time that the wAter creates problem on a microwave is when it gets in and my dream was cut…

  4. I dreampt a girl in water was cooking in microwave…some kind of spark n she gets scared,struggles, but gets out. Used to be pretty self destructive (and liked it),trying to chang3.

  5. I dreamt I was in the kitchen which was just filthy with potato peels and I was microwaving empty bowls.

    • My dream was very similar!!! I was in my very first apartment (2013) and the kitchen had bowls and dishes everywhere and there was a microwave and it was running and it had been in for a long time. I opened it and it was very hot. All I remember.

  6. I dreamed that I saw a cat laying on a soft taco shell in the microwave and I pushed the start button before I realized it was a cat (wasn’t my cat) and I tried to push the off button but it wouldn’t shut off and the cat just sort of shriveled up before I could get to it.

  7. I had a dream last night I was making some frozen dinner, Alfredo I think, and the microwave shorted out sending sparks. I unplugged it and everything else just to be safe and a very deep voice, angry, and rather urgent sounding Eminates from within the microwave. The real colored LED clock turns read and reads “DIE” and the voice proceeds to tell me that “You will be killed. You are going to die in the house You’re in. There is no escaping this. I will personally see to it your suffering and anguish.”

    Terrified I run into the livng room where my mom and cousin were at and alerted them, and they simply laughed it off. My cousin goes and looks at the microwave and finds that my cell phone was in it, and not the Alfredo dinner. No one knows where the pasta had gone and they saw m phone moments prior to my cousin checking the microwave, indicating a possible spirit messing with things.

    Shortly after I had woken up from the dream a dear friend of mine I am close with called me, actually waking me from this dream, saying he sensed something wrong, and wanted to check in with me. We’ve never met.l, and live on opposite ends of the country, but he had to check on me.

    I am unsure of how this dream will be translated and hope it’s nothing too negative.

  8. I had a dream that I microwaved food with metal inside of it….it was a screwdriver and a few other things….the microwave didn’t explode or anything….but the food looked wierd

  9. i had this dream just recently actually today around 2:12 where in the dream it was 1, so i was getting a late night snack or something and i put it in the microwave and then the microwave all of a sudden started flashing and having that ZZEP noise like when electricity is shockig something and the numbers went from 7 to some random number and everything on the microwave went haywire it scared me so i ran to my brothers room to see if he could help me and i thought he was asleep but he wasnt and he was looking at me with this expression ive never seen before it was all messed up my ‘brother’ i dont even think it was my dream brother it all felt so…wrong. really terrible stuff happening one after the other but that dream was definitely weird and a new one i think that was just the start of a recurrent dream cause after reading this it seems like it happens a few times

    • Yesterday night I dreamed that I was in my old house where I was holding a plate in which there was some water and another plate in it and on top of that was my microwave. I was taking all this stuff from my bedroom to kitchen and then I keep the microwave on its usual place, and suddenly microwave starts getting orange sparks in it , I have this feeling / I’m thinking that it’s going to explode, but I’m still in the kitchen away from microwave ,behind my fridge at a distance of 5/6 steps staring at it (my kitchen is small in real as well) , like waiting for it to explode and after some time it does explode but I’m not that afraid, even after microwave exploding like a bomb with orange spark light I’m still looking at it n then my father comes n kind of scold me like he said “whats this? What did you do? ” but I don’t answer anything and the scene changes n I’m
      At this pilgrimage place where I go every year n I’m outside the main gate of that place, visiting a shop n in my way to that shop I see transparent containers full of water n I see cows n buffaloes but they are very tall with long legs , almost the height of a camel, the place not that crowded with humans but this camel like cows n buffaloes different breeds n there are many of them, the place is not a farm thought, it’s just like a small village city you could say (it’s same like the place I visit every year) I reach the shop n see few cows having a bit angry expression looking at each other n I have a conversation with that shopkeeper about cows but I don’t remember what I Spoke n I wake up ..

  10. I had a horrible dream the other night that I microwaved a baby without me knowing it was in there and loads of gunk came pouring out when I opened the door. What does this mean?

    • Recently, I had a dream where someone told me to microwave a cat, I did just that, and that was the end.

  11. please help. i have nightmares about microwaves breaking. like i dream of someone using it and it being opened and the microwave is still working and i have intense intense head pain. and then i either continue the dream or wake up. but the pain goes away instantly. i just need someone to close it for me or i need to run away from it

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