Mermaid Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Mermaid Dream Symbol – Dreams of mermaids bring news that tough times are coming. You may be caught up in a disaster and it could be of your own making. It can also mean you are suspicious of the good things that may suddenly come into your life. Everything may seem great on the surface. You may be hearing and seeing all the right things. Yet you have a feeling that things are not all as they seem. You may feel there is something fishy about an offer or suspicious of someone who goes out of their way to support you. This may not be normal.

mermaid-dreamsMermaids in your dreams can represent deception that surrounds you. There may be great temptations that can turn your life into a disaster. Hurt you. Make a fool of you if you fall for their false promises. There may be those pushing you for their own agenda. You may fear that once you give them what they want they will desert you.

You may sometimes indulge in temptations that can become addictions. You may find you succumb to the greater temptation that becomes beyond your control. Dreaming of these sea creatures can bring warnings not to repeat past mistakes that make you look the fool. They may warn it is not wise to trust those who have set you up in the past. It can be about not being naïve. Remember the old saying, “if you always do what you have always done, you always get what you always got”. Trusting those who have proven their betrayal can be falling for the same mistake.

If you are the mermaid or merman in your dream, this could be about your own vanity. It could be a message to let you know how beautiful you are. You may not acknowledge your own personal beauty.

Alternate Mermaid Interpretations

A mermaid is a symbol of misfortune, and traditionally seeing a mermaid on a sea voyage meant that the ship would sink. If you see a mermaid in your dream, it is often an omen that a current project or ambition will fail to bear fruit and would be better off abandoned. Additionally, mermaids are connected to the sea, which is a powerful symbol of the subconscious. If a mermaid brings you a message in your dream, this is a message from your subconscious, which should be heeded.

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  1. I had a dream that me, my brother, my best friend and an old friend when down to the lake not too far from my house but the road was trail and we had to walk through a thick, dark forest to get there. When we were half-way there I started running a head of everyone. I felt so happy, I seen the end of the trail and waited for the others. When they caught up with me, we went swimming in the shallow spot of the lake. Eventually it was evening and everyone said that they’re leaving and my brother asked if i was coming with them. I told him that I’m gonna stay for a little while and to go on home. After they left, everything was a pretty blue color. I sat in a deeper part of the shore and a merman was coming up to me, he was pretty and he had light blue hair. He got really close to me and I grabbed on to him and starting taking bites of him. He didn’t scream or anything, he didn’t even struggle. I ate him until there was half a corpse and blue scales. After I finished eating him, the moos was up and I turned into a mermaid. There were other mermaids, but no other mermen. They didn’t say anything, they knew I ate him. They just starred and sat on a big rock that’s almost sticking out of the water. The next early morning my brother came to check on me and I think he knew what I did and what I turned into. He sat on the big rocks near the shore and talked to me, but I don’t remember what he said.
    Then I woke up wondering what the hell I just dreamed of, I used to like mermaids but now they give me the chills..

  2. I had multiple dreams of being a mermaid. Ine the dream the locations where one was when I was in a pool, in a lake, in a aquarium, and just recent in an other pool but full of ocean stuff. I forgot what I really doing in the dreams but remember that I was swimming with a tail and not legs.

  3. I had a dream where I was playing and goofing off with a group on the shore. I decided to leave the rest to it, and swam into the sea. I went underwater, and it was absolutely frightnening; my heart was pounding. The water was green-ish, and not entirely clear. On the bottom of the sea, I met a seal. At that moment, I was terrified ’cause I saw only bright white, until I swam past; the white poured into brightly coloured coral, that wasn’t very detailed, it was like from a cartoon. It kept these white contrasts and I was terrified. Swimming on, I saw a bronze mermaid statue. It was standing upright, I can remember her face and she had an eighties haircut. That’s where the dream becomes fuzzy. I do think she swam with me for a while, through my parents’ disney dvd’s.

  4. I dream about a mermaid that was floating or standing on water and was drawing people to the edge of the cliff to the see and the next thing Is I grabbed a person so he won’t get drawn to th mermaid but then I saw orange and red light and the person diserpeard and then I saw the mermaids face and it looked like a human that actually looked like a siren part mermaid and then that was it and I think it was trying to tell me something but I didn’t know what it was

  5. Sherelva pengel on

    I dreamed about a big women head coming out of the water with a big crown on her head and a red stone on her for head and she be looking at me while im sleeping

  6. I was in an amusement park with a large arcade and a big pool beside the arcade building. Along with kids swimming all over there were also fake golden coins in and around the water. The coins were used for prizes in the arcade but the kids had a hard time collecting them. There in the pool was the parks mascot who was a mermaid kitten that looked like an orange tabby. Not only that but he was a bratty kid with a big ego. The young mermaid cat was the challenge aspect of theme park area he dominated, as if it were a large game. He acted as if his job was to grab all the coins in and around the pool before any kid could grab. Speedy in the water and agile on the wet floor around the pool, sliding across like a seal with speed as if the ground were ice, he could outrace all the kids at once. Sometimes when kids did actually manage to grab some coins the mermaid cat would pout and make an excuse like ganging up on him or something and still acted like he was better than anyone else. Although he acted cheerful and full of himself, he was secretly lonely with no friends and only enemies it seemed. I met his older brother who was there assumingly as a life guard. He never participated in challenging the kids like his brother but worried if this was taking a toll on his young brothers mentality. The feeling his younger brother had of obligation of something that would make him into a bully would pressure him into the edge all the time. He told me he had to take his brother somewhere for awhile in hopes to relax him. In desperation he asked me if I could take his place for a week or so. I am unsure what happened after that or what he meant by that since I was human but I remember seeing the two leave sliding out of the pools entrance like a little and big seal. I woke up from my dream after that and really wondered how the younger brother felt before realizing he was cocky because he felt he had to be.

  7. Jansni glory on

    It’s helpful. But if I see human dressed like mermaid in a fashion show, and they kill some 12 to 14yr old kids. What does that mean?

    I am not into that mermaid dress in a dream .

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